Vaibhav Sisinty

Ola all set to buy Taxi for sure for 1250 C, the big fight with UBER now! :D

Rohit Kshirsagar

Hello Everyone,
I am currently working on a project which has the potential of making a common guy/girl Entrepreneur dreams come true.
My business is expanded all over in Major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Chennai. And also overseas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Now, I am looking out for personal leads to build stronger market in Bangalore.
Let me know If you are interested in having financial freedom which is my main aim.
Kindly reply if you need think to start something of your own.
Rohit Kshirsagar

Vikas Vats

Any payment gateway service provider other than PayU Money who can provide api integration to a non registered e-commerce portal..

Kunal Bagaria

Any young, dynamic and also experienced company who looks after all the branding work?
Please note that I am not looking for any website design company. I need a company who looks after all the branding aspects starting from the domain name, logo, banner and all other things which a company might do for branding..!!

Devesh Varshney

Any good free job portals you can recommend?

Chiran Deep

We are Suwanjali Media, a startup company, and we make videos that spellbind target audience. Our motto is to make captivating videos that bring to life events and occassions. We can be reached on 08686020911

How many here think that videos are the future means of communication?
Your response will indicate the potential our business holds.

Vinit Agrawal

I am looking to talk to companies, who are currently investing money/hours in SEO to improve rankings of their site.

If you are currently doing your SEO by just following best practices then you might be a bit confused about exactly what changes in your content/layout/tech/etc are causing increase/decrease in your rankings, and where to move forward.

I would like to talk to you about a Data Driven and A/B testing approach to SEO that i am working on. Please comment here or PM me for a small chat.


Flavian D

hey guys, does anyone know a place where I could print rectangular self-adhesive stickers for an economical rate (better than vista print)?? Need to print a min of 100 stickers.

Rajeev Gurushetty

Hello you guys,
We are Bangalore-based startup launching an exciting and resourceful service for students across colleges in the city.

We are hiring campus reps/interns who are curious, have top-notch people skills and are ready to explore and learn more.

Get an internship certificate & be featured on our site
A recommendation for any jobs you may apply in future
Firsthand experience in a startup environment
Awesome merchandise
A journey promising loads of brain storming session along with an experience in branding & marketing.
If youre game, PM me.


PS: This wont interfere with your academics!

Selvam Subramaniam

Any freelance Laravel Developers in Chennai / Bangalore for a quick job 8 to 10 hours..please ping me for me details

Akhil Gopalakrishnan

I am looking to sell my magento based ecommerce portal .
Features: 1) Multi-vendor support
2) Hosted on a semi-dedicated server.
3)128 bit SSL
4)Payment gateway integrated.
5)Trademarked logos
6)Seller Account in Snapdeal for the products.
A facebook page with 15000 likes, twitter, instagram pages will also be transfered. While buying if you require additional customizations, we can provide that too.
Reason for sale : Partner fallout.
I want the site to be in good hands. So if anyone is seriously pursuing ecommerce drop a message or comment your mail id for details.

Soumo Bose

Hello every one, We are a start-up BPO/KPO ,Data-entry firm. We are currently looking out for projects which leads to along term relationship. Would be eager and thankful to have any kind of valuable leads or sources.

Soumya Anoop

Plz LIKE my page for Handmade Trendy Jewellery Collections!!!

Rahul Wadhwa

Hi Guys,

Playnlive is looking for Backend Developers – PHP.
Follow the link to apply : or mail me at :

Amit Bhola

#TheHosteller is HIRING!!!!

Anyone who is interested or knows someone who might be interested. Please drop your resume at

Harsha Mv


Who is looking for Freelancer? (Oct 2014)

If you have a fixed work, or project to be done, post your requirement here as comments. Any other freelance related posts will be deleted.

Shalu Omls

A Zoologist will tell you the Tiger is a Predator of opportunity. This means they will stalk, kill and eat their prey whether they are hungry or notjust because its there. Just watch one of the early scenes from The Life of Pi.

Salespeople can be just like the Tiger. A prospective buyer expresses some initial interest in their product or service, and seeing the opportunity, they pounce! Jumping right into a pitch that includes every possible feature, advantage and benefit. The potential sale, like the tigers prey, gets mangled and diesa graphic analogy to be sure, but accurate just the same.

