Karthik Prasad

What do you think are the top 5 challenges, a typical technology driven service based startup faces today – Views from founders will be appreciated

Karma Yogi

SORRY STATE OF FUNDING @START UPS .Have you people saw site of baby chakra???? This is most hyped project i have ever heard .investors have pumped in 600,0000$ into this project and in media they are trying to project this project as innovative and project with potential . Is promoter of this project qualified to take up such micro level task of baby care and problems of expectant mothers and to be fathers . not even one member is qualified for this job . They would have hired a govt hospital aya as board member and made her C.E.O. Taking care of expectant mother has been demonized and made complicated by this project. From thousands of years our society is well equipped to handle this kind of emergencies and complications with ease .Now here comes a heavily funded site to teach our young stupid mothers what they should do . our young mothers have become stupid because of their upbringing new generation of mothers were brought up in such a way that they never knew how to handle kids because they never handled their younger siblings because most of them were sent to baby care centers and they never knew how small babies or kids behave . in olden days small girls were given responsibility of looking after kids they knew in advance how to take care of babies and young kids .you can see team of baby chakra you will be ashamed to see that no one is qualified to even talk about this subject but still the made huge investment in this venture.pls look at their beta version it looks too horrible to be funded . now our young entrepreneurs or start ups see this kind of investments for such stupid projects they feel dejected and helpless about their projects..i will write more about it later.

Varun Remella

school management system , web application developed in core php with source code for sale .
interested people can inbox me with their number. we will send you the demo login details.

Amit Grover

AHA Taxis is looking to tie up with #travel related ventures, both online and offline, for co-branded offers, joint promotions or other creative ways which will benefit our consumers. Do check out our website http://www.ahataxis.com and mail me your ideas about something that works for our mutual benefits. We are quick to take calls and move forward.

Outstation one way online booking, taxi travel, India, Delhi to Jaipur car rental

Outstation one way online booking, taxi travel, India, Delhi to Jaipur car rental

India's smartest outstation cab service. Book a cab from Delhi , jaipur. and give only oneway fares | ahataxis.com
Sampath Kumar

I need fast internet in a suburb without 4G connectivity/broadband. Any ideas please?

Arvind Sharma

He is on #dope once again…or Marketing strategy ?
Community …Your Views please ?

Harsha Mv


Who is looking for Freelancer? (Oct 2014)

If you have a fixed work, or project to be done, post your requirement here as comments. Any other freelance related posts will be deleted.

Pranav Sreedhar

are there any robotics startups in this group?

Rohit Shroff

Hi guys, We just launched Holidify App for Travelling in India – It will be great if you can have a look and give suggestions.

Target Audience: If you are a regular traveller and you keep looking for new places, you should find this app quite useful. You can also find travel guides for more than 800 places on this app with 5000+ points of interest.



Jatin Tanwer

What happened to those On demand Laundry startups, Any updates?

Sadanand Teggi

What are the ground works to be done to raise fund for an idea ?
Whether idea should be developed and live in market to raise the fund?
whether company should be registered as pvt ltd ?
Who are the key players in fund raising ? 10000startups ? or any other?
What should be the approach ? What should be the strategy ?
Any website ? any book ? If the post is duplicate do plz point me to the right post, thank you

Suryasnata Mohapatra

How does an entrepreneur start, when he decides to sell his company? In short how does one get a buyer?

Aditya Kothari

Which are the well known ecomm Fashion clothing/accessories websites?/

Would like to know some ecomm stores/Websites similar to


Appreciate if you guys could comment the similar sites and even better if I could get connected to the founders. :)

Online Shopping for Women - Buy Women's Clothing, Bags & Accessories at StalkBuyLove

Online Shopping for Women - Buy Women's Clothing, Bags & Accessories at StalkBuyLove

Shop online for the latest international trends in women's fashion clothing at StalkBuyLove. Buy Women Clothing, Bags & Accessories in India with Free Shipping, Easy Returns & cash on delivery.
Bhuvana Kotteswaran Rajaram


Rashmi Padhy

Who is hiring? (January 2015)

Job related posts needs to added to this thread only.

Go to http://community.blrstartups.com/ and do a job post. It will automatically reflect in this thread, and in the website as well.

The website ensures search traffic, and this group post gives visibility in this group.

Any job posts, not done in the right structure will be deleted without notice. The OP will also be removed from the group as a warning. (they can join again and their request will be accepted.)

Abhinav Mittal

Looking for a strictly full-time enthusiastic & passionate TECHNICAL co-founder for my startup Travel Jar based in Bangalore.

Tech Stack : RoR, JS(expert level) & Android

We are working on something very innovative and out of the box. Check our website – http://www.traveljar.in (some links not working) to get an idea. We will be launching the beta version in July.

We already have good backing and we are definite on its success. Anyone who lives and dreams of creativity and wants to do something greater do contact me asap. Details can always be discussed and managed.

