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Chandra Kanth

Some days back i have seen a post about Push messages service provider, can the person please revert back. Anyone here who can provide push messages support for raspberry pi.

Chandra Kanth

Interns here who can build small android applications or good with UI/UX contact

Chandra Kanth

Is there any place where i can host my website for free. I am not expecting too much traffic and i am tired of finding a company that has decent hosting plans.

Chandra Kanth

Some days back i have seen a post here. A guy was ready to provide genuine downloads of your app by college student at 10 to 30 rs per download. Can someone provide me the contact details of this person.

Chandra Kanth

Anyone here hosted there websites using Amazon AWS. I wanted to know what does it cost approximately for a small website with 100 to 200 hits daily.

Chandra Kanth

Recently I have posted about a mobile app X here on Bangalore Startups.
I have got interesting replies and the reason why prepaid systems wont work in india because of RBI regulations. I was wondering if this is possible. Again I’m just curious and hence asking the question, I have no plans of taking the approach forward.

-A person visits my site pays 100RS and buys 100units of X
-His account gets credited with 100Units of X
-He shops online and when its time to pay the vendor instead of paying in RS he is paying in units of X
-Basically X is a virtual unit of currency.

RBI can definitely not regulate this. Because i am selling an unit of commodity for the money my customer has paid.

Yes i know about Bitcoin ban in india and i assume this would not fall under the same category and moreover RBI does not have a valid reason for bitcoin ban in india. There is no framework that actually prevents people from trading bitcoins.

Again things are not this simple there is something that i am definitely missing.

Chandra Kanth

Mobile App X. (For obvious reasons i cannot share how the whole thing will work. )

-Traditional payment gateways have long and lengthy procedures of entering passwords and card numbers
-Mobile App X is just one button click away from paying anyone online. Literally one button.
-No need to enter userid or password or information of any kind on the website
-The website does not even store details about your account
-you just have to pull out your phone out and click the button and ta da its payed
-No you do not have to enter the amount as well

-Websites just have to use the API. No need of setup
-Mobile App X is just like an e wallet but much much simple.
-You can transfer money to other Mobile App X or receive from another App X just with one click
-The setup would be completely free

Problems with the approach:
-Like airtel money we will have to do a prepaid fill of the wallet
-Payment gateways now charge anywhere between 1% to 3% and these charges would be an overhead to the user

-It’s literally a single click. Book something online goto checkout page. Click X to pay. Then open your phone and press a button.
-0% transaction charge for any ecommerce website. No setup charge of any kind.
-Transaction can never fail.
-Highly secure

Revenue model:
-Since the whole system is a closed loop with very minimal amount going out of the system. Its the same model as how a bank works.

-There is something definitely that i am missing in this. It is not this simple
-As an individual i definitely cannot take this idea anywhere.
-So if anyone genuinely interested i can share the idea with you. I will build the whole application from end to end. You just have to take it forward.