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This is an strong and interesting way to resolve your idea into a business!

Vinit Bhansali

Microsoft’s Rajinish Menon gives a powerful overview of Accelerators vs. Incubators and which is right for which startups – at the Yi Bangalore Entrepreneurship Summit

Vinit Bhansali

So I see the admins warning on many posts to instead post on the new group Blr startups connect … This post will be deleted

Even for posts that are not asking to connect with anyone … Just a how-to or technical question.

What’s the correct logic of what posts go where?

Vinit Bhansali

Hey everyone,
I am a volunteer with CII and Yi. We are hosting the annual Entrepreneurship Summit on 21-Feb.

One of the highlights of the event is a panel discussion dedicated to Accelerators & Incubators where we as entrepreneurs have a platform to understand the ideas behind these organisations to support startups!

We are inviting delegates to the event.

Do go through the page and fill our form if you want to be sent an invitation. Limited seats!!!

Vinit Bhansali

As as startup, I don’t feel I’m doing something right till I know someone is trying to *stop* my business.

Today, I’d like to thank the Aditya Birla group for validating the business model for

Read the article in todays Economic Times (Bangalore, 23 Jan)

Some backstory:
We got a letter from Birla Super Cement demanding we stop selling their products online, remove their logo from webpages and not to quote for their products on our website.

So I did what I needed to do. Took a 2x photocopy of the letter, framed it and hung it on my office wall.

The way every Birla Super Dealer proudly displays their certificate of dealership, I’m displaying my certificate of disruption.
See photo of my office wall.

I’m stunned that we’ve scared Birla Super enough to warrant this response! Their verbal warning accompanying this letter was a lot more abrupt and aggressive (maybe they didn’t want to leave physical evidence of intimidating a startup?)

Would love your thoughts!

Vinit Bhansali

Love reading stuff like this.

When was the last time an entrepreneur BROUGHT an entire telecom company?

Vinit Bhansali

Are you a Magento Expert?
I’m want to try Magento for my company and need a freelancer to help me setup a store with correct theme, menu placement, content block placment, etc.

If you are interested in helping me, please fill this form

(T-shirt not included in payment! :) )

Vinit Bhansali

Know anyone who runs an ecommerce marketplace and based in bangalore?

I need some advice on operations and billing methodology. Would love to learn.

Please put me in touch. Thanks.

Vinit Bhansali

I think, truly think, I’m doing something very wrong …
So I’ve installed Magento and there seems to be nothing setup.

(I know I need to download the sample data and add it … but I’m even talking about before *that*)

For example, I created categories and sub-categories and added 2 products manually … but nothing shows by default on the blank home page … no menus, nothing?

Is this normal?
I’ve been using CS-Cart and it seems light-years ahead in terms on WYSIWYG block editing/designing (not just WYSIWYG in terms on content formatting)

Tell me I’m messing up … because otherwise it will mean magento by default truly starts at step 0?

Vinit Bhansali

Anyone up?
Need a few people (1 or 2) to check my domain (and …
Can you tell me what you see?
Looks like my local DNS is not refreshing so I am seeing DNS pointing to something before I changed it today morning …

Will delete this post once I get a few technical replies .. thanks ..
Screenshot appreciated …
1) both www and non-www should take you to the www version of the url
2) you should not be prompted for a password
3) Directly to the homepage without any errors/broken images anywhere on the homepage …

Thanks guys!

Vinit Bhansali

Just came across this site offering first year free domain hosting + registration … maybe you guys will find it useful?

(Note: I’m not affiliated with this and don’t make any money off of this, just posting for general FYI …)

Vinit Bhansali

Quick Q:
For a ecommerce startup (startup) what is a common/good ERP to use that can do the following steps atleast:
1) Enter an order (only care about *after* check-out) – either manually type it in or take input from the shopping cart
2) Take the order through various steps such as got payment, informed logistics for pickup, picked up, en-route, delivered, customer confirmed
3) Manage vendors and transactions such as order placed to vendor/merchant, delivered by merchant, etc.
4) And processes related to this.

What do the startup ecommerce vendors use?
Not looking for SAP/Oracle/etc but preferable something opensource or low-cost… would like comments from people USING the ERP they recommend.

Common ones such as webERP, OpenERP, Adempiere, OFBiz exist but looking for something designed for distribution companies, not manufacturing companies …

Vinit Bhansali

Got to interact with a true master of his trade … Deepak Prakash of Tally. If anyone knows how to sell software in India … you’ll agree … it’s Tally. In his words, they’ve been selling software since the time people wouldn’t even pay for hardware …
I’ve blogged my experience and thought you guys would like to read …

Vinit Bhansali

Hey guys,

I am wondering what is a good site to recruit people with non-technical skills (non programmers, non graphic designers)

Places like are great for technical people but I don’t know what is a good place for non-technical work such as:
1) Writing articles, blog posts
2) Marketing content, product descriptions
3) Interns ( – trying that right now)

Any suggestions?

Vinit Bhansali

Hey guys … I’d like to propose an meetup of members of this group. it has been a while and it’s grown into a large group. Make it old fashioned where we can meet and network.
Whoever can come, not a serious/big event.
Maybe this sunday morning at a general location (Cubbon park? Lalbagh?).
About an hour or so?

I know we are mostly techies, so lets say around 11am and not earlier than that. LOL.

What do you say admins/members?
I’ll then make an event within this group …

Vinit Bhansali

Guys, looks like I am opting for net4 hosting.
Does anyone want me to use their referral code so you can also get some benefit?
Let me know by right away because I am ready to place the order today itself.

Vinit Bhansali

Hey guys …
Need to evaluate a decent shared hosting provider for a website with a Indian audience.
Basic requirements:
1) Linux shared hosting (don’t need a dedicated server)
2) 5 GB storage
3) MySQL databases (atleast 10 included in package)
4) PHP 5
5) Shell access, FTP access, SFTP access

What hosting provider would you suggest?
Request: Please limit your suggestions to the hosting provider you are *currently using* and only if you have a *positive* recommendation about them …

Thanks in advance!

Vinit Bhansali

Always good to have more entrepreneurs in the family, I say …
Thats how my kid brother Atul rocks when he gets serious …

With great humility, I wish to say that being an entrepreneur is asking for trouble, I’ve survived and managed to build something I love, from being unemployed to employing over 75 employees, from one health centre to 15 currently, having healed more than 15,000 customers, the past 3 years have been nothing but priceless :-) do visit my website and give me a critical feedback guys, just to let you know I’ve not just been having fun :-) We give out Franchisees across India now, and will be there in your city – sooner or later, hopefully ! All my friends from Cottons, SRCC, Cardiff and Kathmandu – thank you for your support at all times :-)

Vinit Bhansali

I just nominated Bangalore to join the FounderDating network so we can unlock more #entrepreneurship

2 more applications and we can unlock Bangalore…..

Who’s with me?

Vinit Bhansali

In the last few lines of this article, Steve Blank says While large companies execute known business models, startups are temporary organizations designed to search for a scalable and repeatable business model

Vinit Bhansali

Very interesting book I read this week – Breaking the Time Barrier
To give you an idea of how well written and well thought it is … I started and finished reading this within one sitting in the middle of a work day.

For those of you still struggling with billing clients in Rs/hour (or $/hour) … this makes you approach your value to clients in a completely different way.

Do read.

(And it’s a free download)

Vinit Bhansali

Hey guys …

I’ve had trouble with getting good front-desk staff (receptionist) and was wondering how do most startups manage?
The normal job boards don’t help with this. Also the ones like skillpages, etc don’t have a great # of postings/candidates.

What is your source for office staff (*not* programmers or sales people)?