Prabhakar Dhandapani

Hi guys !!

Planning to open an office for my start up , heard that Karnataka govt is offering real estate space for considerable rent for newly established startups !! Do any one know about it ? If so where to contact for it ?

Moreover want your suggestions on the parameters to look out for a good place to start office !!

Santosh Arjun Nuthanaganti

One of my friend is starting up and confused about registering in US vs India. In the following article form yourstory (, Anil Advani from Inventus suggests for registering a company in US for several reasons. He says that even if your product is for Indian market it is better to register the company in US and have a Indian part as subsidiary. The reason that he cites is it will be easy to raise investment from VC’s in USA. Did any one on this forum took the decision to register in US for this sole reason? what is your take on this point?

Dawood Zafar

i wonder how OLA give such freebies to the of them told me that he make more than a lakh a month. How is it possible. is ola doing something wrong?
i am planning to buy 2-5 cars and attach it to Olacabs.

Aditya Kothari

1st this Presentation in the form of a video is Kickass as it makes the Audience curious as to What is the solution the product(commuinty) offers to the potential customer u pitching.

I am looking for someone who could help me make such an Animated presentation for my company, Content & idea is ready. Anyone here?

Disclaimer : Watch this Video/Presentation as an Entrepreneur/marketer to perceive my message as i intend to deliver it. :)

Prateek Dwivedi

Please put me in touch with an oracle sql plsql expert who is willing to train …..

Murali Krishna

Hey Guys! We are expanding the Beta test for our app – Madzz beyond our Friends and Families! This is limited to Bangalore only and would love to get all your feedback. Also, this is open only till tomorrow. Please message me and I’ll send across the link. You can check out the app preview in the attached image.

Aditya Kothari

What are the key points u add if u had to make an Elevator pitch? Which means u just have 30sec’s or less to nail ur product/service into the minds of the Potential Customer/Investor

Suggestions & Personal experiences would help!

Jayanand Sagar

Well we are coming up with a product on donations for Non-Profits and NGO’s.

If anyone had donated to NonProfits/NGO’s Could you please help in validating with

Prahal Ghai

Hi Guys! I have recently started a weekly Indian webcomic series.

Need advice from any ADSENSE Experts about the approval criteria with regards to the following
1) The site is not 6 months old yet ( I have read that this is not a core requirement, need confirmation)
2) Being a webcomic, it is mostly images.
TIA :)

Matias Honorato

If your a looking to raise a Seed Round for your Startup you should at least manage this terms.

Madhur Bihani

Hello all, I am studying PGDIM First year at NITIE,Mumbai. I am looking for a Summer Internship Opportunity. Can anyone help me.

Arvind Nedumaran

Does anyone know anyone who know anyone who has been covered by magazines like TechInAsia, YourStory, etc? How do you go about reaching out to them?

Aditya Prabhakara

I am part of many groups. But I need to get a notification instantly if any of those posts contain the word cake in them. Is there a way to do this?

Omkar Kulkarni-vatandar

Greetings… looking for a crazy techie person cum cofounder, willin to work for new startup.mail me cv at my prsnl id –

Priyasloka Arya

Hi Friends, we are looking for an inventory solution which can work with our EBAY store and e-commerce store. As products are posted in both sites , it is very difficult to track stock of the products manually. Any help?

Arpitha NA

BEL-Bhart Electronics Ltd jobs Engineering Assistant Trainee vacancy

Apply here :

Balaji Ramasubbu

Hiring Interns?

We have good candidates who are

Pre-Filtered (Through coding contests/Task based assessments)
Some of them have work samples or Portfolio

Interested Hiring Companies, Please Register & Hire your Interns For Free.

Ram Narayanan

Can you please help us with your inputs about Online donations and #crowdfunding? [and be sure to ask me to return the favour sometime :) ] We have made a smooth form to make it easy for you. Thanks. And yes, please leave comments if you want to add more.

Manu Jaggi

Very good Application to revise your data structure algorithms and codes

Azat Mardan

Tech advice: if you need a simple website for you project, then use GitHub pages. It’s free and better than cheap $4.99/mo hosting which is hacked, slow and requires you to use cPanel.

Here’s what you’ll need:
1. Create account on GitHub (do it one)
2. Create a new repo
3. Send your developer a link to that repo and Twitter Bootstrap theme (google it)
4. Point your CNAME records in godaddy or whatever you’re using to GitHub ( and
5. Merge pull request from you developer on
6. Boom! You’ve got your website.

I use this technique for my 10+ websites, some of them quite fancy:

No need for WordPress or PHP. It’s free and it is faster than BlueHost.

Punit Gupta

Anyone has experience with Tikona? Is it good / reliable? Do you get the speed any close to what they promise?

Shout Tecch

Hi Friends,

We have started a New Page for Tech innovations that publishes on going inventions and upcoming gadgets which will be in near future released in market.

Idea is to encourage and take the hard works of New inventors to the world.
Please like the page to show us your support for this.
ShoutTech is managed by group of Techno-preneurs from IIsc, IIT’s and IIM’s.

Raj Patil

i wanted to start a company which deals with software and some other products (like toys,cloths). Who is the best to approach to get more information about registering company name and also to get CST/TIN/TAN number along with registration.
It would be gr8 if someone put me in touch with them.


Kunwar Pratap Singh

hi guys, i am going to start an company for quizzes basically. Can anyone suggest me some related name for a product and name for new company.

Sushant Kumar

I am bit confused about the LLP / Pvt Ltd / OPC / Sole proprietorship
Which one should I use for SaaS based tech startup if there is one founder.
Is there more legals involved in OPC / Sole proprietorship ?
I can approach another co-founder if Its good to go with LLP or Pvt Ltd

Eswar Mugundu

for web developer: i need database or script for astrology birth chart in tamil language ..

Troy Erstling

Job profile: Executive Assistant – 1 position (Bangalore)

Based on path breaking work on Behavior + Marketplace design work out of Stanford Peace Innovation Lab. residence/2014-peirs/

Aggrigator Mission: Connect the smallholder ecosystem for fruits and vegetables, small grocers, restaurants & businesses to 450m small farmers.


Business model: “Priceline meets Uber of fruits & vegetables” Core focus: Work with founding team/Office of the CEO Skills: Engineering/Finance
Core Role: Represent office of CEO

1. Internal Interface – Schedule management/CXO
Logistics/Product Management/Engineering/Talent/ Board,
Investor interaction
2. External Interface – Revenue/Ecosystem/PR

Tools: MS Office/Project Management
Preferred experiences if any: Software development/Financial management/P&L in business

Education: Bachelors/Masters in Engineering/Finance

Vini Katyal

Does anyone have samples of PPT they have created for their startups?

PS: Urgent.

Sreejib Das

Hi all,
Can you suggest me good upcoming networking events. I want to explore start-up community in Bangalore. TIA :)

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