Harsha Mv

What are the top 5 SEO tasks you check off you do when you launching a product?

Chetan Khaitan

Is an MBA study really required to take your startup a long way. What are the problems which entrepreneurs normally come across while scaling up the business ??

Sanjeev Bhuttan

Hi, I’m looking for an intern for a market research/ data based project in the Indian fitness and sports industry.
Please message me, if interested. Thanks

Akhil Gopalakrishnan

I am looking to sell my magento based ecommerce portal .
Features: 1) Multi-vendor support
2) Hosted on a semi-dedicated server.
3)128 bit SSL
4)Payment gateway integrated.
5)Trademarked logos
6)Seller Account in Snapdeal for the products.
A facebook page with 15000 likes, twitter, instagram pages will also be transfered. While buying if you require additional customizations, we can provide that too.
Reason for sale : Partner fallout.
I want the site to be in good hands. So if anyone is seriously pursuing ecommerce drop a message or comment your mail id for details.

Srinivas Shiv

#kill the competition

OLA all set to buy out TAXI FOR SURE for $ 200 million..

Tanveer Haq

Hi friends.
I’m looking for a mentor, preferably from food processing industry or from manufacturing field.
I’m getting into canning of fresh fruits, primarily cherry, peach, apricot, Pear etc.
Given that most of the guys on this page are from technology startups, I would be happy taking inputs from u as well. I’m from IT too…..an ex Infosys guy.

Rakesh Agarwal

I am looking for volunteers who would like to sign-up for our Dev SDK that is getting rolled in few weeks,

Developers or startups who are building pure content apps .

As well as content creators who are sitting on loads of content to be htmlized and showcased via apps.

Niam Itani

Hiring Customer Support Engineers for a video conference technology US Startup in Bangalore. 1-2 years of experience in networking/technical support with CCNA or MCSE certification is ideal. Write to Careers@redstringglobal.com for more details!

Rajat Shahi

AskMentor Student Ambassador.
Be a part of AskMentor, represent us at your school/college/university level.
Apply here: http://goo.gl/MDqDwj

Karan Nagarajan

Looking for a Community Manager/Content Engagement/Social Media Marketer. Mostly Freshers! https://t.co/kFggps3TCL

Abhishek Barari

Hi Guys, one of our friends just asked to help them find co-occupants for an office they want to get. They are ready to rent it in their name if they have the co-occupants for it. The office is in Koramangla and they are planning to give out the desks at just Rs. 3k per desk. If you are interested please connect with them here: https://mycuteoffice.com/space/coming-soon-co-working-space-upscale-business-district-koramangala-bangalore

Chaitanya Setti

I am looking for a Cordova developer who has some ionic framework experience along with angular js , CSS etc for an mobile based hybrid application for a startup product. Please message me with your details I will setup an interview. I look for the skillset than a degree.

Shankar CT

Website for sale : www.Credibli.com (credibility rating website)
Pm for details

Kunal Arora

Website for sale : Hastalavista.in
Pm for details :)

Sadiq Ahmed

Is anyone here from Digital marketing and SEM side, i need help. TIA

Smriti Singh

Hello All!! I am looking for some startups who are working on digital marketing /web analytics for marketing activities (customer segmentation, channel preference , online campaign management etc) .Basically I need to know what all marketing solution can be provided and what tools and analytical skills are required for web analytics. I know its being very general question, but having not much knowledge would like to hear from you all and take suggestion for my next plans. Thanks in advance ! :) :)

Himanshu Srivastava

Have a vision,it is the ability to see the invisible,if you can see the invisible,you can achieve the impossible :)

Himanshu srivastava

Anuj Kumar

Hi Friends ,
We just launched our new product , Let know your reviews on this.

SpyD : Secure your IPHONE from being hacked in less than 60 sec. A Very SERIOUS security RISK.

Agni Chatterjee

What is the best way to structure navigation if you have wordpress blog (categories, pages , tags) , How to go about it in general , you can also point me to some article.

Rohit Jain

How to transition from an intern to employee?
How are permanent employees expected to do things differently from interns.
asking this as I am in a transition phase :)

Aditi Chadha

Members- When you work with a service provider or manufacturer do you sign anything other than a NDA? Is there a separate agreement in addition? If so could u pls specify? thx

Deepak Muraleedharan

any startup related events happening the next three days, in Bangalore, like to go and participate.

Pls ping me

Subramanyam Kasibhat

Anyone facing heat due to crash of Euro (89 Rs to 69Rs)? We are hit badly. Any suggestions of how to handle this for future?

Mahesh Narwani

how much time it will take to register a new company and how much will be required pls give detail

Vaibhav Sisinty

Ola all set to buy Taxi for sure for 1250 C, the big fight with UBER now! :D

Ankith Nazre

Hi Entrepreneurs,

We are in the phase of including slotted delivery for our grocery e-commerce. We are researching on which of the below delivery module would be preferred by a wide range of customers.
If any of 1 & 2 would work for now or should we wait and work on 3. If you have any other thoughts please share, your inputs would definitely add value.
Thanks in advance.
1. Time slot of day D+1 for delivery.
2. Day slot for the week.
3. Day and time slot. (Looking to achieve this sooner as we have a band width crunch)

Shubhradeep Nandi

I am trying to understand brick and mortar food business from scratch so if anybody who has done it and would like to share the experience about it would be of great help. Things I am looking for a) Raw material procurement excluding infrastructure related stuff (competitive price) b) Getting part time people at start-up friendly rates(cook, helper, & delivery) c) Best way to market the sellable.

Devesh Varshney

Any good free job portals you can recommend?

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