Bhupendra Pandey

Anyone have used Materailzed View in Mysql on multiple table..or flexviews …plzz help..

Raghava Rcap

Are you Looking for Investment &Tax Benefit?
We provide best plans for savings and returns based on your needs.
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Venkat S

Anyone looking for taking over successfully running business in Bangalore ? Please contact me for details .

Basab Goswami

Just Posting an IDEA. Please comment…

E Commerce websites gives discount at different times. We are always not prepared for this. Suppose take an example of flight ticket. I am planning for vacation to Goa on the month of March 20th-22nd. Now I do not know if any airline will give discount at those dates. If I book ticket now then going forward if any discount is given in the coming one month I may end up paying more money.So I will partially book a ticket now(block a ticket paying the money I wish to) and the application will run through all this month and monitor flight ticket price. If it finds any discount less than the money I paid then application will reject the previous ticket and book the new one. The only condition being I SHOULD buy form that e eCommerce site only and willing to pay all the processing fees and the cancellation charges if I opt out from that site.

This IDEA can be applied to all eCommerce sites.

Akhil Gopalakrishnan

I am looking to sell my magento based ecommerce portal .
Features: 1) Multi-vendor support
2) Hosted on a semi-dedicated server.
3)128 bit SSL
4)Payment gateway integrated.
5)Trademarked logos
6)Seller Account in Snapdeal for the products.
A facebook page with 15000 likes, twitter, instagram pages will also be transfered. While buying if you require additional customizations, we can provide that too.
Reason for sale : Partner fallout.
I want the site to be in good hands. So if anyone is seriously pursuing ecommerce drop a message or comment your mail id for details.

Rahul Aswani

Hi all,
this is for #Entrepreneurs #mentors #investors

Is it a right thing to do to call your startup as

linked in for this
Whatsapp for that
Uber for that

I do get the point that its easy to relate to but

What i am trying to say is, ia it good to take someone elses support to pitch in your startup
I don’t like this personally

i feel one should be able to explain his startup without making a reference

What’s the communities view on this ?

Sidharth Dugr

Anyone already started to use #Amazon WorkMail ? O.o
Does $4/month/user sound good or do we have cheaper alternates?

Devesh Varshney

What are the few key differences between ruby on rails & php platform?

If you had build something like an Online Ordering website – what would you prefer and why? Thoughts?

Thanks in advance! :)

Ravi Jain

I want to migrate my HTML blog to WP. Can anyone help?
blog url:

Mayank Pratap

Should I pay 2% TDS or 10% TDS for IT services business

Utsav Roy

I am currently a college student and i am looking for a mentor to guide me and teach me about the IT industry and preferably start ups in their free time.
Different fields inside IT that i can focus on and the programming languages that i should learn to give me edge over others.

Mohit Mamoria

[Note: This is an experiment. If successful, I'd do it every week.]

Weekend’s coming. I want to spend this one helping people from this helpful community. I’ve always found help whenever I asked. Now, it’s my turn.

How may I help you this weekend? :)

(Eg. Teach me something new about building APIs, Your insights about on-boarding new users, How to setup server architecture on AWS, Write a blog post for us, Review our product, etc anything)

Rohit Jain

How to transition from an intern to employee?
How are permanent employees expected to do things differently from interns.
asking this as I am in a transition phase :)

Devesh Varshney

Any good free job portals you can recommend?

Mathew Maniyamkott

Have a few questions for this community. It’d be great if there are replies :D It seems there is something called eco-score that can help a company in the form of tax concessions by the government.

How does your company do the following: a. Reduce carbon footprint in your business. b. Energy saving activities in your business. c. Eco friendly activities while marketing your business. d. Promotional activities to your customers to be eco-friendly.

Thanks in advance.

Monami Bhattacharya

Hello folks. If you run a IT startup, I’m interested in learning about your current challenges with fringe services, like documentation and testing. How you’re addressing them now? Thanks!

Atul Nagpure

Hello ,
Can anyone please help me on to do tie up with banks to make EMI facility available to our customers?
Also would like to understand when e-commerce company says that use X bank credit/debit card and get 10 % discount ? How does it work ? Who is responsible for giving discount?
We run a e-commerce start up , an online store for beads and fashion jewelry needs.
Thanks in advance.

Chetan Khaitan

Is an MBA study really required to take your startup a long way. What are the problems which entrepreneurs normally come across while scaling up the business ??

Ashwin Shetty

hello… anyone here can help me with a seller for tablets in bulk . bluetooth, decent RAM and basic camera will do for me. im looking to order big. TIA

Murali Krishna

Hey Guys! We are expanding the Beta test for our app – Madzz beyond our Friends and Families! This is limited to Bangalore only and would love to get all your feedback. Also, this is open only till tomorrow. Please message me and I’ll send across the link. You can check out the app preview in the attached image.

