Yakin Shah

I am looking for someone to join my startup as a partner. Investments maynot be required, as we have few prospective investors on pipelines, which are my existing great clients.

The one who can be my prospective partner should be sound with:
Social media marketing, drive campaigns and initiatives virally, loves Facebook, linkedin, google+, twitter etc…
One should be very good in English, and has pulse of business in his blood or veins.

If you are one, please ping me.

Prashant Sahdev

Hello guys,
We are a team of 5 students from IITs ready with our startup idea and required skillset. But after deep analysis of our product we found that it needs some seed funding. Please suggest how to approach for investors for that purpose.
Thanks & Regards.

Harsha Mv


Who is looking for Freelancer? (Oct 2014)

If you have a fixed work, or project to be done, post your requirement here as comments. Any other freelance related posts will be deleted.

Shivankit Arora

How much does an Indian social media influencer would cost to a company for a 2 month campaign?

Bala Girisaballa

PHP related technologies, Ability to program end-to-end applications.

Bala Girisaballa

UI Developer/Designer – HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, AngularJS.

Bala Girisaballa

Hi, Looking for UI/Web designers (HTML5/CSS/Responsive Design/Angular/JS/Jquery etc), Web developers (php based), E-commerce developers. Immediate positions – check out the company www.purplefront.com

Rashmi Padhy

Who is hiring? (January 2015)

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The website ensures search traffic, and this group post gives visibility in this group.

Any job posts, not done in the right structure will be deleted without notice. The OP will also be removed from the group as a warning. (they can join again and their request will be accepted.)

Ashish Poddar

What’s the best way to do an email campaign? How do we get authentic database of emails with some parameters such as age, occupation and city details? We want to do a targeted campaign. Which site is best for such mass marketing? Any other suggestions apart form mail chimp?

Vineetha Tripathi

Hi! Guys. Need some advice from you all. We are an ecommerce start-up and have an office setup at a coworking space. We were assured that TIN will be issued to if we apply from their premises.so we went ahead and applied for TIN..after two visits of the vat officer and the commissioner…our application is still not approved because they say it has a common entrance and hence cant issue vat..
Need to know if anyone who is working out of a coworking space has got a TIN no…and wat to do in such a case…
I have an appointment with him tomorrow…and I have no clue what to do now…

Rakesh Krishna Andey

Hi Guys !
Can you share your thoughts on why manufacturers stop manufacturing certain products although the product has good demand in market ? Is it because they have limited data about demand ? or they assume that an alternative product would do better? My question is related to electronics !

Ankit Jha

Do you guys know which operating system is used in the terminals of Reliance Fresh, Big Bazaar and other retail chains?

Subhendu Panigrahi

Attention Startups. If you are looking to hire developers, attend our Employer’s Reverse Pitch and pitch to 50 women developers. It’s a free event but invite only. We will hand pick 30 startups to pitch to the developers.


Siva Rajendran

Looking for candidates who has hands on experience in kinect,Image processing projects, graphical level

Shivankit Arora

Thoughts on whatsapp marketing for acquiring new customers for a mobile app? It is a health and wellness app.

Varun Bhaskar

Are there any core biotech / life science startups in this community ? I don’t mean software companies doing healthcare information systems and servicing the life science industry.

I mean companies that are looking at identifying new drug molecules or building predictive models in biology, DIY Biology etc.

Bookyour Ground

Important: Apply only if you are highly passionate about sales & marketing :)

(You get to work with Top b-school grads with Sales & Marketing background)

Our firm is into product development which is aiming at disrupting the current Operating model of Sports & fitness industry. We started operations in 2014 and has made significant progress in this field so far.

We are expanding Operations now and is planning to quickly cover the entire market.

The sales person will be responsible for meeting potential clients, explaining the business model and signing the deal on behalf of our firm.

Muhammad Akheel

Hiring Fresher’s- US Recruiters.We are hiring Freshers for US- Recruitment Team at Bangalore Idexcel office , There is a drive planned on Friday, 3rd April- 2015 between 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Position: US Recruiter No Of Openings: 5 Qualification: Graduates ( Any Stream) Skills: Good Communication. Please send your resume at md.akheel@idexcel.com


Hey guy, I’ve been in the start up scene for just over a year now and know how difficult it can be to get access to a niche office space. I have access to a 1232 Sqft space opposite the Leela Palace on Old Airport Road. Call Raja +91-9845496411 to know more. Cheers!

