Vardhane Harsh

Every now and then,I see numerous Women Safety startups getting funded,Or their products being launched but Why on Earth when I go on Flipkart or Amazon or anywhere else, I see only pepper sprays and tasers!!!
I Don’t believe that Women Safety market is limited to Tasers and Iron Batons and Pepper Sprays…!

I don’t know whom to blame..The VCs, Entrepreneurs or us-The People.

If you have something new,Tell me on –

Shashwat Shubham

Hello Folks, i am a web developer and android developer by profession and was just thinking to start an online portal where i will be selling ready to use web+android app solutions. Like hotel booking website + android app for same, where all you need to do is customize your logo and content. What do you think, will this work for startups as they will get a ready to use portal and app ?

Pavitr Kunder

Do anyone care to share their first business experience, how they started, how things fell in place or fell apart. What motivated/inspired them to start. How they started it, with help from someone or on their own? I am all ears!

Ashutosh Vashistha

Hello friends
We have a existing whatsapp group for instant help and knowledge transfer for helping and promoting new start up .
Interested people please type your what’s app number on comment box .

Shubham Sharma

#Rajasthan #StartupPolicy If any startup is looking for possible collaboration opportunity or potential Government business in Rajasthan, please let me know.

Mohd Wasi

Hello All,
We are starting a startup, where any startup or blogger can publish their blogs on our startup and create a backlink back to their blog or website, Will you be interested in publishing your blogs on our startup at a very minimal or negligible cost then port your email id or contact number in comments.

Narayan Yaduvanshi

Subject : SEO backlinking
Since I am not here to promote my blog, So I would just call my blog xyz.

I have done a lot and a lot of SEO on my blog, but I know that’s just half work. I need to make or create backlinks to my blog. Facebook backlinking is useless.

So My problem is how to do effective backlinking without ever spamming everyone through paid services.

I am not alone in the blog, We have a dedicated team to generate content. But we lack of effective audience.

I promise to try all the suggestion to create backlinking so that you time to help me in this will not go waste.

My blog is in travel, lifestyle and technology categories.

A lot of thanks in advance for the suggestions.

Gaurav Rana

Hi People,
We are looking for beta users for our service into cloud web hosting with cPanel for #StartUps – you can sign for 3 months of free service and give is your feedback’s. Request access here –

Shubham Sharan

We are looking for a front end developer to design a header and a webpage. The designs are ready. Please do inbox me if interested. Thanks in advance!

Hridya Anand

Godaddy or siteground – which one is better?

Ashish Choubey

How to install this?Fed up of trying several times.


Kapil Verma

Hello everyone, need some advice. Me and a friend from IITD built this app which makes it super easy to build forms on mobile, share them with your team, and collect structured data collaboratively. Link below

We launched a production version last week, and since then, from whatever sales we have done, we have found that different people are using this app differently.

People are using it for things like lead management, field staff assessment, inventory management, delivery management, maintaining balance sheet, and field research. Each of this use case belongs to individual users.

Now, we find ourselves stuck. My dad has suggested that we have a mobile-erp solution at our hands, and there are literally a thousand different directions we can think off for taking this app forward. But we feel stuck.

We need a lot of feedback on this app to identify what exactly should we make of this app. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. PS: If its worth anything, I’d be giving out 1000 in-app credits to anyone who gives some feedback on this app. Just drop me a PM. Thanks.



Janni Sujanani

Anyone looking to pitch for investments contact me 9840558376 or Rakesh Murali 9962175276.

Mustafa Kesarya

Crowdfire is actively hiring for a Product Manager, Engineers & Designers with 2+ years experience. Interested? Meet us on Super and get a chance to talk to us directly.

What if you worked at Crowdfire?

What if you worked at Crowdfire?

Come find out! Meet the team, experience our culture and explore our workplace.
Hemant Singh

I need a higher level of certainty than investors do because my time is more valuable to me than their money is to them. Investors place bets in a portfolio of companies, but I only have one life.

Why I turned down $500K, Pissed off my investors, and Shut down my startup

Why I turned down $500K, Pissed off my investors, and Shut down my startup

I just did what no startup founder is ever supposed to do. ¶ I gave up. ¶ It wasn’t even one of those glorious “fail fast and fail forward” learning expe…
Peter Hayes

Do take a Read!

The portents for Oyo are ominous and time will tell if they can survive this indigestion and emerge unscatched from the moral hazard of playing with other people’s money!



Is OYO Rooms the startup equivalent of a Ponzi Scheme - Part 2
Hirok Borah

Hello All,

We are on the verge of setting up an office for our startup in Bangalore..

We found it bit tough to manage a reasonable co-working space for us in Bangalore North.

How about joining hands together: If there are other startups who are in same need, we can together rent out some space with 24/7 power backup, AC, and security. We can share the liabilities on actuals.


Ankit Chhabra

Are you India’s next PEOPLE, POLICY and POLITICS Entrepreneur ?

How often do you notice the dismal state of policy implementation in India? How often do you read about the perennial failures of well intentioned government interventions? What comes to your mind in such situations?

Indus Action is presenting a first of its kind opportunity in India. If you are looking for a shift in your career, want to spend your life in social impact and public service and bring out a systemic change on the ground you are invited to apply for PEOPLE, POLICY AND POLITICS entrepreneurship network.

Read more here –

Partner Entreprenuer RD

Partner Entreprenuer RD

Partner Entrepreneur Role Description: Doing Development Differently Imagine these scenarios: You walk into your neighborhood school. You notice the poor conditions of toilets and the delivery of corporal punishment to children within the classroom. That’s our tax and cess being delivered to ...
Srinivas Bhamidipati

Can some one please guide me on what problems they faced in a food startup ?? (both during the initial stage to start it and also during the operational stage)

Srinivas Bhamidipati

Can some one please guide me on what problems they faced in a food startup ?? (both during the initial stage to start it and also during the operational stage)

Srinath Shankar

We at PickYourTrail believe planning a vacation should be fun and personalised! If you are looking for an international vacation – check out VEHO – your personal travel assistant which will engage you in a engaging conversation and build a real time personalised itinerary! Do share your feedback on this :)

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