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Salman Ravoof

A web series on startups. Looks like an Indian version of Silicon Valley.

Salman Ravoof

Hehe…this is hilarious :D

Salman Ravoof

Good idea for a startup.

However, where can you procure all the data from? Does the government provide an accurate and updated info of all the tolls in the country? Is there a centralised database of any such kind?

If not, can one depend upon crowdsourcing the information? (Waze comes to mind)

Salman Ravoof

What do you think about psychological pricing?

199/- or 200/- ? 499/- or 500/-?

You know, pricing products a little less than the whole, or a round number.

Almost everyone seems to do it, but does it really work? I certainly ignore it, and so do most of my friends, but what about everyone else out there?

Salman Ravoof

I need help sorting this out.

Domain name registered at GoDaddy.

Hosting from HostGator.

DNS nameservers pointed towards my HostGator account.

Site is live.

Problem: Need to change the nameservers at my domain registrar for setting up Office 365 account too.

Should I add the MS nameservers along with the ones I added for HostGator? Any problem with that?

Or should I delete them to add the new ones? Will that pull my site down?

Salman Ravoof

Confused about which email hosting solution to choose. Go with the service provided by our hosting? Free options like Zoho Mail? Or paid options like Google Apps and Office 365?

Which one would be ideal for a company with less than 10 members?

Salman Ravoof

What’s your view on designations in a startup?

Assigning someone CEO, COO or CFO has any real meaning? Almost all the partners participate in running and managing the company.

Just Co-founder is enough? Or do designations have any other benefits?

Salman Ravoof

Trello vs. Asana

Which is the better collaboration tool for a team of less than 10 members?

I’m leaning more towards Trello, but it’ll be great to heed the advice of many experienced guys here.

Salman Ravoof

(posted service request on the website, but still posting it here for more visibility)

Put me in touch with web developers or a web development company. This is for building a company website.

I’ll prefer the ones who have experience working with Genesis framework for WordPress. I really like one of the themes StudioPress has and think that would be perfect for us.

The budget is a little tight, but I won’t disappoint

It would be better if I can meet you in person (maybe at your office/workspace) and explain all the details.

Please message me details of your previous work along with the quote.

Feel free to ask any further questions (either here or through PM).