Arvind Krishnamurthy

Can anyone help me understand the business model of Coupondunia and their revenue streams…??

Rounak Agarwal

Hi guys, I have started a cashback/coupons/deals website. I want to provide my users their cashback in the form of their mobile recharge.
i have searched for mobile recharge API providers but they are very costly. Is their any free mobile recharge API provider ?

David Neil

A lot of People I see here come with a strange Status I want to start a startup but I dont know what to start , any ideas ? I am So pissed Off with that Question because , we as entrepreneurs burn our days and hours together to bring out a service or a product that matters to people which hardly gets noticed .. we thrive , sustain the market pressure to bring a Identity to our efforts and these so called no Idea Guys come with a simple yet blunt status , ANY IDEASand What surprises me is people commenting on it saying – start a restaurant , start a Food chain, Start an App… What is this Guys? Its not even a market research.People who are not clear with their goals and visions try to humiliate us by asking such kind of Dumb questions online… Next time guys.. Please have a dream , atleast an idea of your own , read , write , research and then start digging information -not .digging opinions.

Abhishek Singh

The Biggest Annual Summit on Entrepreneurship in eastern India- Bihar Entrepreneurship Summit ( ) is being organized on 21st of March’15 in Patna and is being inaugurated by Hon. Chief Minister, Sri Nitish Kumar. Young and Aspiring minds, Students, Entrepreneurs, Academician, Seed funds, Angel investors, Banks, Government, Experts, Mentors are welcome to participate, involve and avail immense ‘world of opportunities’ and Partner in Making An Enterprising Bihar. Please register at : or Call BEA state manager Mr. Niraj Gupta on +91-8252-11-2010

Kunal Kankariya

Heading to Bangalore today, are their any events for startups being held tomorrow? Got some free time before my scheduled meetings.

Shivankit Arora

As an entrepreneur, how can we solve this root problem of a grave situation?

There is a 10 year old boy who lives in a village in a one room house with his 4 siblings and parents.
His father comes drunk to home, takes his mother and beats her for a nonsense XYZ reason.
Sometimes, he harasses her sexually in front of children. The mother cries,feels the pain but again gets okay the next day.
The boy sees that he is given more importance than his sister who is not allowed to go to school and is frowned upon.

This boy grows up to believe that women are men’s property, who are meant to be exploited and that women will always be inferior to men.

He goes out, teases girls, beats them, fucks around and sometimes becomes a serial rapist. To him, raping is perfectly as he knows other men who do the same and have been doing this for a long time.

How do we address this problem? What all levels do we need to work on?


Harsha Mv


Who is looking for Freelancer? (Oct 2014)

If you have a fixed work, or project to be done, post your requirement here as comments. Any other freelance related posts will be deleted.

Nimesh Mathur

Based on requests from many group members, we are starting a thread dedicated to co-founder hiring.

[a] If you’re looking for a co-founder, post it here as comments.
[b] Do NOT comment here for any non co-founder job post. PLEASE. respect time of fellow group members. The ones not adhering to rules will be banned.

Pankkaj Yadav

IoT Based Start up:

I am planning to start my own venture. We have a small talented team initially( Anjan Paul & Prajit Agrawal ).

Looking for Angel investors to invest 1 crore and above in Bangalore based start up. Need your help to connect to the investors who are interested in Internet of things (IoT) based Embedded Device. Business projection shows a valuation of around 100 Crore in 2 years.

I want help from the experienced people in this group and financially by investing as shareholders and investors.

I have a business idea that can change a lot of lives. I am looking for investors to fund this idea. Have a few questions as I am a noob and just stepping into the world of entrepreneurship.

1) Where to find investors?
2) How to safeguard my interests? How to prevent the investor from using my idea elsewhere?
3) How to present a case?
4) What sort of terms and conditions will ensure a win-win for both the investor and me?
5)What are the things a investor looks in a start up ?
6) What they expect from the start up ?
7)What are the documents and agreements required from the co-founders at the time of getting the investment from the start up ?
8)What is a typical relationship between an entrepreneur and investor?
9)What are the factors that influence funding?
10)What is an investor psyche?

