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Khanjan Kotecha

How many of people here think a platform like the following will be helpful

- Entrepreneurs write about their own entrepreneurship journey (in their own words) whether they have already started, failed, planning, what stops them, etc
- About industry trends: I have seen a lot of people here have awesome insights about some start up areas.
- About investor stories that they might be aware.
- Investor wanting to write about their side of stories in their own words

Do you think something on these line will be helpful to the community?

PS: I know this community on FB itself is damn good but FB is not suitable for writing blogs, personal experiences, about detailed analysis and so on. And the biggest issue is you can not categorize them for future use.

Khanjan Kotecha

Need to know if there is any repository of toll and state tax of Indian highways? Any APIs?

Update: got it on

One more question:
Is it possible to get API of the above? Anyone having experience with Gov or NHAI to get APIs?

Question 2:
Anything similar to this for state tax?

Khanjan Kotecha

Startups in ride share (cabs), please connect. Send me a pm with your website.
Can be of some mutual help.

Khanjan Kotecha

Need a small info.
#Uber charges you for the entire trip time from start to end.
Does TFS and Ola are charging in same way or it is just waiting time like we have in Auto??
Anyone who has used ola or TFS, can you share the info?

Khanjan Kotecha


I need to know which payment gateway is cheap and with good support?

Was looking at pay u but the pricing is bit high, especially for Creditcard and net banking.

Any recommendations?