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Rama Seshan

Fractalio Data is a startup
founded to provide high performance, high value storage systems based on
open software and hardware platforms. Our flagship product is a scale
out file system based appliance for extremely scalable workloads. We
believe that it is possible for customers of any size to have access to
cutting edge storage products, based on open software and hardware, at
costs that are a fraction of that being offered by the incumbent

As people, we are a group of technology
enthusiasts with a wide range of interests including but not limited to
software, renewable energy, craftsmanship and farming. We endeavour to
provide a space for individual interests to also flourish in parallel
with what we do as a company. We are currently located in Bangalore but
will soon be situated in a beautiful hill strewn town of Magadi, a short
distance from Bangalore with wonderful views, fresh air and little

We have two possible positions :
- Platform Engineer
- Senior platforms engineer

Common for both :

Core requirements:
- Rich experience in C/Linux
- Experience in using the gdb stack
- Should have worked on at least one large software system
- Good knowledge of networking (sockets/RPC)
- Comfort with atleast one version control system
- Sound knowledge of the underlying linux fundamentals
- Good understanding of algorithms and data structures
- Open source enthusiast

Good to have :
- Knowledge of how file systems operate
- Knowledge of distributed systems fundamentals
- Experience with working with different storage protocols
- Contributions to open source projects
- Experience with RPM creation, PXE booting, linux parameter tuning.

Differences between the two positions :

Platform engineer :
- Minimimum of 3 years of development experience

Senior platforms engineer :
- Minimum of 5 years of development experience
- Should have worked on designing some (sub)systems from scratch

Interested candidates can shoot out your details to ram@fractalio.com

Rama Seshan

We have been looking for an alternative for this tool : http://pertino.com/

Has anybody comeup with anything or using any other tools .

Rama Seshan

I remember someone here saying something on starting up a datacenter in bangalore. Would like to get in touch with that person.

the search result did not yeild much out .. Can that person commnet out here ?? I will get in touch :)

Rama Seshan

How do you guys handle the cab facilities for startups.. We are a 3 member team, and we travel about 40 KMs a day, and would like to take up a cab… any clues ??

Rama Seshan

How do you guys jot down ideas , when discussing with people or even you just burst out, how do you guys track it down…
Jot down ideas, sometimes add images , audio or videos (record and store), Also Create a structure for the ideas :D
Looking for an android only , no internet solution :P
I know its too much ..

Rama Seshan

I was talking to one of my friends and he is just to startup a small buisness.
And his concern was when talking to payment gateway providers, he was told gateways are available only to PvtLtd and not available to LLP’s ..
I was surprised ..
Is that the case ??? Any such gateways that also provide to LLP ??