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Kamonasish Mazumdar

Get prepared to get even lower hits on your non-paid Facebook marketing efforts:

As an individual though, I completely support the initiative.

This non-spammability is the future of all communication mediums.

Apple, Google (including android), Facebook and almost everyone else is going in the same direction.

This also means content/inbound/ pull marketing and therefore ultimately also Brand Play is now even more important than ever before.

Kamonasish Mazumdar

Investment advice Issued in public service:

If there ever was a time to get finding from abroad, this is it.

Go out there and talk to people who are interested in Investing and/or India and/or Startups.

Before you do that please have a 10 slider ready.

Best of luck.

Kamonasish Mazumdar

What’s the best place to get UI and UX readymade tiles for prototyping / mock ups / flow design?

Kamonasish Mazumdar

What’s the lowest cost android tablet available in bulk?

Kamonasish Mazumdar

Making a directory of home services providers.
This lost would be very highly distributed across geographies and people.

If you are or you know anyone who is into home services, go ahead and put your name or your acquaintance/friend’s name here :)

Kamonasish Mazumdar

What does Cricket mean for India and the App / Ecomm industry?

This :)

Kamonasish Mazumdar

Can someone name all the major new and upcoming online travel CONTENT portals in India? (Not travel aggregators)


What else?

Kamonasish Mazumdar

This community definitely needs more top-down moderation as well as self moderation.

Kindly intervene.

Kamonasish Mazumdar

It doesn’t always take ground breaking research to make loveable fundable consumer products. Here is proof – Teddy the Guardian :)

FYI: It has got 400K USD $ in pre-seed and $720K in Pre-Order.

Kamonasish Mazumdar

How would you reinvent a messaging or chat application if you were to do it in 2015?

Kamonasish Mazumdar

This is perhaps one of the most important videos that this forum has seen in a year.

Just discovered this on TED: Machine Learning & Deep Learning: The beauty & the beast.

Perhaps in this next decade we are going to see things change way faster on every front than we thought was possible.


Kamonasish Mazumdar

India is absolutely devoid of good statistics, statistical indicators or infographic based services. The kind of services that exist is stuff that a 5 year old with an excel sheet can manage to do.

That or it is rehashed news of a news of a news – republished and overdone to death.

Do you know of any such service that looks and devices at pubic statistics at large?

Would love to know about a startup in the sector?
Someone in the community doing it?
Can someone point me in the right direction if someone else is doing it somewhere?

Kamonasish Mazumdar

I am surprised that even after this post was posted earlier by someone, still no one discussed the same?

With all due respect this one of the top 3, if not the only 3, articles worth reading by anyone on an online startup newspaper and still this barely had any reaction? We don’t want to know discuss why startups fail?

Are people that proud or do we not want to learn?

(PS: I say this with utmost respect and humility for the members here but this was surprising)


Kamonasish Mazumdar

Hoping everyone on this group us safe.

Blasts in church street.

Kamonasish Mazumdar

Also entrepreneurship :)


Kamonasish Mazumdar

Evan Spiegel from Snapchat – What an amazing business brain at 24 :)

All you start-up CEOs out there – Please read this – honestly, this is what India badly lacks – This kind of understanding of what moves a business and how to think about it – imagine he had a product which had no money angle till a humongous amount of time.


Kamonasish Mazumdar

This is called a perfect social media digital marketing hack :)
Let me know what you guys figured!

Just plain brilliant – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaf7_JV_S9o

Kamonasish Mazumdar

What does Genius look like?

Some of Elon Musk’s Patents – Look at Ideas vs Dates.



Kamonasish Mazumdar

A lesson in how to do PR:


Kamonasish Mazumdar

FYI – http://m.economictimes.com/industry/services/retail/fresh-fund-raising-values-flipkart-at-11-billion-hong-kong-based-steadview-capital-invests-180-million/articleshow/45528221.cms

Kamonasish Mazumdar

So here is Marketing 101 on Brand Management.

A brand, any brand, is a promise made, a promise communicated and a promise delivered.

Making -> Communicating -> Keeping
= Brand Virtuous Cycle.

Every company no matter how big or small you are needs to do brand management and marketing, if you think no, you are delusional to say the least. You could be a startup or a multi billion dollar enterprise, your brand will come to define you and will be the way to shore up revenues.

Rule No 1: Great brands are NEVER EVER commodities.
Rule No 2: Therefore they can charge a premium and or get more revenues one way or the other.
Rule No 3: Every other rules is way less important than these two.

What’s proof?
Coke – Open Happiness
Dominoes – Khusiyon like home delivery
Nike – Just do it
Tata Steel – (we also build steel)
Apple – Think Different
Cadbury – Kya swaad hai zindagi mein, shubh aaramb, kuch Meetha ho Jaye
Raymond’s – The complete man
HSBC – world’s local bank
Airtel – Express Yourself
Vodafone – Happy to help
Surf/pert – daag ache hain/dirt is good
P&G – thank you mom campaign (take up any world wide P&G brand)
Dove – Real Beauty (any Unilever brand world wide).

Brands are not about product or service but about human emotions, any brand that even think that it’s about what it sells is doomed in the long run.

Products brands and Service brands are different yet all the same, at the end of the day, a promise made, a promise communicated and a promise delivered.

The question really boils down to – if bookmyshow, explara and meraevents – all have the same ticket, where will you buy from? Ans: where the price is lowest. If prices are same? Your answer = brand

Can brands fail because they don’t understand their own brands well enough and future strategy well enough? They sure can, dettol is a brilliant category for reckitt benkiser but its positioning in overall business has been wrong – why? Ask a simple question – will you buy a dettol toothpaste? This is exactly where ITC (Indian Tobacco Company) is brilliant – a company who sells you tobacco and yet feeds you health lite biscuits and you never even battle an eye lid :)

Will post more stuff soon.


Kamonasish Mazumdar

More money for Flipkart.
Non-news essentially.


Kamonasish Mazumdar

Snapchat introduces Snapcash in association with square.

Very interesting development.

Facebook Messenger + Whatsapp will surely follow suit.


Kamonasish Mazumdar

How spectacular companies go bust – http://m.fastcompany.com/3028159/a-broken-place-better-place

Kamonasish Mazumdar

Here we go again – Flipkart trying to raise another round yet for 10 Bn dollars.

This for anyone who had any doubts over why Flipkart did the billion day sale and if it was a failure :)


Kamonasish Mazumdar

Find out why 13 year old Subham Banerjee just became the youngest ever VC funded tech entrepreneur.

The solution he has devised is so simplistic that it is astonishing to say the least.


Kamonasish Mazumdar

Welcome to the freemium economy :)


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