“The man who says he can, and the man who says he can not.. Are both correct” – Confucius

Abhinav Mittal
+91 8884811050

Rashmi Padhy

Concerns, complains, suggestions, kudos or brickbats for the admins of Bangalore Startups.

We have been a community which has been quite transparent. However, as we have grown, there are a few cases, where the decision has not been clear, or have question on the move.

Lets have this single thread, to answer those queries.

So, please feel free to ask or share anything you have in mind.

Harsha Mv Harshit Agarwal Subhendu Panigrahi Sunny Luthra Khaleel Pasha Rosh An

Shikhar Saluja

Introducing Coalescence, a BITS Pilani initiative aimed at bridging the gaps between entrepreneurial ideas and their implementation.

Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, BITS Pilani K.K. Birla Goa Campus, invites you to this first of its kind innovation summit provides budding entrepreneurs and innovators an opportunity to win cash prizes and seed funding.

The events at the summit are broadly segregated as,

1)ACT 3.0, the conference. Aspire Create Transform
2) Workshops, covering a range of subjects aimed at empowering the leaders of tomorrow.
3)Novatia, A premier B-Plan competition of India where top-notch innovators are given an opportunity to present their business models to a panel of experts from various industries. Novatia has 2 categories: Social and Enterprise.
4)Hackathon-Winners will be awarded cash prize and other goodies.
5)Events – Aimed to provide real life simulation of entrepreneurial challenges to the thinkers of tomorrow.
6)Startup Expo-India’s reputed startup hiring and internship talent acquisition platform. A common place for all the leading startups from the country as well as a pool of talented candidates. Attendees have a chance to work at leading startups. Startups have an opportunity to recruit from the best of talents. Venture capitalists come across promising startups of India.
Visit www.coalescence.in today and register for the B Plan contest(Novatia) with your own idea, showcase your skill and vision to the world.
Email us at – info@coalescence.in

Vijay Kumar

About the Position:
· You want to build engaging and interactive user experiences.
· You love to code.
· You love to present your solutions to your team and to customers.
· You know multiple programming languages.
· You understand Windows and Linux networking.
· You own a Laptop and an iPad or another next generation Tablet.
· You like to Travel.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
· Build software applications to be deployed on the web, mobile devices or on the cloud
· Troubleshoot various networking issues
· Develop engaging User Experiences
· Manage their own projects, time and customer relationships professionally
· Keep their Architect and Project Lead updated as to their project status
· Is capable of working from home and has a capable work-from-home environment

Vijay Kumar

Create Test Cases, Test Plans, Tap Sequences and Test Reports for cloud and mobile solutions
Coordinate and execute Manual test activities
Design, develop, execute and report the results of Test Automation scripts for cloud and mobile solutions
Direct customer interaction (identify, negotiate, document, resolve, close customer tickets)
Troubleshooting customer tickets in a mobile/cloud landscape with the appropriate tools
- mobile/cloud UI
– Server side
Develop and follow standard operating procedures
Work with product team on developing support documentation
IMPORTANT – Work late shifts

Rinu Sam

I am planning to start a small food processing business in Bangalore; food such has Lebanese Bread & Croissant. Right now it’s in initial stage (Idea & Passion), I need someone who I can trust as a partner and do market study for me in Bangalore as I am working outside India.

Person should be young a go getter and passion to achieve in Life and trust worthy. If anyone is interested please contact me on rinu747@gmail.com and Skype Rinu.sam.thomas

Prathyusha Hari

We at (Weown.in) are looking for a content writer/editor, 1-3 yrs experience, Excellent English language skills, Strong writing and editing skills, proficiency in MS office, good oral and written communication skills. Location: Bangalore. Please send in your resumes to happy.hs@weown.in

Aysha Sanam

Treatcard, a recently launched food discount card company in Bangalore, is looking for part time college interns/ freshers /graduates from colleges to join as interns to do offline marketing and sales. We are looking for someone who is energetic and has great communication skills. They will be working with leading restaurants in Bangalore. For more details please FB inbox me or email us at aysha@treatcard.in
You can check out the company details at www.treatcard.in

Pankaj Bansal

We are startup based in 1st block, Koramangala, Bangalore. We are 5 member team right now. 2 Co-founders and 3 interns. One co-founder is a proper techie from VJTI, Mumbai and I am a CA, FRM and CFA. We are looking for one more tech co-founder to have stability in the team. Working on the product since the last 4-5 months. We are planning to go live with the MVP in the third week of June. If anyone is interested, drop your e-mail id or contact no.

Sudarshan Narayan

Marketing and branding activities including Social Media Administration (Blogs/Postings, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Pinterest & etc)
Event Planning, Preparation, Coordination, & execution
Coordination with PR agencies and content for PR
Documentation and presentations
CRM , Market research and Business development – partners, B schools, startups

Rahul Thakur

We are looking out for an advisor with expertise in automobile industry for startup
Anyone interested?

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