Priya Km

Question for startups (services in particular) – how do you manage your book-keeping, accounting and compliances? Please share tools or startup-friendly firms that you engage with.

Sarish Chawla

Hello mates …What is the easiest and the cheapest way to buy a .com domain ..TIA

Nikhil Kumar

Hi Friends,
Just want to know what are the steps for setting a start up in India? Is it necessary to register before starting?
How about trademarks and name registration?
Process for fund raising?

Please help and advise.


Kishore Kumar

How do you evaluate a company for acquisition / investment? How do you assess if the amount investors or acquiring company has put on the table is fair or not?

Subhendu Panigrahi

Guys any Pune startups out here? Need to get in touch with the movers and shakers of the city.

Rashmi Padhy

Who has Freelance work jobs required this month? (July 2014)

All: Please post all your freelance work/ services work in this thread only, as a comment.

Companies: Subscribe to this post from the top left corner, and you will get an alert when a new comment is added.

All other freelance job related posts will be deleted.

Purvi Rao

HI, We are looking for native app developer iOS or Android or both for the project length. This will be a freelancing project. If you are a developer or you know someone then do let me know

Nimesh Mathur

Compete in Accel Hack (4 hour duration online coding challenge), and win an exciting opportunity to PITCH YOUR BUSINESS IDEA to Accel Partners. Other rewards includes jobs with Accel Partnerss fast-growing portfolio companies and great prizes (MacBook Pro, iPhones, iPads). Register now at

Accel Hack on 6th June - Register NOW!

Accel Hack on 6th June - Register NOW!

Compete in Accel Hack coding challenge, and win an exciting opportunity to PITCH YOUR BUSINESS IDEA to Accel Partners
Kushal Agrawal

I want end to end courier services for my eCommerce platform, can you guys suggest me some, I was previously using shiprocket, but I’m not satisfied with their services. Kindly suggest me some.

Syed Qd

How do employee,ex-employee of private company liquidate their vested shares?

Gaurav Agarwal

Hi guys


We are facing a peculiar issue. We forgot our login credentials for BigRock. On trying to reset the password, BigRock says that the account does not exist with them. I have my primary domain on BigRock and they are declining the existence of my account.

Have any of you ever faced this problem? Further, how did you solve it?

Sparkz Seo

A website represents your company globally, and should stand out from your competitors website. Your Website is a powerful tool that can achieve your marketability on the web. We design websites highlighting your USP’s with importance given for usability, quick page loads speeds and mobile friendly responsive web design (RWD). Our Creative web designers and web developers provide you with the best solutions in web media.

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responsive web designers in bangalore,responsive website design company bangalore

Saksham Sahai

Hello Bangalore! I recently came to the city to startup and am staying with a friend. I have experience of starting up and am looking to meet people who have their startup/are enthusiastic about tackling problems. I want to explore what awesome things are happening at Bangalore. Seeing how much this group cares about startups I was wondering what you guys would suggest(like people, events, talks, demos, conferences, etc). Since there are so many things going on these days, many end up being a waste of time, so an insight from this group will help a lot in discovering quality.

The rough plan is to explore ideas, executions, people, get a coworking space and a place to live and start working on something exciting. Thank you for your time :D

PS(for admins) – I am not looking for a specific need like free position etc so didn’t post in the sister groups/threads. Sorry if this isn’t the right place.

Nimesh Mathur

Based on requests from many group members, we are starting a thread dedicated to co-founder hiring.

[a] If you’re looking for a co-founder, post it here as comments.
[b] Do NOT comment here for any non co-founder job post. PLEASE. respect time of fellow group members. The ones not adhering to rules will be banned.

Prashant Dwivedi

Hi All..I have always tried to find out answer to my below questions.. If someone would help me to get answers to these questions then it will be great help for me..

How to get your ideas initial pitch to start and help your idea to get implemented?

Is there any way to get helping hand of existing emerging and established entrepreneurs to your idea?

Always an experience person is given more preference when he/she establishing his/her startup?

Please help me out. Cheers :-)

Abhishekh Shetty

Hi all, Our company has passed its launch stage and looking for investments to launch from bangalore to Pan-India and so we are looking to bring on a VC or Angel Investor. If u have a lead or any guidance regarding how to go about approaching them or Feedback on a company that funded your business i would appreciate it.

Ankit Agarwal

Hi All,

We are working on a model that would exponentially reduce the shipping related problems faced by eCommerce companies on day to day basis. If you own an etail store and shipping has been a nightmare for you, in terms of COD, nationwide reach, pricing and overheads we are here to hear you !

To make our services best, we request you to mention the pain points and other logistic services you think you’ll need to streamline your eCommerce business.

Caroline Carol

Hi, is there someone who can help me with hosting on wordpress directly? Rt now, my blog site is with a different vendor and every few weeks, it goes off
The website says-
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later. The surprising part is I haven’t uploaded anything in the last 5 months. Please inbox if a hosting vendor could help.

Ashish Choubey

Which URL shortener is better or What are the advantages of using the better one over the other?

Arvind Singh

Which internet leased line provider has your startup subscribed to? What is your feedback? Do you recommend it? Thanks!

Ram Kashyap

Dear All,

I am trying to identify the Lead Engineer for my startup:

1. Someone who has experience in building a product / service from scratch and has experience in scaling the same

2. Ability to build robust, sophisticated, secure, reliable, available, user friendly technology

3. Brings the best of the software engineering practices and can spearhead the engineering team

4. Passion to work with a startup

Please PM me or leave a comment here if you are interested.


