Sakthi Ganesh

Hello friends,
I am going to start steel business in bangalore.
so I want tin number for my trading business.
how do get it? And what is the procedure?

Farhan Khan

Hello Folks, I’m a Managing Partner of an asset disposal company. We have some major IT Companies as our clients. We are majorly into buying scrap assets from IT companies and also scrap complete buildings. We are planning to start an interiors business for offices with used furniture, like cubicles, chairs including used gensets, UPS’s etc.. at half the price of a new one. I want to know if there is separate registration we need to do for this or can we continue in the same name. Need your expert advice..

Thanks in advance.

Sohaan Honavar

If i want to register a pvt Ltd company can anyone help me followings

1. What are documents i need ??
2. How do i obtain DIN & how long it takes to obtain one ??
3. Where can i search for other company names to avoid name collision ??
4. What is the name format for company e.g ABC Services pvt Ltd or ABC pvt LTD ??
5. How long it takes to complete the entire process ??
6. What are necessary taxes or other certificates we need to start a software buisness ??
7. Do we need to have a permanent office or can we give home address as registered company address ??
8. How do we decide authorized capital and can we change it later ??

Last but not least
9. What is total cost involved in registering a company ??

i have done my research but i want someone who’s been there done that to give me some more guidance


Subham Bapna

Planning to launch an eCommerce, can anyone tell me what are the things which are required to begin with, I mean : What sort of registrations to be done? What are some things which I should keep in mind before I begin with.

Additionally : Will it be fine if I go with a domain without SSL Encryption?

P.S : I’m going to be based on OpenCart, so what would be some good payment gateways which I should use?

Suryasnata Mohapatra

A friend of mine wants to start a boutique dealing with women’s clothing/accessories and is looking for wholesalers from Bangalore/Mumbai/Delhi. Also open to importing from Bangkok/China provided pricing is decent.Any one can share any info/pointers? – TIA

Fayez Huss

I’m bringing aboard a Digital marketeer in my Start-up.
And I want to do NDA with him. Please let me know how to go about it..
What clauses I should include, where to get it done from and all that…
Please help..

Harsha Mv

How hard is it to Transfer iOS apps from an Individual Apple Developer account to an Company Apple Developer Account.

P.S have an apple account and opening the Company account with DUNS will take a months time and want to submit the app for review and get it online and later transfer it to my company developer account.

Pratham Singh

We are going to launch our eCommerce portal on coming weekend….now we have to do marketing /advertisement for this. Can you guys please suggest us like:-

Where we have to mention our story?
Where we have to write a blog?
Where we have to registered?
Which forum will be helpful for us?
What are all various ways to do advertisement/marketing?

Any lead will be appreciated!


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Priyanshu Mittal

Hey Guys, I am looking for a few startups to join our organization in the pool campus drive intiative that we are looking to conduct in multiple colleges of India.

Pls share your contact no’s. So that we can get in touch and take it forward.

Startups interested in promoting themselfes can also come on board.

You will not be charged anything for registering your startup with our program.

Consultants are also welcome!!

Abhinandan NM

This looks interesting.

Find Journalists that want to write about you. We use machine learning to analyse what Journalists like to write about and help you build relationships with them.

Guhesh Ramanathan

This is a request from the Economic Times: please read below and send in your questions!

Greetings from The Economic Times! We will have a few reporters approach the government to ask questions on behalf of startups. If you are a startup in Bangalore what are the issues that you face with the state government? The questions will all be anonymous. Please let me know if you can get back by 11 tomorrow!

CA Pulkit Sharma

Once upon a time on this forum I talked about writing about an E-book regarding accounting and legal complaince one need to take care (Startups).
However writing a requires lot of time and close the door for further discussion.
I have put the parts of book which were completed on tikshare.

You can read them here

Startups and Entrepreneurs guide to accounting and legal compliance - Business & Economy -...

Startups and Entrepreneurs guide to accounting and legal compliance - Business & Economy -...

Startups and Entrepreneurs guide to accounting and legal compliance
Satya Mehta

Friends, Need #Help and #Reviews

Just finished an #Exclusive family social media
with features like
* Mob App
* Chat App
* Family tree
* Customized Timelines and Filters
* Printable Family statistics, ad downloadable .csv Files
* Scheduled Posts and input toolbar for #Vernacular #Indian Languages

Harsha Mv


Who is looking for Freelancer? (Oct 2014)

If you have a fixed work, or project to be done, post your requirement here as comments. Any other freelance related posts will be deleted.

Ashok Subramanian

March 2015 : Question for the coffee cup: How long do you bootstrap? And when would you seek funds? If so, how much. Lets pick our coffee mugs and brains! Join us. Details below.

Suraj Pandey

Hi Guys any one is going tomorrow in coffee conversation meetup and pitch eve event in indira nagar from Btm please let me know or be in touch.

Vivek Nair

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Bookthefield Play

Wanted WordPress developer with knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP, javascript.
Should be comfortable with integrating SMS gateways, payment gateways and google APIs.
Candidates from Computer Science Background preferred.

Vijith Quadros

With a slow and steady uprising in home made gourmet food, any start-up/s dealing with this particular sector of home made gourmet food of any sorts ?

Vivek Puri

We have launched a new website and store builder software at Please signup and provide us your feedback.

Ajay Dwivedi

Indian companies moved to Singapore to avoid the Angel Tax. But the new budget provisions which state that if the Place Of Effective Management (for even a single day) is in India, that company would become tax resident in India.

So most probably any funds raised by them above their valuation would again be treated as income as per Indian laws. Also, since it is a foreign company, it would have to pay the highest tax rate of (40% Tax + 5% surcharge ~ 42%) on them.

Now what?

Rajesh Ranjan

Interesting stuff! How is this startup Magic making so much news? Techcrunch has already covered it a few times, within 2 days they received 17000 texts. Also it’s not a very unique idea or technology. Startups like Taskrabbit and postmates already exist. And then I saw their website, absolutely no UI design, nothing.
Looking for some expert views on this!

Janani Bala

What is the right method to hire few helpers for our jewelry design business. Education is not a constraint and we prefer women who can actually help making the products as they are handmade. Where do I go looking for them? Any recruiters here who deal with these kinda opportunities?

Sheetal Dand

Looking for a good mentor to support me with my new startup Chicken Connection. Can anybody suggest how to find a mentor from food industry.

Dheeraj Reddy

Salesforce developer with programming skills, preferably Java or any other programming language.
You will be working for the leading companies with big brand names in the world,
will be part of the growth of the company so will be exposed to all verticals of the business

Cariappa Ck

Has anyone used to raise money? What are the regulations / tax implications in using crowd funding platforms. Pls educate.


Shobhit Mathur

Email migration pangs!!! Have you, or known anyone, who have migrated their domain and email contents from to GMail such that the email ids remain the same? That is should move from being hosted on to …

Setting up the email domain in gmail and setting MX is straight forward. But we also need to find a way to migrate the data (old emails till the date of migration, contacts etc) to the new gmail account. In Google’s account settings, its not letting allowing us to proceed with the import because the email ID’s are the same.


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