Joyjeet Sarkar

Just an FYI for people building mobile Apps. Look at Its really awesome.

Vineetha Tripathi

Hi! Guys. Need some advice from you all. We are an ecommerce start-up and have an office setup at a coworking space. We were assured that TIN will be issued to if we apply from their we went ahead and applied for TIN..after two visits of the vat officer and the commissioner…our application is still not approved because they say it has a common entrance and hence cant issue vat..
Need to know if anyone who is working out of a coworking space has got a TIN no…and wat to do in such a case…
I have an appointment with him tomorrow…and I have no clue what to do now…

Subhendu Panigrahi

Any BBSR startups or entrepreneurs from Orissa?

Avinash Avi


We are looking for agencies or people specialized in recruiting EMBEDDED engineers.

I have tried few consultancies but no use !!

Thanks a lot!


Amit Misra

Hello members,

By now you all know that Flipkart and Myntra both have shut down their mobile website to give a push to their app. Thank to Neeraj M who tipped about it. While there is a mixed feeling among internet users about the development, we are trying to tap how do YOU see the move as, end of the day, YOU are keeping Flipkart and Myntra in business by making purchases. It’s doesn’t matter what they felt and how, its what YOU feel and WHY. Request you to participate in the POLL in scores and make your voice reach to, so called analysts, sitting at Flipkart and deciding how WE should shop. The idea is not to promote anything but consolidate buyers view on the recent move. Thank you for reading and participating.

Will Flipkart's Decision To Shut Down Its Mobile Website Result In Favour ?  I [POLL] ..............

Will Flipkart's Decision To Shut Down Its Mobile Website Result In Favour ? I [POLL] ..............

Will eCommerce giant Flipkart's decision to shut down mobile website affect the 231 million Indian internet users? can it afford to do so ?
Harsha Mv


Who is looking for Freelancer? (Oct 2014)

If you have a fixed work, or project to be done, post your requirement here as comments. Any other freelance related posts will be deleted.

Kranthi P

Do you guys know of any phone payment gateway system? By phone I don’t mean app. Imagine a customer sees a product on a site. To order it, he calls up a phone number, ivr prompts him to enter the product code and then credit /debit card details followed by authentication. Is there any payment gateway that provides such a facility?

Satendra Pratap

Hi guys, we want to handle payments from international customers for our saas product. Could anyone please share their experience on following points:
- We want to use Stripe so we need to register our company in US/UK etc. Do we need to register our company in India as well ?
- is there any other payment gateway (than Stripe) which provides automatic credit card billing (periodically based on plan) for a company registered in India?

Subhendu Panigrahi

Any Davangere people out here. Doing another all women #hackathon at Davangere. Let me know.

Harsha Mv

Introducing Bangalore Startups on Slack! Connect Live with the fellow members!

You can talk about #design #dev #jobs #feedback #funding

We are testing how this works with only 100members! Its based on first come first serve and your Intro on why you deserve an access!

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Nimesh Mathur


Talents available this month (November 2014). In line with who is hiring, Freelance work, I think it is good to start Talent Available this month. People who are looking for opportunity, change, job, freelance work, contract, etc can list themselves here.

+ Mention your field of expertise, year of experience (if any), preferred location (remote okay) and contact details.

+ If you want to remain anonymous, follow the link and add a comment as anonymous. But do mention your email id, for people to contact you.

Nachiketh Rao

Hi Folks,
I wanted to know if there will be any issues in taking a house on rent and converting it to an office space in Bangalore. I have heard different opinions from different people which is making it a little confusing. Commercial office spaces are pretty expensive including the likes of Regus etc. We need an office space for about 5 people with some spare space available to setup a lab. So if anyone is doing something similar, please let me know! Cheers.

Piyush Gupta

Why is hiring for Startups so difficult.

Any guidance on how we can improve on it

Sushant Panda

The Associate Beauty Editor, will work closely with the team to generate ideas and content for Beauty features of our platform. This is a key role for a hands-on person who can seamlessly switch modes, generating winning, original ideas one minute, then taking fingers to keyboard and editing features, and crafting new posts.
You will: Generate ideas alongside other teams to conceive of dynamic, engaging content. Represent the brand at market events, Write and edit beauty content, be it on multiple platforms Collaborate on special issues and projects, whether brainstorming ideas, editing a series, or creating posts Work well under tight deadlines in a fast-paced, energetic environment.
You are: Proven: You have experience in fast-paced fashion or beauty environments as a content creator across platforms print, social and digital. An obsessive consumer: You dont just know beauty you live and breathe it, connecting the dots between product trends to conceive of meaningful recommendations.
We are an exciting in-video discovery platform. To see what our platform does go to :

