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Urmil Bhatt

I do not know how exactly am supposed to be mentioning verbatim as to what i have in my mind ( i believe am much better off in face to face interactions) … as case be i shall try to be as honest and humble as I can be.

We are not a start-up but we are about to and wanting to start BIG — the focus just got intense & deeper and more than that the conviction & the will to succeed.

Knowingly or unknowingly we happen to dwell in the Real Estate Industry a little over a decade back… the modus operandi being — buy a plot, construct a villa and sell it – reinvest, in the same manner – everything was self funded !

What we propose is a breakthrough in this otherwise mundane industry known for quality issues, timeline concerns, delivery constraints and most importantly the same concrete maneuver everyone is offering and yes, we are not in the business of selling brochures !

We are the Home Boutique and we want to offer the green theme of living — it is not living with nature but living ‘in’ it.

For eg., if a building is 30 ft tall… imagine having a gardenish wall of the same dimension… Yes, we are talking what has never been conceived before and we know we can deliver it.

It has taken approx 30 months to arrive at the doability of our thought with multiple levels of discussions with industry experts in delivering green living spaces not to mention the research on if these homes are really ‘wanted’.

Right from the ‘kind’ of land, the location, the theme of construction, the team, sourcing the kind of bricks we would require … we have got everything covered.

We are looking at someone with all the hopes that we can get ‘that springboard’ which would help us achieve our dream.

This is as simple as it can.

Calling all angels out there.

In anticipation !

Aryan & Urmil