Gaurav Goel

Smartbytes is Hiring! – Project Manager (Involves client interaction)

We are in search of a proficient and passionate full-time project manager who is willing to work in a startup company. The candidate should be committed and passionate towards his/her project management work and should be willing to work under tough conditions.

If required, the candidate should also be willing to extend their work communication skills and time to the benefit of the company which in-turn will help in growth in their own career.

The candidate should be smart and well-versed with skills like good communication, time management, sending emails, client management.

The candidate should be fairly well equipped with the knowledge of using a computer and basic softwares.

Additional knowledge of design and web technology is a bonus.

Position: Project Manager
Salary: upto Rs. 3,00,000 per annum
Place: Bangalore
Date of Joining: Immediate

Contact Details

Supreet Sharma

Why was my recent post about companies working with Indian Railways removed ?

Harsha Bandaru

I am expecting to have my start-up crowd-funded. Can someone let me know the basics for that, I need a very small amount comparatively and would return back the money to everyone with simple interest in few days. Please help me to crack it…I just wanna know the procedures for that.

Tushar Goyal

Can anyone throw some light on how the food ordering companies operate in the backend?
I mean do they call the restaurant and order the food? or in some other way?

Prahal Ghai

Hi guys,
I have recently started my web comics which deals with various personal and societal issues in the life of two guys working for MNCs in Inida, here is a sample.

I do boost my posts from FB once in a week and get a jump in the number of shares of that post but it does not usually translate to a corresponding jump in pageviews/new users. Also my organic reach for posts has fallen drastically(almost 90%) since i first boosted my posts. I need your guidance on the following
1) Effective means other than FB for promoting such content (web comic)
2) Any website or app which features such comics and how to contact them
3) A way of FB promotion which does not effect the organic reach of my posts.
TIA for your suggestions :)

Anuja Ranjane

About Inksedge
Inksedge is a design oriented e-commerce company focused on the Indian market. We offer high quality event stationery (holiday cards, announcements and invitations) that is easy to personalize and share. Please see

E-commerce in India is on a growth tear. In 2012, the total ecommerce market was estimated at $2 Billion; by 2020 it is projected to be $50 Billion+. A natural outgrowth of strong Internet user growth is segmentation into vertical markets. Just like most people don’t buy clothes from a general goods store offline, savvy internet users seek branded, consistent experiences for design oriented categories. Event stationery in India is a $1B offline segment today, mostly fragmented and sorely lacking good design. We fix both issues and are seeing strong demand from people seeking a sophisticated medium to express their sense of style.

Our core customer is the Indian woman who celebrates everyday life and takes pride in making events special by doing them well. We are based in CA and in Bangalore, venture funded by NEA and others, and looking to expand our team.

Director of Engineering
Engineering | Bangalore, Bangalore, India

Director of Engineering: We are looking to bring on a leader who can build two important teams as described below (total of ~15 people in the next few months)
1) Data Science team: Inksedge is a leader in online and social marketing. The Director of Engineering is responsible for hiring and managing a small team of data scientists who can fine tune customer acquisition, drive merchandising reporting and provide inputs into the product roadmap. Required skills include current knowledge of internet analytics tools, techniques and communities.
2) Site Development team: The Director of Engineering will also be responsible for growing our team of developers, front end and back end, in Bangalore to build on the existing Inksedge website in terms of capability and performance. Also, we will soon have app development for our mobile users as well.

The ideal candidate will have 10-12 years’ experience in strong technical and technical management roles, is a builder of great teams, enthusiastic steward of a positive company culture and a quick learner. Prior experience at consumer internet companies a big plus. This role is based in Bangalore.

Market competitive salary and attractive stock compensation.

Responsibilities and Scope:
You not only have the technical chops to roll up sleeves and provide technical leadership to major projects, but also build and manage a team of 10-15 top notch engineers.
You not only optimize your own code but make sure engineers are able to optimize theirs. As a Director, you manage your business goals, contribute to product strategy and develop your team
Create clear career paths for team members and help them grow with regular & deep mentoring. Perform regular performance evaluation and share and seek feedback.
Operating with scale and speed amidst flux, there is just a LOT happening.
Build a culture of peer relationships and mentoring, so our world-class software engineers grow professionally
You work closely with Product Management, and provide scalable and high quality technology solutions at a rapid pace
You set up and maintain best practices for development, and build keepers of the conscience for good development habits
You work with designers and product managers to estimate and plan projects in an Agile environment
Deal well with ambiguity and collaborate and work with unclear interfaces to other teams in our rapidly evolving organizations
Have a bias towards action – experiment fast, learn and iterate
Must Have:

Excellent leadership skills to recruit, retain and inspire our nimble development team
Strong understanding of technologies and architecture in a highly scalable and available ecommerce set-up
Intuitive understanding and/or expertise in UI/UX
Superior project management skills to manage multi-engineer projects and experience of delivering high quality projects on time
Great people skills to closely work with other teams. Product Management, Fulfillment and Merchandizing, all need you as a resource and a partner.
10-12 years of experience with good exposure to the consumer internet.
A BE/BTech in Computer Science or equivalent.
Nice to Have:
Have spent 2+ years at a start-up or worked in a small group within a larger organization
Prior strong experience at consumer internet companies
Very high technical competence, strong technical background with track record of individual technical accomplishments – Ability to play the role of the architect for the team.

