Sunny Luthra


Just open sourced the code of an application which i created couple of weekends ago using ionicFramework. Review it, suggest features or just download it and learn. :)



Website Source Code:

App Source Code:

Harsha Mv

How many of you have bought courses on Udemy?

Harsha Mv


Who is looking for Freelancer? (Oct 2014)

If you have a fixed work, or project to be done, post your requirement here as comments. Any other freelance related posts will be deleted.

Harish Annam

How much % profit will a Grocery store usually get per sale. Just wanted to know how many grocery stores give different discounts on different products.

Ritabrata Bhaumik

Folks, It gives us great pleasure to let you know that we (start-up Beaconifi) have now signed up more than 500 Stores in Bangalore, primarily in BTM, JP Nagar, parts of Jayanagar, Bannerghatta Road & HSR Layout, for our Android App. So if you have our User App BeeKoun installed in your smartphone, you will be able to see all the Bangalore Stores (their distance from where you are currently, driving/walking direction to them thru Google map, etc) that have signed up with our Start-Up, within 5 KM radius of where you are at that point in time; and order from those Stores for Home Delivery if you don’t want to walk to the Store for buying stuff. For some of the Stores we are also displaying the deals and offers that are currently running in their Stores. We have also now categorised the Stores into normal Retail Stores, Restaurants and Services category (laundry, plumbers, flat-tyre repair, House painters, etc – though we need to do more to list in this category at this stage, kinda evolving) and listed them in separate Tabs in our App for easy search.

For an early stage Start-Up whose App is slightly older than a month in the market, 500 was a psychologically important number, given the effort involved in signing up small-scale merchants who are still not that tech-savvy in Bangalore.

Can I request you, especially those living in South Bangalore, to download and use our App for your day-to-day needs, and provide feedback? You may tag me if you are OK with it – I can answer if anyone has any questions.

Saneesh Veetil

Hello Folks,
We are launching a Magazine Startup Unfold focused on Startups in the month of July.
What would you guys like to read in such a magazine.
Your inputs are highly valuable for us to give you what you desire.

Pavan Kondapuram

Looking for someone who can help me valuate my idea, developed application and the business plan to raise seed capital.
Should I go to a CA or an advocate? Or should i creatively do it myself with google’s help?

Ananya Mukherjee

One friend of mine was telling that to publish news posts in my news website I need to take permission of PTI. Is this true? Can I buy a domain+hosting and start a news website easily? Please advice.

V Krishna Chaitanya

Hi Good Evening all,

Finally We Geeks Sports & Events have fixed the date of Geeks Cricket League as 27th June as the tournament starting date.

We are a team of 3 young IT professionals working with top MNC`s aged not more than 30 having strong cricketing background of 15 years (Districts, State, HCA) Our motive is to provide a platform for people to explore their cricketing skills and take it to next level.

We would like to thank all the teams who have registered with us.

Further assistance please call us to participate in one of Hyderabad’s Biggest Corporate Cricket event.

All Corporate Cricket teams are invited.

If interested to play or know more information

Call Chaitanya 9177776627

Vijay Kumar

Hello! I had hosted my blog last year on at ~5000/yr. The renewal cost is suddenly double for the next year. Can someone please suggest a fair hosting platform which i can use. PS- this is for a personal blog so would want something really inexpensive or maybe free. TIA

Karan Verma

Hello Bangalore Startups.

I need a quantitative idea about social media promotion and launch strategy for my International salad Cuisine.
I will be launching from Delhi, Gurgaon. So, need targeted approach.
Highlights of my queries are:

1. Hiring a content writer or DIY content for regular content posting.
2. Going for paid marketing or self promotion.
3. Any better marketing channels for marketing across different sites.

I will be working on Delivery model, plus B2B model for different corporations.

Thanks in advance.

Amit Mishra

One of my friends has started a Sports/Fitness Company Bookthefield.

BookTheField is a Sports/Fitness StartUp with a Vision of making Sports/Fitness in India much more organised.
As our first step we have launched an App which helps Sports Enthusiasts Find & Book facilities, Discover Events and Tournaments, and Connect with like minded Sports enthusiasts.
Many more features to be added in the coming months.

The App is now available on Play Store.You can download the same and provide your valuable feedback.

Rashmi Padhy

Who is hiring? (January 2015)

Job related posts needs to added to this thread only.

Go to and do a job post. It will automatically reflect in this thread, and in the website as well.

The website ensures search traffic, and this group post gives visibility in this group.

Any job posts, not done in the right structure will be deleted without notice. The OP will also be removed from the group as a warning. (they can join again and their request will be accepted.)

Sam Kakr

An early SAAS startup seeks extremely talented web technologist to revolutionize the travel space. The ideal candidate would be someone adept at designing complex systems (and yet simple to manage). You should have engineering degree and acumen to explore and innovate.
Expect talented, motivated and geeky co-workers who will expect the same from you. Location is Bangalore. In case you are interested send in your profile to
Compensation includes equity ownership

