Subhendu Panigrahi

Hosting a StartupMunch on Saturday, 5th September.The location will be updated in a day or so. Agenda is networking and gyaan exchange.

Harsha Mv

I am making a list of the Angle Investors and have come up with the following list. Please add to the list if i have missed someone. Also please mention of their investments so that i can verify and add them to the list. Once i have gathered all the details of the person i will share the details on Google Docs.

Abhisehk Rungta
Ajay Lavakare
Ajeet Khurana
Aloke Bajpai
Amit Somani
Anand Ladsariya
Anirudh Damani
Ankur Warikoo
Anupam Mittal
Arun Venkatachalam
Bhanu Chopra
Bhupen Shah
Deepinder Goyal
Girish Mathrubootham
Indus Khaitan
Krishnan Ganesh
Kunal Bahl
Kunal Shah
Manish Singhal
Meena Ganesh
Mukund Mohan
Naveen Tewari
Nilesh Trivedi
Nikunj Jain
Niraj Singh
Pallav Nadhani
Rajan Anandan
Ravi Gururaj
Ravi Trivedi
Ritesh Malik
Sachin Bansal
Samir Bangara
Sandeep Goenka
Sanjay Mehta
Sharad Sharma
Steven Sule
Subhinder Khurana
Sunil Kalra
Utsav Somani
Vijay Shekhar Sharma
Vikas Taneja
Vivek Bihani
Zishaan Hayath

Srinivas Rao

Is there any research data freely available for knowing about list of B2B startups in India?


Sharath Ananth

Looking for a job for my sister Nishna Mettingal in the field of Marketing,HR,Business Devlopment.She has competed her MBA.Please comment your mail id’s in the comment section.I will forward the resume to the concerned people.She is ready to join asap.TIA.

Sharath Ananth

Looking for some Marketing Free-Lancers who can get us orders in fields of piping & Boiler design.Please Ping me Personally guys.Thank you…

Harsha Mv


Who is looking for Freelancer? (Oct 2014)

If you have a fixed work, or project to be done, post your requirement here as comments. Any other freelance related posts will be deleted.

Bharthi Bangalore

Reasons Why Employees Quit Their Job, even I am a victim of some points mentioned below and thinking to q**t
1. They overwork people.
2. They don’t recognize contributions and reward good work.
3. They don’t care about their employees.
4. They don’t honor their commitments.
5. They hire and promote the wrong people.
6. They don’t let people pursue their passions.
7. They fail to develop people’s skills.
8. They fail to engage their creativity.
9. They fail to challenge people intellectually.

Anurag Singh

Looking for Software Developer @Pickingo
Location: Gurgaon, Banglore
Roles and responsibilities
• Defining architecture for scale and flexibility without compromising on robustness
• Responsible for design, coding and unit testing of components
• Optimization for speed and memory footprint by getting rid of inefficiencies
• Responsible for evolving the architecture of the product and pick the right technologies for the various components within the system
Skills and Qualifications
Required Skills

• Bachelors/Masters degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject
• Proficient in Problem Solving, Data Structures and Algorithms
• Strong knowledge of Back end web technologies like Ruby on Rails
• Strong hold of key concepts of Javascript and basic libraries like JQuery.
• Working knowledge of MVC Javascript framework like Angular, Backbone, Knockout, Ember, etc.
• Experience in writing optimized javascript
• Experience in frameworks like BackboneJS, RequireJS, LESS (desirable).
• Working knowledge of NodeJS (desirable)

Nirav Mehta

Hello Candidates,

We are an offshore based IT company and looking for good and enthusiastic candidates for our company.We are looking around up to 5 BDM to bring out new sales and opportunities for our company.We are targeted to international market & domestic market.


Desired candidate Profile:

Excellent Communication Skills with knowledge of IT Field and Good Command over MS Office.
He or she should have the knowledge of biding of projects as well as of freelancing sites.
He or she should be able to make business proposal documents.
Emailing & Communicating to Prospects and should able to make prototype / Wire frames
Self-motivated and able to work independently and need to work + Complete – Target Basis (weekly & Monthly)
He or She should be able to communicate with client & reporting teams to maintain accurate client definitions for all strategic clients.

Job Description:

Identify Business Opportunities and Generate lead and make Business Models
Meet and / or exceed opportunity target set by management from time to time.
Making calls to companies for business promotion, sending promotional mails, quotations
Interacting with existing clients and understanding their present requirements and Develop effective work relationship with Clients.
Collecting, tracking and analysing market and competitive intelligence.
Sales Retention, make Sales Presentation and Updating of daily sales report.
No Bond, No Training fee and No Deposit.
6 days working ( Sunday Off )
Direct Communication with Top Management.
Salary will be discuss in interview
Please write mail with subject

For Female Candidate : BDE (Female)
For Male Candidate : BDE (Male)

Required experience: BDM: 2 years
Required language:English/Hindi

Nirav Mehta : +91 94286 69963

Email: |

Skype: niravmehta2009

Official Page:

Watch Our Company Video

Vani Nachiyar

Can somebody help me on this? please share your opinion !

1) Does homemade food has market potential with office goers?
do they even like home made food daily over unhealthy restaurants?
2) Is it a Niche/premium segment?
3) Though there are few apps/startups for homemade food ?
they couldn’t be profitable? Why ?

I having concept regarding this, wish to know your opinion.
Thank you

Tarun Sharma

A nice read…
Start-ups are surviving on VC/PE/angel money, not earned profits. When that source eventually dries up, some will go belly-up. Only those with business models that generate real cash profits will survive and a few thrive.

Why start-ups like Flipkart are worth more than Tata Motors

Why start-ups like Flipkart are worth more than Tata Motors

E-commerce, mobile wallets, payment banks, driverless cars will transform the way we work, consume, travel and pay.
Shanmugam Raman Palaniappan

The limit of a group in WhatsApp is 101 by default.
Is it possible to increase the size to desired limit by free or paid subscription?
I wanted to create a group with limit 1000.

Subhendu Panigrahi

Any IIT-M students out here. Need some help.

Ashok Subramanian

In your experience, what are the best ways to make a mobile app increase its download? Both online and offline?

Rohit Kumar

Need some insights on salary range for freshers for UX.

Candidates from NID, National Institute of Design / Srishti School of Art Design and Technology


Adnify Portal

Looking for Mobile app, Web development & Online marketing projects.
Register today your company at .
For any assistance call our toll free no. 1800-1030-633 or add over Skype- adnify.itservices

Krishna Kumar

Hello everyone,
Need some suggestions and inputs on carpooling feasibility in Indian metropolitan cities.Proposing a different way to solve this problem.
1. Entrepreneurs from different sectors can come together and support and contribute to this.Like an App development company can provide app. Freelancers can manage the app.
2. Start-ups who are into promotion and marketing can help in its promotion,marketing and brand building.
3. Few expert volunteers to refine the idea and do feasibility study, and market research.
4. One important thing,not a single person will own this.This will be a gift from start-up community to our society.
5. This will be similar to open source software where people can come and contribute to it as a volunteer.
I think if we do it not for profit,we can get support from across the industry,and it could be scaled faster.
We need to check if it is feasible to execute in this way.if you think this idea and execution method as immature and funny,please comment it,
this will help us to learn lots of thing.Lets discuss this.

Piyush Priyam

UI developer for an e-commerce startup

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