Abhishek Barari

Hi Guys,

Wanted to know if we could take a general insurance on the office spaces listed on our portal mycuteoffice.com and how much would it cost? Also would it cover the risk of non-payment of rental?

Also if you know anyone who provides general insurance, please do connect them to us.


Saurabh Sharma

hey guys….i need to host my e-commerce website.since its a startup so m confused about server.Can any1 suggest me best server with optimal rates.i thinking of godaddy but found some negative reviews.please help

Chiranjeevi Raju

Hi everyone..

My cousin runs Cable TV Network Started IN 2010 (Area- Bannergatta Road) With the investment of 1 crore. Now Company is Facing Tough competition from cash Cows like Airtel-Dish-Tata And Many more.Being A small player and limited to limited area in the market he is now struggling to Retain Existing customers Due to Competitive price wars from Big players.COmpany has around 4000 connections(3500 -cable) and (500 -internet) company has got offers from big players outright sale of connections. He is in Dilemma to continue with the business or sell it.i need suggestions for this situation. Is it possible to stay and fight with big players or is it ven worth fighting with limited resources. Any one have better ideas to deak with particular situattion. Thank you

Roshan Ranjan

Hello, I am looking for opensource website backup tool.A tool or a script. My technology stack is one of the most common stack. PHP and MySql. Please help.

Aneesh Rayancha

what is the legal procedure to remove a director and transfer his share to the other directors? Also, let me know the costs involved. One of our CA is demanding 3000 for the procedure and we feel it is too much. Need your suggestions on this

Shivam Pathak

Is it easy to get loan from private sector banks as compared to public sector banks ??

Monish Yerramsetti

Are there any B2B startups/services that exclusively connect Businesses with Early adopters to try out their product/service offerings??

Kunal Bagaria

how to start my own Affiliate marketing for my own website ?? I want to start for my php based websites.. please guide me on the same… !!

Sandeep Periwal

I’m planning to register a company in the US. Need help to get this going.
Pls ping me if you’ve done this or connect me to anyone who may be able to guide/assist.

Ashok Urs

Hi, Greeting Community Members,
I want to know what is the reality of SMS Marketing, I have been contacted by couples of companies who are asking Rs 85 Pea lead or 15ps/SMS . we tried for 2-3 days as trail but they are not ready to discloses the exact number of SMS’s they are sending to Generate leads. Anybody here using SMS marketing?(We are selling Health Suppliment products online)
I greatly appreciate your reply or Feedback

Vineeth Samdaria

How does one register his company trademark internationally? Is it country specific or is there a body which governs international trademarks?

Shireesh Gupta

What is e-mail marketing basically?
What does it entail?
How do we get the database of e-mails to send the advt. to?
Does it work, as I always just ignore e-mails which seem even a bit related to advertisements !

TIA. :)

Anupam Mehta

Hi Guys,

I have 3-4 friends who would like to start a business (online/e-commerce type) for Quilling products.

I need thoughts/ideas/advice for the same.


Ranjot Singh

We are looking for some cloud telephony company which can provide us with an API access along with all other features. All the existing companies are not providing us with API, just basic IVR solutions (with features like call logs, agent support, call records, etc). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks !

Ijas Anvar

Hi Friends,

Which is better in terms of security- PHP or Ruby on Rails ?

Shivankit Arora

How would you market/growth hack an Indian e-commerce store to NRI’s outside of India?
Through online channels.

Siddharth Kumar


I’m facing a problem with AWS elastic beanstalk instance. Some days back my instance was sending out data and it was huge (in TBs). So my Network Out was around 1.5TBs. My security group was as following:

Inbound; http protocol; port 80; for all IPs
Inbound; ssh protocol; port 22; for all IPs
Outbound; all protocol; all port; all IPs

This is the site: http://www.strollup.in/

Can anyone tell me how did this happened. I’m running tomcat server and not able to find any log which gives detail of outgoing traffic.

Anubhav Adlakha

How do e-commerce companies manage there accounts? With so many transactions and taxation adjustments to be done. Is there any software which can be used to ease the process?

Arti Kalra

Hi All,

Has anyone used API of worldweatheronline.com to show weather conditions on website or app. I am not able to get values using getJSON.

Guruprasad Toro

What kind of Firm Should is start ( for Tax Benefit ) Proprietor, Partnership or LLP? Please help Friends…. Thanks in advance

Srikanth Venkatasubramanian

Hello All. Anyone has idea how to get a good indexing for your website?? Like SEO and all and how to use keywords? Anybody Please…

Muralidhar Padaki

How much time would it require to start a CMS driven travel portal, mobile responsive and fully supported for SEO. What are the approximate costs also that we need to look at?

Arun Mittal

#Invoice #taxes


I recently registered my company as LLP and it will take another 10-15 days to get the PAN number of the company. We already have a few corporate clients confirmed.

1. For vendor registration with the corporate organisations – do I need to buy the service tax number now? Or it can wait until I cross the 9 lac figure? Should I mention to the clients that we dont have any service tax number now since we are exempted from it initially?
2. What all documents are a must to register as a vendor with any corporate organisation?
3. If I am making an invoice of INR 1 lac say, I wont be charging service tax because I have not taken any now, the corporates can cut the TDS (10% 1.e. 10k) and I can claim it later. Is that correct? Or is there anything that I am missing here?
4. Can anyone share any format/contract sample which we sign with the clients? Clients will be raising the PO and we will get paid once the services will be done, so what kind of contract do we sign or make with the clients?

Looking for positive replies from this awesome group!


Manju Kashi

can someone please tell me what font does Salesforce(dot) com and ibm(dot)come use ?


Aadesh Jain

how do e-grocery stores get/upload the lists of all the products, MRP & their images for the first time?
do they upload it manually ? is there an easy way ??

Srinivas Cuddapah

Is there any Wifi hack app for IOS without jailbreaking it, I am game for jailbreaking one if anyone can help out.

Amrith Shanbhag

What is the fastest way to register a LLP & file a copyright and trademark?
TIA :)

Kunal Bagaria

has anyone used schedulers of IIS servers?? I want to set up something like cron jobs on my PHP web application however on IIS server…

Shivam Pathak

How to host a website in multiple countries for fast response times ?

Ashish Bhatnagar

Hi guys..

Happy New Year to everyone…On the very first day of New Year I’ve a few doubts that I would like to be cleared. The doubts are about registration of a company. Please clear the following 3 things if any of you knows about it:

1- Is it mandatory to register a Startup as a Pvt. Ltd. company from the very first day of starting the business?? or can I start investing in business without incorporating the company and incorporation part can be done later?

2- If it can be done later, which timing will be perfect for it?

3- And lastly, How long does it take to register a company?

Your help will be appreciated..

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