Nakul Dev

We have an office space in indiranagar for rent. It’s a 3 BHK house converted into an office space along with a garage converted into a fully furnished office space. Location : indiranagar 11th main, 2 mins from 100 feet road. Get in touch for more details

Rashmi Padhy

Who is hiring? (January 2015)

Job related posts needs to added to this thread only.

Go to and do a job post. It will automatically reflect in this thread, and in the website as well.

The website ensures search traffic, and this group post gives visibility in this group.

Any job posts, not done in the right structure will be deleted without notice. The OP will also be removed from the group as a warning. (they can join again and their request will be accepted.)

Kshaunish Jaini

Okay, is looking for its Steve Woz.
Phodu ho toh apply kar lo.
Technical Wizard Needed. Should be able to handle everything.
Salary: Unashamedly Low*
Job Satisfaction: Unlimited*
If you are seriously looking to work in a Startup that’s taking off, this is it.

*Represent only present figures. I plan to go ALL Ricardo Semler on this

Subhendu Panigrahi

I want to setup a growth hacking community and have regular sessions on Wednesdays. I have been reading a lot and think that there could be sessions where we can learn from each other. We can share books, blogs and tips. What say Ankit Prakash Rashmi R Padhy Ravi Trivedi ? Have not thought about the exact format yet. Ideas please.

Puneet Goyal

Hello all,
Does anyone has done research on Food-tech start ups (Zomato, Foodpanda).. if so, could you pl ping me or share the publically available reports. Wants to know about business models, order processing and some other related topics. Thanks

Arpan Das

I am trying to set up a Current Bank Account for my startup. But you know the complications associated with current account. So, can anyone suggest me a bank with opens a current account with only partnership deed (without trade license)…

Bhavya Mathur

Hey guys to be able to start up a chocolate bar production factory .. How does one go about it? What are the costs involved and how does one raise money if he has none! Please advise.. Is it a very hard industry to get into? Have an idea for a chocolate bar and really interested in manufacturing..

Prakhar Goel

hi everyone, we are planning for a new clothing related startup, and need investment for the same. The ideas that we have come up with, focuses on changing the meaning of clothing, revolutionizing the world of fashion. We have already conducted surveys and have got really promising results. Anyone interested please contact, we can discuss the idea in detail.

Aman Goel

Can someone here help in registering a firm in Singapore.

Suraj Shetty

Which Payment Gateway has the lowest transaction charges with respect to payments made via credit card ? TIA

Subramanyam Kasibhat

effective management in corporate terms mean Board meeting / Board Level Decisions or CXO / Executive Decisions or any of the two? Will a foreign company owned by Indian having all its board decisions outside India not be considered as Resident Company as per new law?

Harsha Mv


Who is looking for Freelancer? (Oct 2014)

If you have a fixed work, or project to be done, post your requirement here as comments. Any other freelance related posts will be deleted.

Vikram Garg

Hi, I am on the look out for a tech savvy as partner to start up a business venture in eCommerce. Hold on…dont jump to conclusion that this is yet another “me too venutre”. It would be better to hear out and then draw conclusion :-) pls call @ 9740722533

Madhav Saikia

I am looking for a logistic partner in Bangalore. My consignment needs tempos and minivans, not bikes.

Girish Singh

Is crowd-funding a good idea to get beta/early users?

Nimesh Mathur


Talents available this month (November 2014). In line with who is hiring, Freelance work, I think it is good to start Talent Available this month. People who are looking for opportunity, change, job, freelance work, contract, etc can list themselves here.

+ Mention your field of expertise, year of experience (if any), preferred location (remote okay) and contact details.

+ If you want to remain anonymous, follow the link and add a comment as anonymous. But do mention your email id, for people to contact you.

Prateek Gupta

Hi Friends
With a zeal of a young entrepreneur we have come up with a drink portal Highspree for those who have a soft corner for their sips and stirs. Our website allows users to search and add a drink that refreshens their tastebuds.
We seek support and contribution from enthusiasts like you who can pitch in by adding drinks on our website. Please visit to add whatever has suited your taste so far.
Suggestions and feedbacks are most welcome.
In case of any query, ping us on or write us at

Natale Danko

Bitcoin Entrepreneur and Founder of Unocoin will be dropping by BHive Koramangala tomorrow to talk about Alternative Digital Currency and how it is revolutionizing economic relations between companies and individuals.
Wanna learn more?

Attend the meetup at BHive Koramangala tomorrow Friday 6:30pm onward. More details can be found here:

Let’s Talk Bitcoin

Friday, Mar 27, 2015, 6:30 PM

BHive Workspace Koramangala
#269, 18th D Main, 6th Block, Koramangala, Karnataka 560095, Bangalore – India. Bangalore, IN

43 E.Bees (Entrepreneur Bees) Attending

With credit debit and economic strife on the rise, BHive Koramangala explores Bitcoin the world’s first open source, decentralized digital currency and payment network.With VC funding surpassing $400 Million into Bitcoin companies, it is becoming evident that blockchain technology is here to stay.Learn more about bitcoin and network with entrepre…

Check out this Meetup →

This event is in collaboration with Bangalore Startups.

Shivankit Arora

Entrepreneur psychology : How do you handle work when it gets overwhelming ? I mean we all love our work but there is a point when it goes way out of hand.
What is your say ?

Vinit Varghese

Looking forward for Initial Seed Funding for a Kickass Hosting startup. The Startup idea and Business model is Unique and is under Development. Interested friends can inbox me for a Detailed Intro.

Subhendu Panigrahi

One more request: Tech mentors needed for our all women hackathon at Cochin. Anyone interested ?

Kingsley Joseph

Looking for personal reviews/comparisons of GoJavas, EcomExpress, Delivery and other last mile service providers.

Ankita Asai

We are looking for a UI/UX designer for full time/ part time involvement based out of Bangalore on a urgent basis. Please inbox me if interested.

Sagar Garg

There are some startups which use publically available content for commercial purpose and do not make any original content…is it legal? How do they do it?

Utsav Anand

I need media coverage(blog,article.etc) for my startup
any leads would be great

Pavan Guntupalli

Hi guys,

We are theKarrier, a Bangalore based start up making your shifting experience a breeze. Empowering people with the ease of relocating is the core ideology that we, at theKarrier, seek to uphold. We are a start up trying to make a difference in the way you move your stuff, be it the refrigerator you buy on OLX or your whole household items. No more scouting and haggling for the right transportation to suit your needs because each consignment is as important to us as if it were our own.

Book your mini truck online @ or just send us Need a Karrier on Whatsapp or just call us @ 08050327147

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