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Is there any job portal where I can hire a personal assistant?

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Is there an application that keeps track of applicants during the recruiting process?

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We are expanding and looking for new people to join our family

Learning is earning.

Working with a team who are building a $100,000 business from scratch within a span of 2 years with no support, no background nothing. Learn how to grow and market your brand in fast paced information product environment and do it free while you travel, live your life and love your work.

Be a part of something growing:

right now we are expanding and looking for someone who can grow with us within the organization and bring ideas to the finishing line. We have stack of projects waiting on hold. As soon, we have our team ready well be expanding like crazy.

About this role:

Innovation: you must be able to bring innovative ideas and creativity in the business and its operations, if your ideas are a success, you get a fair share of the success we get from your idea.

Professionalism: we work with strict deadlines and professionalism where project and task delivery should be your end goal. If you think you can handle that then you are welcome aboard.

Loyalty: we are looking someone to have with us for a longer duration since wed be expanding we want a person who is reliable and can deliver his loyalty to the organization through tangible outcomes.

Deliverability: since we work in a live mode. Our products need constant monitoring and updating, we want someone who can work on with us in an eco-system where you can deliver upon your results.

Proactive: we want some who is proactive and isnt looking for directions to complete work and is able to finish the work with initiative

Leadership: We want someone who has leadership and can take responsibility for managing the team. Someone who can run the organization like a well-oiled machine.

You will work closely with the founder, to have utmost level of understanding how to run an internet business and organize information in a helpful and a systematic way.

You should be someone who naturally delights in organizations and systems, who have a clear understanding of end user experience, who excels at problem solving. Working through a project, gathering information and research based on the clients inputs.

Here are some of the examples of what we will work on:

Customer relationship management: answering tickets and queries of customers.

Research and development: researching and developing content for customers.

Sales funnel: building sales funnels and websites

Client handling: working with clients on a 1 on 1 basis and helping them implement their coaching.

Webinar: working and managing webinars

To apply write in telling why you are fit for the job along with your previous experience in internet marketing.

About us

Our company website:

We are a digital products business operating in self-help niche and we work with self-help coaches and trainers.

Requirements for the role
Demonstrable excellence and experience at developing documentation.
Outstanding command of the English language.
Ability to tell a story using words, images, or audio, and an understanding of how to create engaging content.
The ability to think like an educator, intuitively understanding what the reader needs to know and the thought processes they will take as they read the document.
Ability to grasp and become aligned with the goal behind the creation of a piece (or series) of documentation.
Incredible people and communication skills..
Very comfortable learning new systems, technology tools and communication solutions.
Creative, organized, and innovative.
Desire to become part of a team, to be around for a long-time and to be part of the future for our company.

Note: This is a full time job not a freelancer job

Pay benefits: You will be in probation period for 6 months and during that period your salary will be $600 and from there on it will grow as you perform

How to apply:

1. Write an email to with your cover letter and your CV with subject line operations assistant

2. Write a short passage about why you deserve this job and how your previous experience can help us.

Kirtimaan Prakash

What’ the best way to track deliverables in a project? can gantt chart be useful in this case?

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I recently got my ICICI debit card and I was planning to link it to my paypal account. But for whatever reason Paypal is not allowing me to do so and it is constantly giving me the same error message: *didn’t approve this transaction

Is any one else facing this same problem?

And can anyone give me any solution to this predicament?

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I’m looking for someone with really strong dot net/c# skills.You would be taking and handling the entire project going forward.
Please mail me at: with a subject line: Project .Net

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Is there anyone going to millionaire mind intensive Bangalore edition?

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Hear this man: JORDAN BELFORT

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#graphicdesigner #urgent

I need reliable graphic designer for a project.

Don’t reply here email your profile at

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#googlecalende #help

I am planning to a webinar and i need to increase the event attendance details for which I am planning to do reminder through
1) ical
2) google calender
3) facebook
4) outlook
5) Yahoo
6) Hotmail

I am not getting how to share google calender event entry

refrence link: