Kshitij Mohan

Eazer is a trusted car care partner of all car owners. With a mobile fleet of expert technicians, innovative technology and a network of Eazer branded service centers, we offer transparent & quality car care solutions right at your doorstep.

Be it periodic servicing, car repairs, eco-friendly car wash or 24X7 roadside assistance, we offer it all. You just need to book a car service online on http://www.eazer.in and we will take care of the rest.

Book a service now !! Visit http://www.eazer.in or our FB page http://www.facebook.com/eazer.in.



Office space for technology startup on seat-sharing basis with plug-and-play mode available in south of Bangalore.
Located in a very accessible and traffic & noise free area.
Interested folks contact Kishore @ 9886021403

Prequate Mindworks

Hi Startups,

After a successful start-up program last year, we are now launching the second edition of our 2 month Program on April 6, this year. “Formula 2016″ focuses on helping Start-ups build scalable Financial/Business models along with Investor Pitches with deep insights into the Industry, Strong value proposition and clarity on market positioning. We invite start-ups, who are interested in not just getting the models up and running but also in interacting with Mentors and Potential Investors, to get in touch with us. You can write to us at getinfo@redpaint.me”

Yashwant Bhanu

Hey everyone,

We at keyspace.in are building an exclusive online portal for commercial places include shared offices and plug and play centers.We are conducting a market survey to find out the real problems faced by entrepreneurs while finding an office space for their idea. Please help us to help you out.

Thank you.
Our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/keyspace.in




Keyspace.in is a new, easier and faster way to find verified commercial space online.
Ryan Almeida

Hi, I’m a statup enthusiast looking to launch my tech venture in Bangalore. I wanted to meet other entrepreneurs in the city to learn about the startup ecosystem there. I’ll be in the city on Monday and Tuesday. Let me know if you are free to catch up for a quick chat.

Abhay Raj

Hi Guys,

We are launching an online peer-to-peer platform for household services in Bangalore. Currently we are based out of Mahadevapura and will be launching the MVP here soon.

We are right now looking for people to join our TECH team; either as interns/freelancers or full-timers. Skills we are looking for are: decent knowledge of Javascript and Angular.

We also have similar openings in the Business Development team. Your enthu and a knack for grabbing people’s attention are the only skills that we are looking for here.

People interested in knowing more details of the roles and the venture in general can either message me, call me (0-8237392861) or mail me (raj.abhay03@gmail.com).

India Ideathon

India Ideathon is back. Participate and Win a Cash Prize of Rs.1 Lac

CapitalVia Global Research Limited, a leading financial market research and consulting company, is pleased to announce the third edition of ‘India Ideathon 3.0′ (www.indiaideathon.com), a Buisiness Level Competition. It is an initiative to promote entrepreneurship and encourage students/professionals to convert their ideas into reality.

After showcasing a wonderful event of India Ideathon 2013-14 & 2014-15, It’s back again making a great comeback on 12th Oct’15 with edition 3.0.

What is India Ideathon?
India Ideathon is the benchmark of a new foundation of encouraging entrepreneurship in India by CapitalVia Global Research Limited. Ideation is the quality which is bursting in the mind of youth but development of an idea into a feasible and profit producing project needs guidance. India Ideathon inflicts the procedure as it tempts ideators to work through our guideline, thinking through their innovation, checking the quality and uniqueness of their idea, further looking at their idea as a project with implementation and market analysis and finally working it through.

Who can participate?
The competition is open to all Indian Citizens (any individuals) in the age group of 19-55 years.
How to participate :
● Go thorugh the website www.indiaideathon.com and register free.
● Complete your profile and click on post ideas.
● Submit your final idea for the phase-I

Top three winners will get cash prizes + a trophy + certificate.
Other idea recognitions will get cash prize + certificate.

Registration Closes on 10 January 2016.
For any query, write to info@indiaideathon.com or you can contact at +91 731 2441563
For more details visit: www.indiaideathon.com

Vikas Patel

Your Child Can Now Learn to Sing 10x Faster!


I am Vikas Patel. I am an alumni of IIT Kharagpur & co-founder of eRiyaz.

Is you child learning music too slow? Are you losing faith in his music teacher? Is your child too bored with the classes? Or is it that you are just not able to find any good music teachers nearby?

Learning to sing in tune is lot like learning to aim. You make a hit, you see how far from the target you hit and you adjust accordingly in your next shot. Over time you develop that muscle control that allows you hit consistently at the right spot. The only catch with learning to sing is that….you are blind.

For most of us our ears are not as developed as our vision. So your child is not able to judge for himself by how much he is missing from the tune feeling bored and confused with practice. At eRiyaz through our Apps we give immediate visual feedback on his Pitch in game like exercises. So he can see for himself where he is hitting and adjust accordingly while also having fun trying to keep up the score.

Now that covers the vocal chord training but he also need to be able to hit the right pitches when there is no visual feedback. For this we work in parallel to train his ears through a variety of listening exercises. Thus we train his brain to understand music better and eventually his own ears will give him the feedback he needs.

Your child’s time is growing fast and his time is precious. Don’t let any more time slip by you. Book a free trial class for your child and see for yourself how it works.

Please register for your free trial class at: http://www.eriyaz.com/landing/main.html

Vikas Patel

Learn to Sing

Learn to Sing

Learn to Sing 10x Faster with technology assisted curriculum
Sagar Kanase

Startup : We are planning to launch our product on crowdfunding platform, can we get positive response from Indian people?

Back pain because of poor posture is the common complaint among all working people. We have developed a frugal solution for the same with the help of doctors, physiotherapists, ergonomics-specialists, designers and over 100 beta testers. It helps to improve sitting posture and avoid back-pain naturally. We have taken it to the stage where it is ready for mass production and we are planning to launch it on Indiegogo. Can we get support from Indian people?

Ranganath Rng

Hello everyone! We have launched a website called bro4u.com which deals with Home Services in Bangalore. We offer multiple services such as Carpentry, Plumbing Works, Electrical Work, Purohit Services for Puja, House Cleaning, Packers and Movers, Laundry, Cakes and Flowers Delivery, Pest Control, Appliances Repair Etc. We have integrated with local service providers and today we have strong vendor base with more than 700 Professionals. We would take about 7 minutes turn around time once the service request is placed.

We have launched beautiful android app which allows you to compare prices and quality of service providers.

Request everyone go through our website/App and provide feedback.
Website : https://bro4u.com
App Link : https://goo.gl/osneku


Book Services Online for Home Maintenance, Cakes, HomeStay & More - Bro4u.com

Book Services Online for Home Maintenance, Cakes, HomeStay & More - Bro4u.com

Bro4u is India's Largest Online Service Website for Puja, Home Maintenance, Laundry, Homestay, Photography, Cakes, Flowers, Driving School, Car Wash & More
Arun Kumar Malik

Business Proposal/ Joint Venture

September 23 2015

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings! Let us introduce our self. We are 5 computer graduates working as small start up in Bangalore, Karnataka for UAE based company. Due to some company finance Issue Company has been collapsed. By the mean time we have completed one software product for Medical billing and coding and hospital management system.

Now we all team members are looking to join any just startup or running company including our application. We are ready to join as employee or separate group within company premises under company or any suitable option company can provide.

We are open to discuss any subject if your company gives opportunity to discuss face to face meeting. Now we have couple of web design projects, due to set up and manpower, we are keeping hold which can share.

Here am describing little more about the product we completed,

Project: Medical Billing & Coding. Including hospital information having General patient, Gynecology, Orthopedic etc.
Application Features: Medical Billing, Medical Coding, XML generation, claim submission, Insurance details.

Technology: C# WPF Frame work 4.0
Backend: MS SQL SERVER 2008 r2

More details can show in live meeting.

If the opportunity is suitable for your company and profitable, please give us an opportunity, to show demo and further discuss. If the opportunity not towards your business, just ignore.

We are open to discuss any topic and any subjects.

Thanks & Regards
AK Mallick

Muralidhar Mekala



At the outset I would like to introduce myself as Muralidhar, Assistant Manager at Naukri.com.

Naukri.com is India’s largest jobs and career web-site. We provide companies, headhunters and job seekers a platform to exchange information quickly and effectively. With 120 million page views per month, naukri.com has further consolidated its position as
India’s No. 1 careers portal. We have over 2,00,000 jobs live at naukri.com at any point in time and have serviced over 45,000 clients.

Why Naukri?

o India’s No.1 Job site, it’s the first and largest job site in India.
o Servicing over 45,000 Clients
o Over 42.8 Million Registered Users.
o Estimated 14 million unique visitors per month.

We would like to have an opportunity to get associated with your esteemed organizations in India as your recruitment partner, kindly let us know your interest for the same.

Please feel free to call or mail me for any clarifications.

I will provide you the recruitment solutions at best price in the market.

Thanks & Regards,

Assistant Manager – Corporate Sales
naukri.com – India’s No.1 Job Portal
Mobile: +91 9742326262
Email: muralidhar.m@naukri.com

Cmo In

Why to invest your TIME & Money with CMOin?

Investing in startups & SMB sectors throw CMOin panel can be rewarding personally and financially, the return on investment can be quite high for the first investors.