A far better approach, and less gruesome, is to dig deeper with the prospect. Get them to tell you more. Ask probing questions about what specifically theyre interested in and why. Discovering their current situation and how they got there, requires asking questions and listening. Uncovering their most wanted outcome and what affect it could have on their business demands even more questions and patience. The end result of all of this is to earn trust and create a buyer. Get them to tell you their storybeginning, middle and end. Then you can tell them about your solution and how you can deliver their most wanted outcome. If you do it right theyll want to hear it!

Your product or service may be a commodity but you cannot! Asking relevant, well thought out questions and listening with empathy are the hallmarks of a true Sales Professional not a Tiger.

OMi in Bangalore will help you develop the true Sales Strategy; including your behavior, attitude and Communication skills. The program will charge you with a Fresh breadth of vigor, enthusiasm, excellence and responsibility.

AIM-Sales is about implementing the right strategy and knowing how to climb the success ladder.

Scheduled in Bangalore – 12th & 13th Feb 2015.

For Further Details, Contact: Shalu 9972301145/2 or

Jyothi Reddy

Hi Mates,

Way back in 2014 (3rd quarter) I thought of launching my own start-up and so got a Business Plan prepared from some good BPlan writers. Although I paid decent money to get it prepared I never used it for the last 6 months (I think I may not use it for next 6 months too).

I created a template out of it, which may be useful for most of the people here in this group. Feel free to ping me and I am happy to share it with you all.

Sunder Permal

We are looking for a company who can deliver a web based project. It is important that they have a office in USA and the contract would be signed in US.

Shubhank Shekar

Struggling to find a ONE STOP SOLUTION for all your Creative Needs? You are just a step away from finding the right partner!!!
Log on to WWW.CMPTL.COM and get amazed.
You can also drop a message to +91-7760960653 for me to assist you!

Subhendu Panigrahi

Any student body leaders or e-cell coordinators from Chennai colleges here ?

Pradeep Deva

I think E-commerce space in India is already flooded because of media impact and higher valuations. Is it healthy? I think not. Please share your views.

Akshat Mittal

Any good free software to generate bills for a product..

Srinivas Shiv

#kill the competition

OLA all set to buy out TAXI FOR SURE for $ 200 million..

Rashmi Padhy

Who is hiring? (January 2015)

Job related posts needs to added to this thread only.

Go to and do a job post. It will automatically reflect in this thread, and in the website as well.

The website ensures search traffic, and this group post gives visibility in this group.

Any job posts, not done in the right structure will be deleted without notice. The OP will also be removed from the group as a warning. (they can join again and their request will be accepted.)

Vivek Puri is a free website creation software. Our web-based software enables businesses to establish online presence easily and quickly.

Currently, SingleContact is hiring for the position of Customer Success Executive. More details are below:

Principal Responsibilities:
* Manage post sales relationship with our customers.
* Work with customers to get started with our platform.
* Build strong relationships with our customers by regular followups and check-ins.
* Work with product development team to get incorporate feedback from customers.
* Build and improve customer outreach and engagement plans.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
* High energy, go-getter who takes initiative and gets things done.
* Passionate about web design and eCommerce.
* Passionate about interacting with people.

Sanjay Darji

Top #HR challenges & opportunities likely to be seen in this year ahead. An article on

Vivek Puri is a free website creation software. Our web-based software enables businesses to establish online presence easily and quickly.

Currently, SingleContact is hiring a website designer/developer. Below are more details:

Principal Responsibilities:
* Creates new website and webpage designs, with a focus on best in class design.
* Maintains and modifies existing website designs.
* Assumes responsibility for the all design elements for public facing websites.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
* Ability to take a page from a wireframe template to a fully live, beautifully designed, and public facing webpage.
* Demonstrated aptitude for learning and applying new technologies, while also using old technologies in innovative ways.
* Eye for clean, modern, aesthetically pleasing designs.
* Knowledge of current design trends and the ability to apply those trends in a unique way.
* Extreme detail in design, with the ability to be pixel perfect in finish.
* Working knowledge of analytics platforms, like Google Analytics, is a strong plus.
* Knowledge and experience designing for an e-commerce company a strong plus.
* Portfolio of design experience while working with forward thinking companies also a strong plus.

Sachin Shekhar

If you are a Hard Sci-Fi lover, read The Martian by Andy Weir. The author isn’t a big guy, but trust me. The book is now my most favourite among all sci-fi works I ever encountered in my life (which includes TV shows, movies and comics too).

Previously, my most favorite book was Spin by Robert Charles Wilson. Now, this award-winning book is at Rank 2.

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