Rashmi Padhy

Who has Freelance work jobs required this month? (July 2014)

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Andreas Mahringer

Everyone in this group once asked him/herself the question of what to put into the pitch deck and what to leave out.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most prominent theories on how to structure a startup pitch, as well as some best-practice examples. Here’s an overview of the Top 14 structures which we came across and we thought we’d share with the community.

Hope this helps! :)

The Pitch ain’t got to be a Bitch!

The Pitch ain’t got to be a Bitch!

A high-level analysis offering insights into common pitch structures derived from famous startup pitches & most prominen…
Rashmi Padhy

Concerns, complains, suggestions, kudos or brickbats for the admins of Bangalore Startups.

We have been a community which has been quite transparent. However, as we have grown, there are a few cases, where the decision has not been clear, or have question on the move.

Lets have this single thread, to answer those queries.

So, please feel free to ask or share anything you have in mind.

Harsha Mv Harshit Agarwal Subhendu Panigrahi Sunny Luthra Khaleel Pasha Rosh An

Ashish Soni

I am an alumnus of IITB and currently involved with my data analytics start-up. One of our core activities is developing predictive models.

During the last couple of days, we have developed and tested a couple of predictive models. Out of these, there are two models which have resulted in encouraging results.

The first model predicts the expected returns in the commodities market and the second model predicts the outcome of cricket matches (T20 & ODI). We have tested both these models on historical datasets and the results are encouraging.

I would like to seek some opinion from the start-up community on this forum regarding potential revenue streams that we can generate around these predictive models.

Please share your feedback/suggestions.

Nimesh Mathur

Based on requests from many group members, we are starting a thread dedicated to co-founder hiring.

[a] If you’re looking for a co-founder, post it here as comments.
[b] Do NOT comment here for any non co-founder job post. PLEASE. respect time of fellow group members. The ones not adhering to rules will be banned.

Satendra Pratap

Hi guys, we want to handle payments from international customers for our saas product. Could anyone please share their experience on following points:
- We want to use Stripe so we need to register our company in US/UK etc. Do we need to register our company in India as well ?
- is there any other payment gateway (than Stripe) which provides automatic credit card billing (periodically based on plan) for a company registered in India?

Kaustav Bordoloi

Hi , I work at Exotel, a business phone system on the cloud.

With Exotel, You can setup your company’s phone number with IVR, Call hunting and call recording in minutes! It enables you to never miss a business call! No hardware and you pay only for what you use!

Please visit http://www.exotel.in to sign for a trial account with 1500 Rs worth of free credits.Alternatively,please drop a line in reply with your phone number and I will have someone call you!

PS: Earlier,companies bought an instrument called EPABX to setup their phone lines. EPABX stands for Electronic Private Automatic Bench Exchange. A vendor would configure a PRI line on this system and that’s how, you would hear something like “If you know the desired extension, please dial now or wait for operator’s assistance”. There are problems with an EPABX: If someone digs the road, the line will goes down. It won’t tell you how many calls you receive or miss. It needs power, internet, wires and landline phones. All of this takes upfront money and time. With Exotel, you don’t need to do any of this!

Cloud Telephony for Businesses - Virtual PBX, Hosted IVR, India

Cloud Telephony for Businesses - Virtual PBX, Hosted IVR, India

Exotel is India's biggest Cloud Telephony player and works with businesses in India. We provide features like IVR, Call Recording, Reporting, SMS & more
Yakin Shah

Hey Friends,
I need some help.
Kindly advice me, which is the best mode of receiving payments from International clients for my services and consultations on business and technology. I helped few clients in business coach, sales trainings also somehow with consultations on technology design.

- Need to know the best ways to collect payments
- Need to know, about the tax liability and the company registrations/licences if any, if my receipts are less than 10L in a given financial year in one company name.(What if my receipts are more than say:$25k on a single name)

Kindly help me with your experiences…

Thank you in advance.
Kind Regards,

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