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Anurag Aggarwal

I wanted to get some feedback from the digital marketing gurus in the group. What inferences can be made from the data in the image below? This is 1 month’s data for one of the leading healthcare services product in India.

Anurag Aggarwal

Looking for 2 full stack developers, 1 android developer and 1 front end developer for my company LetsDoc. LetsDoc is a healthcare technology company with a fast growing revenue base and user base. Individuals who are confident of creating and scaling things from scratch are the ones who will grow rapidly at LetsDoc.

If you or any of your friends are interested in this opportunity please comment and I will personally take things ahead. Thanks for reading :)

Anurag Aggarwal

Time for the active members to review a new tech product.

LetsDoc aims to offer a new way of seeking healthcare for the consumers in India. To start with it offers solutions like remote consultation with doctors/experts and diagnostic test booking.

The goal is to bring some transparency to the health care system and give power to the consumers through a marketplace type of a model.

Will be good to hear the thoughts of other fellow entrepreneurs.

Anurag Aggarwal

LetsDoc is a revolutionary platform that brings healthcare and wellness to the doorsteps of young Indians. LetsDoc aims to bring consumer focus to the health and wellness industry with the help of easy to use website and mobile applications.

LetsDoc is a fierce but fun place to work and aims to make products that are as exciting for the users to use as they are for the developers to make.

We are looking for 1 user interface developer to:
- Gather development requirements from the business team
- Give inputs/suggestions on the requirements
- Deliver the requirements within the decided timelines
- Test and improve

Skills required are:
- HTML 5
- CSS Sprite
- Understanding and working experience with responsive design principles
- Photoshop (mainly for design components to be used in HTML/CSS)
- Java Script

No experience requirement in terms of years, however, we are looking for a strong desire to work within timelines and create products that will make their users happy.