Kushal Agrawal

Location: Mathura, India
Job Profile: Intern
Job Role: Visualizer and Web Designer
We are looking for a passionate person who is looking for a rewarding career in India’s fastest growing e-commerce industry. The person must be willing to work in an exciting and fast growing start-up environment, carry a high sense of work responsibility and must have excellent web/graphics designing and image/video editing skills.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Create promotional web banner advertisements that can be posted on the website, emails, affiliate websites, etc
2. Conceptualize and create design for promotional newsletter
3. Create packaging and other artwork for promotional purpose
Must Have Skills:
1. Advance knowledge of Adobe Suite
2. Working knowledge of Coral Draw
3. Working knowledge of HTML and CSS
Good-to-have Skills:
1. Prior experience and knowledge of creating marketing banners for e-commerce websites.
2. Prior experience of maintaining UI and knowledge of UX guidelines for web portals.
3. Photography.
4. Working knowledge of Adobe AIR, Adobe Premiere tools and Sound forge.
Educational Qualifications:
Under process OR Already Certified / Diploma Holder in any one or more of the following area:
1. Web Designing (Design and HTML)
2. Graphics Designing
3. Animation
4. Photography
Note: Interested candidate can mail us at

Raman Shrivastava

Hey Guys,

Fyne is finally out of private beta and is available in the App Store! Now you can use it to find the best dishes in your location through a trending menu and also push you favorite dishes up the trending menu by upvoting them.
App works in US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia.

Would love for you guys to download:

We are also testing something interesting in India: A curated menu to order high quality meals on-demand at the tap of a button. These meals will be prepared by our carefully selected food partners and the price will be curated by us. If it works in India, we will launch it soon in other countries as well.

Would love any feedback!



Roshan Agarwal

Good Morning Guys,
In urgent need of regular content. Can you point out some directions.
Would also like to know how other startups are getting content and managing their content marketing needs.

Thanks In Advance!

Manisha Verma

Suggest the best way to chase the daily work of a remote employee. I am currently using google doc and excel.

Anshul Agrawal

Hey Guys,

You think it makes sense to develop a game based on fundamentals of lean startup? Even MVP for a game has to be reasonably detailed to give users a better experience.


Pradeep Deva

subscription based e-commerce will work in India? Share your valuable insights

Srinivas Cuddapah

Is there a way to connect say 10 old pc/laptops together in a cluster and make it a really quick pc ? Beowulf..

Sunny Ram

Hi All,

Weve launched today officially Jobs In Startups. This is exclusively for start-ups, a job site where an opportunity meets exceptional talent. Upload your resume now! Employers: Find the right candidate here!

Any suggestions and feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Please like us

Jobs in Startups | For startups jobs in India

Jobs in Startups | For startups jobs in India

Job Seekers: Find & apply online for the latest Start-up jobs with Jobs In Start-ups - India, the India's only dedicated start-ups job portal.
Sparkz Seo

website redesign – the why and how

Website redesign

Advancements in technology over time render the current website obsolete and warrants website redesign. Some of the historical instances have been the shift from table based design to table less design and most recently the shift to responsive design since search engine major Google updated its alogorithm to prefer mobile friendly websites in mobile based search results.

Top Reasons for redesign

Reasons for redesign may vary from one business to another but the most common reasons are:

The desire to have freshness in the look and feel of website frequently
Redesign of logo or other marketing collaterals
To make the website SEO friendly
To optimize for social media
To replace redundant technologies like Flash
To accommodate Blogs
Up gradation to CMS based platforms like WordPress and Joomla
Redesign process

The redesign process is comparatively easier than building the website from scratch as some of the content could be reused. The major steps involved in redesign are as follows.

Creation of Sitemap and architecture
Selection of technology for development
Content development based on sitemap
Short listing images
Pooling of assets like whitepapers, case studies etc
Design brief for the web designer based on business needs

Web Design company Bangalore, web designers, best web designers, responsive web designers, top web developers Bangalore

Web Design company Bangalore, web designers, best web designers, responsive web designers, top web developers Bangalore

Harsha Mv

AMA with Laxman of AppVirality.

AppVirality is a Growth Hacking Toolkit for Mobile Apps that helps app developers in identifying and implementing the right growth techniques to boost app downloads and user engagement.

Request for Invite:

Harsha Mv

Which is the best source to see which OS has better penetration in certain countries/cities?

Sudhanshu Shekhar Singh


Guys, say if you are launching your own Online Food Delivery Portal, what would you do to make the experience of your First Customer an unforgettable one!

Best answer will get an Apple product! :-) No Kidding!

Let’s get started! :-)

Amit Choudhary

Job Description –
The role involves a critical combination of business analysis and data mining/analytics skills to derive meaning out of raw data. Below are few highlights of the role :
1. Connect with On-Field/Operations team to understand business requirements of the client, discuss and finalize the reporting design
2. Devise and execute ad-hoc reports as per client needs
3. Iteratively improve data representation and performance to deliver highest level of value to the customers
4. Devise and implement ETL and archiving strategy for CropIn Datawarehouse
5. Assist the team in design and implementation of Warehouse
6. Work on new innovation to capture data from various sources (weather, economy, soil, prices etc.), devise algorithms to create predictive models to bring value out of relatively uncorrelated data
7. Lead the reporting and database team in consistenly bringing new upgrades to the CropIn product

Skill Sets –

Work Experience : 1 to 3 years

Technical Skills -
1. Highly skilled at Database concepts, SSIS (ETL concepts), SSRS (End-to-end reporting solutions) and SSAS (basic OLAP design techniques)
2. Hands on in excel to perform basic data checks, data cleaning and quick reporting
3. Basic scripting skills (Perl/VBScript/PowerShell) for automating reporting and other tasks
4. Skills in predictive analytics is a plus (R, SAS etc.)

Soft Skills :
5. Good understanding of business, inquistive and having a desire to solve problems
6. Good team player to connect with various teams to learn about the product and bring up newer ideas to incorporate in the product

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