#Talent #Jobs

Srivatsan Mohan

I am one of the founders of (Acquired by Carzonrent recently). We are looking for consultants to build some applications. The consultants must be willing to work in our premises located in Bangalore. We are looking at consultants for the following streams.
- Mobile
- Backend APIs/Cloud
- Web

Sridhar Satyanarayana

Wow! Great to see lot of interest shown in grocery and hyper local delivery segment.As a grocery merchant with 20+ years of exp never seen such high interest in this segment.I am working on a grocery and hyper local delivery model.Any other enthusiasts in this domain want to meetup?

Raghvendra Saboo

For new internet users acquired by, only seven percent of data usage was (including Free FB).

These new users are now consuming more than 100MB per month outside of (that is, people are paying for data from Reliance),

There are very few who think AirtelZero & are good tactical ways bring more Indians online more rapidly. Here is one such view.

TLDR: We underestimate the intelligence & aspirations of the next-billion. In longer run, everyone would benefit from a grown internet base.

This data is from FB & Reliance & could be cooked up. But I believe the future trend would indeed be similar.

The so-called walled garden is one brick high. The wild web, paid-for, is one tap away.

Our view of the next billion, the unconnected, is very 1960ish. The poor were spending on hello tunes while we the privileged were downloading torrents. We underestimate both their intelligence & aspirations. A next-billion girl will spend 20 bucks outside the walled-garden if it saves her Rs 100 to buy a salwar from app/website outside AirtelZero. A teenage boy will download Ms. Leone from outside the walled garden. The ATM security guard will cut down one peg if that gets him Candy Crush & more entertainment.

A ZeroRated Flipkart will not kill a promising ecomm startup. THE Flipkart will kill it. But if there is indeed a budding challenger, it too would raise enough VC to get itself ZeroRated coz the pie would have got bigger more rapidly by then. If a free FB helps grow *your* TAM 10 million per year, you take it!

I think a time bound digital affirmative action would benefit the meritorious more in longer run. getting popular, touches 8 lakh subscribers getting popular, touches 8 lakh subscribers

Facebook's initiative is expanding in India and has got over 8 lakh subscribers, a statement by the social networking site said here on Monday.
Mubin Ahmed

What are the strategies used by startups to hire freshers?
1) We hired people with considerable aptitude and reasoning capability, trained them in Java for a month. But even after 4 months we don’t see much improvement in them.
2) We tried hiring freshers who have undergone training (in Java) in consultancies/institutes (eg, CMC) but they weren’t able to write simple programs given in the test.
3) Getting candidates from top colleges is not an option as we may not be able to afford their pay. Also they may not prefer us as we are not yet well established.

Would like to hear from others and learn from experiences.

Varun Bansal

[Facebook Ads]

Anyone tried app install Facebook ads type ? My questions are as follows :

1. The cost is per click which leads to app store or per install?
2. How do you generally come with a ballpark figure of 1 app install cost ?
3. My Target audience is DELHI only and age group 20-45. What can be the approx cost per app download ?

If anyone can help :)

Vimal Sheth

We are a start-up in retail financial services by IIM and ISB alums. Our platform is already operational. We are now looking software developers who can get the job done..primarily requirement is CakePHP with web service implementation. Would also prefer a person with some mobile app development experience. Kindly send a mail to if interested.

Maheima Kapur

Are you a foodie AND know how to hack PHP, HTML and CSS? Then read on! is bringing Bangalore’s street food heritage into the digital era. We are an online street food discovery platform that photographs, curates, and writes about our rich food heritage. Check us out at
Founded by IIM-B graduate and Unilever+Tata alumnus Maheima Kapur, it’s expanding its technology infrastructure as well its coverage of the human stories it covers.

We are looking for a summer intern from an engineering background who can work on our WordPress and Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure.

What the internship involves:
- Add and maintain front-end HTML, JS and CSS features as the platform evolves
- Hack the PHP code that powers WordPress (LAMP stack)
- Manage Linux servers running on the Amazon Web Services cloud
- Support the founder and the foodie community in managing and showcasing beautiful photos, text, menu and stories
- Bring fresh thoughts and ideas to the table, and help them be delivered to site users.

What you need to demonstrate:
- Must have: Understanding and some experience with web development: HTML and CSS and some PHP
- Must have: Interest in food and eating out
- Must have: Comfortable working with Linux (SSH, software updates, permissions and processes)
- Nice to have: Photography skills and basic Photoshop/image editing

More requirements:
- You should be based in Bangalore.
- A high degree of ethics and professionalism are a must!

What this internship offers:
- Stipend and Certificate
- Opportunity to build and manage user-friendly site that has a wide appeal.
- An opportunity to see your code implemented almost immediately.
- Learn the technical side of online communication, social media marketing as well as on-ground marketing.

- Opportunity to work with Maheima Kapur, Founder, Talking Street. She is an SSSIHL and IIM-Bangalore alumni with 9 years of experience across organizations such as Unilever, Tata Global Beverages and Britannia.

- Opportunity to be guided on technical topics by Siddharth Mathur, Technical Advisor to Talking Street who is an alumni of NSIT and University of Arizona. Siddharth has 10+ years of software products experience across the US and in India.

- Street food sampling and photography opportunities.
- Working at the Nasscom Startup Warehouse, a co-working for early stage startups in Domlur, Bangalore.

Kartik Iyer

Hi all..

Need help people.. I have just started a new business. I have partnered with a company called Way2Wealth ( its a Cafe Coffee Day Venture ), I own their franchise. We provide investment services ( Investing in equities, share trading , etc )

My Query : Need to build a client base.

So any help, idea or suggestion as to how i can market my services and build my client base, will be appreciated. TIA!!

[ Note: To Admin- Not trying to promote my services. Need genuine help. Thanks. ]

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