Reason why to Invest.

This startups know about their customers need, they know about their competitors, they are well aware of sales and distribution model, they are forward-thinking and prepared to face any obstacle that arises, they are also well supported with CMOin team members, so investor can gauge their investment with confidence, ultimately resulting in a better partnership that will drive the business to success.

So, if you’re an investor then please visit our website and register yourself as a client and write your comment and feedback.

Website :- www.CMOin.com

Tarun Sharma

Looking for part-time/full-time Java/J2EE developer for a bangalore based startup project.
Work involves
1) creating Entity relationships with Hibernate/JPA
2)writing business layer in spring components
3) Build scripts to automate the process of Database reset/init, deployment of app on tomcat
4) Exposing business layer as REST service on mobile app
5) Spring controllers for the action layer.

Please pm me to connect.

Mayank Manikpuri

** Get a professional video made starting Rs. 350**
You can now get a professional video made for your company/product for just Rs. 350! My company, Qyk, will help you get a expert video production services to help create creative and engaging videos at very affordable rates. Try it today to boost your engagement and create a lasting impression on your customers!–http://www.qykapp.com/popular/get-a-video-made-by-experts

Get a video made by experts.

Get a video made by experts.

Get video content developed for your startup. Create the video to best fit your needs.
Bhopal Singh Bodana

Does anyone knows about some green startups in India. Heard of Nurturing Green.Any insights about the company?

Surya Prakash

I have an idea for a startup.I am working on this idea since my second year of engineering and I believe if it is executed properly it can become a big entity and can solve a lot of problems like finding any shop, etc. I have just completed my engineering and came directly to Bangalore to execute the project but i don’t have any idea how to execute this idea. I don’t know how to get funded,how much equity should i keep with me and how much give to investor and why to do so, how to raise a fabulous team, where to register the company, which type of entity registration should be done.
If you can help me email me dear – surya2902@gmail.com
Or guide me about the people/place and organization who can help me.
P.S. – I am looking for job to learn things required when I start this startup and neither I can sleep with empty stomach.
About me – I am 100% passionate and carry dedication with full energy for my project.

Kishan Kanodia

At Hire4drive we Deliver Chauffeur service to customer . We have best chauffeurs available in city . Around 60 % of Chauffeurs we hire are graduates and working in MNC companies who work with us as part time driving . we Have a CRM system but we are unable to develop and API to integrate it with an SMS Gateway . Also we are trying to develop and Mobile App With GPS tracking which can show Availability of Chauffeurs in their location .for that we are looking for Tech gig who can join us as a co-founder. if you are or you know anyone who is really enthusiastic to work in Startup environment they are most welcome. kindly share it with you friends too . We are also running this service for social cause by encouraging people Don’t drink and drive and sending them chauffeur who can drop them home safe when they are drunk .

Sidharth Das

There are many reasons you may need to hire a bicycle, motorcycle or a scooter. Maybe you’re visiting to another region, might want to have a go at driving to office without purchasing one initially, or simply need to put a couple of miles on an alternate model than you typically ride.

Whatever your purposes behind renting a two wheeler, it can be difficult to locate the size, model, and area you’re searching for… particularly on the off chance that you’d like to ride a more pleasant bicycle without spending a little fortune. Despite the fact that new bicycle rental stands and services are appearing everywhere, numerous are overrated and highlight basic bicycles that aren’t valuable for considerably more than a moderate ride crosswise over town.

With AskChimp(http://www.askchimp.com) – the most current and most advantageous approach to hire a two wheeler – you can get the ride you need, when and where you require it, without paying the immense overhead expenses that accompany customary bike rental services. Visit AskChimp and search your location and get a list of rides available in the locality.

Three of our categories include

Bike- Bike renting can be used for independent cycling treks for joy and adventure rather than sport, commuting or exercise. Touring can run from single to multi-day trips, even years. Hire bikes and explore around.

Motorcycle- Hop on a motorcycle and zip the glamorous cities or ride through the beautiful surrounding national parks.There’s an entire world out there holding up to be found, do it in style on extensive variety of motorcycles accessible around you.

Scooters- There is no better way to see the world than from one of these amazingly easy to ride scooters. Scoot around to see waterfalls, access hiking trails, pass by working coffee and vegetable farms, remote Indigenous encampments and look-outs with stunning views.

Make Money with AskChimp

Own a two wheeler? List your ride and make money with our platform.

It only takes a moment to open your AskChimp account and list your bike. There’s no risk and we’re betting you’ll love our service so much you’ll decide to use us again and again.