Aseem Garg

Can someone tell me the importance of adding a privacy policy to an android app listing in the play store? Also, what points should be put in the Privacy Policy? TIA

Deepti Sarma

Dear All,
I am Deepti from Bangalore. I have over 6 years experience as an R&D Engineer in Nokia. Experienced as a scrum master for a team of 6 members. Worked extensively with teams in china and Europe. Introduced new practices and team work principles. I have excellent communication, presentation and people management skills. From 2014 I have been freelancing as a full time writer for various websites and magazines (part time since 2008).
I am looking for a challenging role with start ups in Bangalore. In the area of product, program management or marketing or content writing. Kindly let me know if there are any openings.
Please contact me at

Thank you!

Harsha Mv

Introducing AMA with Apurv Agrawal on Bangalore Startups on Slack!

Founder at @SquadRunApp (crowd-sourcing human judgement problems for businesses via a puzzle game app); founding member @91springboard

March 31st – 10:30pm

Apply Now!

P.S if you have already filled you would have received an invite. Contact Kartik if any issues.

Mudit Gupta

Hi are there any startups here which offer solutions related to event/concert Box Office ticketing and automated concert entry systems using turnstiles? Have an requirement for an upcoming series of concerts.

Pradeep Deva

Any Start-up Affordable Business Plan writers..!

Nehha Singh

is there any online tool that could help me in online referral tracking and set a reward system for the same?

Mayank Pratap

How many people are using parse for their app, I want to know more about approx per month costing when you have 2000 active user daily

Latika Wadhwa


Just wanted to check if you are having a client who paid you for suppose X number of words but when you check the document given to you it is almost double the words for which the work is decided . Then when you talk to the client that you told its X amount of words and payment was also made according to that but the work is almost double he started overeacting and start using uncouth language that he wont run away with the money and we dont have trust on ourselves . How to deal in this situation?

Sheetal Dand

Can anybody suggest a good and affordable restaurant management software

Harsha Mv

As entrepreneurs, we also need to stop cringing when someone calls us an entrepreneur. That word just means a business owner who takes risks. Thats who we are. We need to embrace that. Entrepreneurs arent just super successful folks in Silicon Valley or people whove failed at trying to start a company. Were mostly the giant gap in between those things and we should relish the opportunities that we create for ourselves.

Sasidhar Reddy

Online trail room – idea

nowadays many people in india are prefering online purchaes than to retailers.
may people are finding it hard to select the correct fit and best suted clothing among the lot.

i felt there is a requirement for creating a srvice which can take the snap of the customer,analyse the photo,add the appearl, generate the 3d image of it.

this will increase the customer satisfacion with the product

Anil Chhikara

Guys I just wanted to share this chat I had at 2:20 am last night with a member of this community. This is what happens when you are friendly, approachable and willing to help any fellow entrepreneur and then you get taken for granted. I renamed this member as idea is not to shame him but let everyone learn from this. ADMIN: my request is to you not to remove this as every member should know what are the limits with other members wiling to help.

Asshole: have u invested in startups that are in deep learning or synthetic biology?

Asshole: Hi Anil

Asshole: U don’t seem to respond at all

Asshole: and even Marc Andersson has time to respond back to me

Me: Pls let me sleep right now…. Will respond later

Asshole: well I am removing u off my facebook

Me: And fuck Marc Anderson

Asshole: lets connect on linkedin

Asshole: which is precisely Indians say when they hear Marc Anderssons name

Asshole: anyway good night

Asshole: and good luck

Asshole: apologies for disturbing ur sleep

Me: You need to understand that just because you are awake does not mean everyone is at this hour… You woke me up and I don’t think this is an emergency

Me: So pls don’t msg me

Asshole: well I apologize

Asshole: won’t happen again

Me: Hope so!

Soubhagya Ranjan

I want to start a online deals website.
Can anyone tell me what are the legal requirements needed ?
And give me ur thoughts if there is still a market for this ?
N do anyone have a different idea to do it in a unique manner ?

Ankit Choudhary

Hi All , I am Tech Co-founder of a failed start up( ,and a college drop out , My expertise is Web Development (PHP, HTML5, CodeIgniter etc). I am looking to join a startup .Contact Details – , 08984357182. Current Location -Hyderabad (Ready to relocate if required)

Sachin Phadkar

Looking for avenues where I can find VCs/ investors for a production house start-up. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? :)

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