Prasanth Subramaniam

We are Looking for a Co-Founder or Freelancer People to join our company to work on our start up. Pls Call me at 9789722524 or drop a mail at

Harsha Mv

Facebook Marketing – When using a video post to boost and target users. Is it better to use a YouTube Video or upload the video to Facebook directly?

When you use a YouTube link the video is shown with the text and does not utilize the complete space to display the video.

Nitin Babel

Niki is an artificially intelligent personal shopping assistant ( Our founding team is from IIT Kharagpur, and we are looking for a Backend Developer to join us in the core software development and maintenance.
We work mostly in Java and Python and object oriented concepts are a must to fit in the team. Basic eligibility criteria are:
1. Graduate/Post-Graduate in Computer Science/Mathematics/Physics or allied fields.
2. Industry experience of 2-4 years in developing scalable software.
3. Have some experience in leading a team big or small.

Preferred Qualifications:
1. Experience in prototyping, designing and implementing machine learning systems.
2. Familiarity with framework tools: spring, REST services, java server performance expertise.
3. Comfortable working within non-GUI linux shell environments. Familiarity with network concepts(subnets, topologies, sockets), OS(internals of linux kernel, memory and process management) is a big plus.
4. Familiarity with AWS products – EC2, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS, S3, EMR etc.
5. Good communication and peer networking skills.

Shardul Mohite

Hello All,

We recently opened Beta Signup for early users. My Startup Yogurt Labs is launching a mobile app to help businesses harness the power of video to raise brand awareness, increase customer engagement, create online marketing campaigns and drive sales.

Yogurt app is going to make easy for business of all sizes to create cost-effective, professional videos within few minutes with no video editing or shooting experience required.

Would like to invite you all to sign up at !

Announcing Beta Users signup — We want you

Announcing Beta Users signup — We want you

“After almost 4 months of hard work, broken neck and two wisdom teeth — We are ready “
Rajesh Ranjan

Hey, please help me out with this mystery! Got a box from google and no clues how to open it?

Navin Barathwaj

Hey guys! Chk out It’s a startup by a close friend of mine. Their idea is really unique. They intend to give jewellery to people at affordable prices on a subscription basis.
Check their landing page for more information! And help spread the word to people who you think would be interested!!
Rashmi Padhy

Who is hiring? (January 2015)

Job related posts needs to added to this thread only.

Go to and do a job post. It will automatically reflect in this thread, and in the website as well.

The website ensures search traffic, and this group post gives visibility in this group.

Any job posts, not done in the right structure will be deleted without notice. The OP will also be removed from the group as a warning. (they can join again and their request will be accepted.)

Muralidhar Padaki

By having an email id of an individual, would it be possible to know whether he/ she is on Facebook or any other social media channel? Any tools available for that?. Please help.

Sanju Kurian

Hiring- Hey guys, we are a startup based here in Bangalore. Finding it really hard to get competitive awesome developers. Whats the best practices? Consultancies and websites like hirist, indeed or monster are not helping.

Utsav Ghulati

Anyone using Shopify? How do i create sub-collections in a Shopify theme?

Subhendu Panigrahi

Anyone willing to sponsor their space for our upcoming learnup on Computer Science Fundamentals by Arvind Devaraj ? 50 + learners

Lokesh Sah

Informational Post !!

This one question answered by Mark yesterday gives an insight about the future plan of Facebook.

Shreyans Chopra

Mission and Vision
To provide a safe environment to our Advertisers/Publishers and provide brand safety to platforms both on buy/sell side when scaling up the business and meeting objectives for our publishers/advertisers.

What we do
We partner with content providers,demand players and tech platforms. Retail9 harnesses programmatic buying and selling across the ecosystem.

Why join us..?