CA Pulkit Sharma

Hi Guys,

Testing lot of SEO stuffs on site. Finally after testing everything and analysing what ranks well on our site. Our SEO Guru has come up with all the methods we tested.
Please give it a try whether this post make it to the first page. If anything missed add here.
Delete if it breaks the rules.

The perfect SEO tips for your blog and your website - Computers And Technology - Internet - TikShare

The perfect SEO tips for your blog and your website - Computers And Technology - Internet - TikShare

The perfect SEO tips for your blog and your website
Srinivas Shiv

Innovation: Key to success and survival for Startups.

How do you hire the top talents from premier institute like IIT , IIM, NIT and other top private colleges into Startups .

What is the best process to follow.

We (founders) already have decades of experience in IT with various industry / domain knowledge , we need fresh young talent who we can groom to make some awesome products .

We are into Car Rentals (outstation, airport , office cab share etc) and Hospitality (aggregator of hotels/resorts/home stays etc) .

Devan Proj

Here is a basic version of a idea I have been working on. I wanted to get feedback on:
1) The various use cases I have tried to address – is it useful or not?
2) Other companies/apps which are doing similar solutions
3) How to go about making people use this or popularising it?
4) Try using the basic version and how does that look
You could either write it as a comment/feedback link/mail me @

Also, in that process I am planning to write whatever I have learned during the process of implementation as a facebook page.

Hope this page is helpful

Brightboard White board Clean|Collate|Collaborate

Capture your white board, notes, written text, clean them. Collate multiple such notes in a presentation or video. Collaborate and share them in real time with your collegues and friends
Shreenath Rao


An exciting opportunity for talented UX/UI professionals to join a young and vibrant start-up based out of Bangalore. Our product (which is also called ‘Viamagus’)simplifies the way businesses and individuals build their online presence. Our cloud tools help you build highly customisable websites & portfolios, blogs, landing pages, custom forms and more in a completely code-free manner.

You will play the lead role in UX/UI designing for the Viamagus Platform.

* Must LOVE design & obsess over the minutest details!
* Should have the ability to analyze the requirements, visualise work-flows and come up with creative UX solutions.
* Ability & desire to innovate, design & simplify the user experience is a must.
* Expert at tools like Photoshop/GIMP. Knowledge of Adobe creative tools is an added plus.
* Proven project experience with designing & developing desktop/mobile UI/UX, Look & Feel, cross browser solutions
* Good knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & Javascript libraries is a plus
* Self starter & problem solver, with a positive attitude

Job Perks:
* Best in industry salary (3 to 6 Lakhs)
* Stock options for deserving candidates
* Fun filled, fast paced atmosphere


Viamagus is a SaaS product startup with a kick ass product for simplifying the way businesses and individuals build their online presence, communicate and do business online.


Viamagus is a product startup that is working towards simplifying the way businesses and individuals go about building their online presence, communicating and doing business online.
If you are looking to join a passionate team in a fast paced environment, and have the desire to learn and grow quickly, Viamagus is the place for you. No corporatey stuff, no red tape, flexible timings.
What’s in it for you?
* As an early member, you get to be part of the core team
* Be part of a company that is chasing down a HUGE market!
* Be part of a company where your opinions count (whether it is regarding dinner locations, design/workflow suggestions or interesting product feratures)
* Swift development cycles – so you can see your contributions in production very quickly
* Tremendous opportunity to learn, high level of ownership and freedom to execute
* Discuss ideas, startups, sports, movies & politics over coffee
* Wear shorts to work if you like, and more!

Johnson Joseph

Attention: Mobile App developers & designers

Our partner who is organizing events in Singapore and Hong Kong for app developers and designers on behalf of an MNC. Number of attendees will be limited and all those who get selected to attend will be compensated.

You may want to register on TechieBazaar for receiving further information about the program in a few days. Alternatively, you may keep checking TechieBazaar for updates.

Abhishek Jain

We are gaming focussed start-up which is up and running since last two years. We are looking to expand in pop-culture based e-commerce venture and are looking to develop a content dominant interface. A team of IITians – dedicated and open minded founders.

Chellakumaran Ramasamy

We are thinking to take the Android app we have developed to its consumer through OEM of mobile phones. Any idea what an OEM will charge for pre-loading an app?

Praveen Pavithran


The pre-launch landing page of our Internet of Cars company is here Please take and I would appreciate if you would participate in the survey.

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