Hire Bikes, Motorcycles and Scooters for official, travel and commercial purpose- AskChimp

Hire Bikes, Motorcycles and Scooters for official, travel and commercial purpose- AskChimp

Krishna Harish

Hey guys, looking for a partner to join my Big Data startup. Funding is in the pipeline. Message me for more details. We are two people right now. Looking for 1-2 more…


Any guys with 1-3 years experience willing to start-up? Please post a comment to show your willingness. Guys from IIT preferred.

Harishbabu Kadaba

Anyone interested in joining my Big Data startup? Already in talks with VCs. Need a co-founder soon.

Mango Bid

Take a look to this great new Indian startup: ManGoBid!
ManGoBid is online since the 6th of April 2015.


Bangalore, India -­ ManGoBid is excited to announce the launch of its penny auction and social bidding platform,​ a website that allow users to win amazing brand new products by bidding on them through a penny auction system. The official launch date for ManGoBid is the 6th of April 2015.
ManGoBid believes that its platform perfectly addresses the need of both people who like to save on retail shopping and of those who like a bit of entertainment and fun when they do shopping. Specifically, M​anGoBid claims that, it will allow users to win product such as I-Phones and TV’s with an average discount of 95%.​
ManGoBid has been already on boarding new users in its pre­-launch phase assigning them free bids. ​In the next months, several new features including an automated bidding tool are planned to roll out as ManGoBid has generated a lot of interest in India, getting close to 3000 Likes on Facebook within a few days of launching the Official Page.
“We are really convinced that M​anGoBid can make it through in the Indian market.​Our first move will be to consolidate our business model and looking for other business partners to add to our list”, says Kaushik, ManGoBid’s Financial Chief.
ManGoBid is a product of Noonic Hub, an international firm focused on developing Digital products.


Welcome to ManGoBid - The first Social Bidding website in India

Welcome to ManGoBid - The first Social Bidding website in India

ManGoBid is the Indian leader for Social Bidding. You can find many nice products at incredible low prices!
Harishbabu Kadaba

Does anyone want to join me in my startup? Message me if interested.

Mohammad Mohsin

I have an extensive experience of working with startups; in different domain, at different stages, holding different positions. I, personally, am very passionate about building awesome products, with cutting edge technology, that turn into successful businesses. While working with various startups, I realized that the major pain point, most of the early stage startups face, is that of finding quality resources, acquiring them, managing them and delivering the robust product, that they intend to build, in record time. With this problem statement on my mind, I came up with the idea for Ideanub.

“Ideanub is on a mission to empower early stage startups and budding entrepreneurs by providing technology solutions, tailor made to suit startup requirement.”

This, for me, is one way to convert my passion for building things, to my work. The very idea of working with such diversified startup ideas, products, team of people, is enough to excite me.

I, on behalf of Ideanub, would like to express an interest in being associated with your idea for taking care of the product’s technology, infrastructure, design & development and maintenance. Don’t think of it as a conventional technology consulting, because it is not. We take personal interest in each of the product and work on it as one of our own.
We take care of:
– idea validation
– market research building personas for target audience
– development strategy
– product prototyping
– UI/UX development
– product development
– product management
– technology infrastructure setup and management


Ideanub | Web & IT Consulting for Startups

Ideanub | Web & IT Consulting for Startups

Web & IT development for startups
GlobalView HomeTuition

Hi friends, start your own bus ticket booking website..your own brand.When this brand will become famous,then it will be known as a best start-up..you will have hundreds of agents working for your own brand,your own company website.
And i know a company ISO 9001:2008 Certified leading software solution provider specializing in Travel & Hospitality Domain Solutions. Established in 2010, which makes such websites just for 45,000 Indian rupees.
The website will be pre-connected with 3400 operators.Therefore your website will have great inventory of seats.
And most important thing, you will get 9.5%commission for every ticket sold.
Message me your mobile number,to get a call from company representative or you can call me on 09766577459 / +919766577459

Mayank Jain

Refer a friend and get an iPhone 6 if he/she gets hired.

Job-openings across tech, operations, account management etc. See https://talentpad.recruiterbox.com/. Send referrals at referrals@talentpad.com with subject line “”.

TalentPad is an online marketplace for product/tech talent. Funded be Helion Ventures, it recently got awarded as the ‘Best Futuristic Startup’ in the recruitment space. The founding team includes people from IIT B, IIT D, IIM A.

    Talentpad jobs | Talentpad openings | Talentpad careers

Talentpad jobs | Talentpad openings | Talentpad careers

Kunal Bagaria

Any young, dynamic and also experienced company who looks after all the branding work?
Please note that I am not looking for any website design company. I need a company who looks after all the branding aspects starting from the domain name, logo, banner and all other things which a company might do for branding..!!

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