Tanmoy Dey

any online source for creative marketing slide deck templates? need a crisp way of showing heavy charts / graphs with data & bullets.. thanks!

Harsha Mv


Who is looking for Freelancer? (Oct 2014)

If you have a fixed work, or project to be done, post your requirement here as comments. Any other freelance related posts will be deleted.

Rashmi Padhy

Concerns, complains, suggestions, kudos or brickbats for the admins of Bangalore Startups.

We have been a community which has been quite transparent. However, as we have grown, there are a few cases, where the decision has not been clear, or have question on the move.

Lets have this single thread, to answer those queries.

So, please feel free to ask or share anything you have in mind.

Harsha Mv Harshit Agarwal Subhendu Panigrahi Sunny Luthra Khaleel Pasha Rosh An

Raj Roy

#Help Quick question – there is a tool that lets one highlight text on #slack and push to #trello. Can’t remember the name or find the link to the tool!

Gokul Sridhar

We put together a bunch of questions that’d help us understand how journalists work, better. If you are one, or know someone who is or has been a journalist, please pass this across to them. Thanks! :)

This is the permalink:

Shubhangi Raheja

Hi can any one guide me what will be the advantages and disadvantages of doing white-label work , in long run. I am an animator and I do explainer videos , and I have some offers. Thankyou

Hemang Shah

As a parallel to the ‘Seeking Freelancers’ thread[1], here’s a thread for freelancers / companies ‘Seeking Work’ (July ’14).

Freelancers, besides the service(s) you provide, mention your location and whether remote work is a possibility.


Amrudesh Santhanam

Looks like a cool resource for anyone interested in ES6 version of Javascript thats coming up.

Sourabh Deorah

Can a company in India file a patent in US? Can someone file patent both in India as well as US? Is there any benefit of doing so? I would really appreciate if someone with expertise/experience guide us.

Devesh Varshney

Looking to buy a sturdy laser printer which has less maintenance.

Could you please suggest any brand / model based on your personal usage experience? Please suggest options in both B&W and Color…

Thank you :)

Sandeep Gupta

What does law mandate about certifications for a elctronic+electrical product? (Specifically, in context of our IoT based product Home-in-Hand’s SmartBoard (

Charu Mathur

Design Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs in Technology on 5 March in Bangalore.
ABI and Intuit India are organizing an exclusive Design for Delight (D4D) Workshop.This session will focus on tools and resources that help in innovation and how can you as an entrepreneur innovate to be successful. To register write to … (It is free!)
Date and Time: 5 March 2015, 1 to 4.30 PM
*Venue details will be provided on registration

Sohan Surag

The Surprisingly Simple and Affordable Campus Management System for your institute is here. Get your FREE 3 Month Trial here

Govind Garg

Is there a way to apply for an IEC Code online for the company? What are the costs?

Vivek Abhinav

Hi. I plan to start a Pvt. Ltd. company of my own. Could you please guide me about the entire processes involved to establish it, or may be let me know about the consultants who could assist me for the same. Thanks.

Saugata Majumder

A service based Social Commerce platform is shaping up. Projected timeline : 3 / 4 months. Experienced tech and business team, in place. Business projection shows a valuation of around 100Cr. in 2 years. Any one interested to be a co-investor ?
Inbox please…

Rashmi Padhy

Who is hiring? (January 2015)

Job related posts needs to added to this thread only.

Go to and do a job post. It will automatically reflect in this thread, and in the website as well.

The website ensures search traffic, and this group post gives visibility in this group.

Any job posts, not done in the right structure will be deleted without notice. The OP will also be removed from the group as a warning. (they can join again and their request will be accepted.)

Rajat Rao

Hello folks.

We are trying to create a demo video that features a working product with some annotations and pointers on top of it. We have the video ready but what software do you suggest we use to create the annotation layer on top of it?

Thank you :)

Tim Peterson

hey all,

I’m one of the founders of Leangap, and we’re looking to take technology entrepreneurship to the high school level in Banglaore and around the world.

We’re would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the high school startup scene for high schoolers in Banglaore.

If you have any thoughts, please speak up! You can also reach out to me, my cofounders Joe Thornton or Eddy Zhong (himself a high school entrepreneur) here or through our website:

Shubham Bhoyar

Is there something like revenue share for temporary period with the share holder having no percentage holding in equity.

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