These questions might be very basic, but since I mentioned earlier, I am a novice in this field and want guidance in the right direction. Please PMIT with experts who can guide me in this matter.

Vignesh Jayaprakash

I wanted to startup a Pre-owned Cars Portal, should I register it as Private Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership. I seriously have no clue what goes here… please help me!! TIA

Troy Erstling

Has anyone hired any remote workers from outside of India? If so, how did you pay them?

Srinivas Cuddapah

any intelligent desktop/laptop search apps ?

Mahesh Narwani

where to apply for free tollfree number ? any suggestions

Anima Choudhary

I have a startup for selling exquisite jewellery online. My target customers are working women. What are the free channels I can use to increase popularity of my page. Website is work in progress.



Get the right look in any event with optimum mix of designer accessories. From long earrings to broaches to hairpins the options are limitless.
Yash Kotak

TLDR: Built tech news app useful to entrepreneurs. Need feedback from beta users!

As an entrepreneur working in the IoT (smart switches) space, I frequently face a problem keeping pace with new developments in the space. I have to spend an hour or two daily reading blogs and articles to keep track of new products/technologies.

To solve this problem, we have made Shortr, a mobile app that shows news on niche topics in technology in 50 words. Topics range from Smart Switches to AngularJS to Bitcoin and users have the freedom to follow and suggest specific topics. The next time a new development happens in the topic of your choice, you will be notified about it in 50 words. We quote the source so you can even check out the complete article from the app if it interests you.

We are looking for avid readers of tech news as beta users, which I believe many tech entrepreneurs are. These users will have a big say in how the app evolves. If you are interested, please sign up for our beta at



Shortr is a mobile app that allows you to follow your favorite topics in tech and get short updates of 50 words whenever anything new happens!
Janardhan Pashupati

Launching a new restaurant in Nagarbhavi, having a hard time finding reliable staff. Is there any way in which I could find reliable outlet staff?

Vikas Das

Suggest an accounting software which can be maintained by multiple people from various locations (Over internet). Should be cheaper and open-source.

Ram Mannepalli

Do you need an app for that?

Pratham Singh

We are live now!!!

We are pleased to announce that our new website is live and ready for the world to view. We would like to invite you to take a look! We also ask that you share this with your friends, and your feedback is appreciated.
Deebowl Team!

Chandan Ravishankar

Any one using SMSLane services for transactional sms? Need some feedback.

Irum Ruqiya

Hi guyz, I am looking for suggestions on an idea.
How would you respond to an App that deals solely with events to do in your city. And also what user action would you most require or look for in the app ?TIA

JeEt DAloneboy

how to eCommerce people finds their customer’s address to deliver things. is there any software available to locate the address or just by calling and asking the client they deliver. ?

Suresh Parimi

I have submitted my idea to startup village in kerala almost 4 months back and yeaterday I received a feed back saying idea is selected for start up village and asking for agreement. As i am currently in USA for next one month I am looking for some one who can handle this until I reach bangalore, on behalf of me.

What the idea is :

Anout online education system

So what I am looking for :
Some one who can be a co founder and highly technical in developing websites and handling hosting and cloud based environments

You must be a startup lover, Have time to invest in developing the idea to proto type and bring it in live too :)

Please PM me if some one sees interest in this to discuss further.

Vinit Bhansali

This is an strong and interesting way to resolve your idea into a business!

Carol Pinto

Looking for some help in app marketing on social media? Anyone who has marketed apps on facebook and other platforms?

Krishna Shastry

Dear friends, could you kindly recommend good sites/apps to create online coupons which I can easily generate and send to selected customers? Later I should be able to mark those coupons as ‘used’ when the customers come and redeem the prize/offer. Thanks in advance.

Note: My volume is very low, maybe 20-30 per month.

Geetika Gahlot

Hi there, any Startup working on Safety apps ?

Nimesh Mathur


Talents available this month (November 2014). In line with who is hiring, Freelance work, I think it is good to start Talent Available this month. People who are looking for opportunity, change, job, freelance work, contract, etc can list themselves here.

+ Mention your field of expertise, year of experience (if any), preferred location (remote okay) and contact details.

+ If you want to remain anonymous, follow the link and add a comment as anonymous. But do mention your email id, for people to contact you.

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