Subsidized Food
Flexible working hours
Able to make impact in Digital Programmatic world
Immense learning opportunities
Chances to relocate/travel to SF United States

Marketing Operations Executive

Manage marketing operations on email ie sending,scheduling emails
Manage and work with Database assigned to generate maximum revenue and margins

Graduate in BE/BTech/MCA with minimum 60%
Very good written and oral communications
Good knowledge of Excel and spreadsheets
Interest in online marketing a plus
Candidates with energy passion and hardworking
Should be able to think out of the box

Marketing BD Executive

Work on managing client relationships both on buy and sell side of the business
Work on crosell and upsell opportunities to increase revenue and margin on the business
Do BD and get new advertising clients

Graduate in BE/Bcom/MBA with minimum 70%
Very good written and oral communications
Good knowledge of Excel and spreadsheets
Interest in online marketing a plus
Candidates with energy passion and hardworking
Should be able to think out of the box

Rajan Chandi

What type of healthcare benefits do you provide to employees? Do you offer health insurance? Why or why not?

Dania Gheorghe

Looking for an awesome Business Operations & Training Officer

vChalk sells remedial modules and progress tracking services for English and Math to affordable private schools in semi- and urban India. Our customers’ problem is the inability to support all children with diverse learning needs to keep up with the formal curriculum and to prevent them from falling behind. This inefficiency translates into poor learning outcomes for millions of first generation young learners, who are enrolled in a primary school, but have not achieved the minimum benchmarks for learning.

As a social business, our mission is to support a million children in schools catch up on basic English and Math skills for learning.

Main Objective of Role
Most children in India go to school. Today more than 95% of all children in the 6-14 age group are enrolled in school. Every Indian citizen pays 2% education tax to help finance primary education. But are children learning? vChalk Education is a high growth, mission driven and highly entrepreneurial organization. We are looking for our third full time employee, the Business Operations and Training Officer who will be the founders’ right hand and has a great opportunity to shape the future of vChalk. The main focus of the role is to start and continuously improve operations and lay a framework for vChalk’s pilot and later its aggressive growth. The person will ensure strong management, systems, and processes to scale our program across schools with quality. This role has a very high potential for growth inside the organization and its partners. We look for a risk-taker, proactive person who is enthusiastic about our mission and takes ownership of it.

Reports to: Daniela Gheorghe, Founder
Leads the Department: Operations & Training

Discover, implement and improve implementation strategies to ensure targets
Develop an effective support system for school-clients (parents engagement, testing, training)
Manage relationships with teachers and parents of children in grades 3, 4 and 5 in our schools
Define operations and training standards and ensure their implementation
Lead, guide and train the team of mentors, community instructors, testing team to take responsibility for and monitor the children’s progress on basic learning skills Interact and learn from our key strategic partners
Establish key performance indicators for operations and delivery activities; report Performance.

Essential qualifications/abilities:
Minimum undergraduate degree with exemplary track record
Excellent people management skills – minimum 3 years in a people management role
Excellent written and oral communication skills, fluency in Kannada and English
Knowledge of the education market (products, business models, trends)
Passion for improving educational opportunities for low-income families children
Experience evaluating programs and processes in a professional setting such as management consulting, project management or evaluation.
Comfort with regular travel to schools in Bangalore and small towns around.
Familiarity with technology (hardware, software, terminology).

This is a full time role starting 15th July 2015 for an undetermined period. Remuneration: as per market rates in education companies.

To apply: Contact Daniela Gheorghe at or call +91 8861025471 to schedule an interview. The application process involves a few steps that will be detailed via email.

Rohit Shroff

Hi guys, We just launched Holidify App for Travelling in India – It will be great if you can have a look and give suggestions.

Target Audience: If you are a regular traveller and you keep looking for new places, you should find this app quite useful. You can also find travel guides for more than 800 places on this app with 5000+ points of interest.



Arvind Sharma

He is on #dope once again…or Marketing strategy ?
Community …Your Views please ?

Bhopal Singh Bodana

Does anyone knows about some green startups in India. Heard of Nurturing Green.Any insights about the company?

Hemant Singh

Hey awesome folks!
What’s your go-to-market strategy for SaaS products for international markets, and what was the thinking behind it?

I know this is a very broad question and I should be more specific, but I believe a broad discussion will help everyone and maybe then we can go into specifics :)

Ravi Shirurkar

Can someone throw light on the customer acquisition strategies of fastest grown apps like instagram?

Karthik Prasad

What do you think are the top 5 challenges, a typical technology driven service based startup faces today – Views from founders will be appreciated

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