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Pics taken during Discussion on Business Plan Generation at BHive work space

Ca Kantha

Startup – Finance matters

Discussion Business Model

by CA Kantha M Gowda

Saturday, January 31, 2015
10:00 AM

Bhive Workspace,
269, 18 D MAIN, 6th Block, Kormangala, Near Bethany High School & 80 Ft Road

Free Event

Ca Kantha

dear start up folks,

what you know about business model and what you don’t know about model ? please write liberally, will make an article on this and share with you guys..


Ca Kantha

Cheers to new year, one more year to celebrate and accomplish new ideas, ventures, pending resolutions, you would have made resolution for the year 2014, failure and disappointments if any lets not dampen the spirit..
Wish, year 2015 brings more success to everybodys life and become memorable one

Ca Kantha

dear folks, devotees can book the puja online at various temples, is there any other similar website and economical for similar services?

Ca Kantha

what is stopping our India to become a developed nation.. ?

please write liberally

Ca Kantha

dear folks

scheduled the meet up on 12th Oct 2014 to discuss various finance terms used in finance, accounts, financial statements required for start up entrepreneurs, please visit find group start up finance matters

Ca Kantha

dear start up entrepreneurs,

if you feel lack of finance knowledge, as a passion we teach finance aspects required start up /aspiring entrepreneurs, if your are interested please visit group startup finance matters at ..