Shubham Sharma

Hi, Planning to launch a new venture where we can get response for B2B companies from their target clients along with interest in their products/services .At least 10 times higher response rate than cold calling and emailing.More response and sales. Planning to launch in mid Fab. .Please suggest business name .

Vivekananda Vasipalli

My employee asking startup should give salary hike 20% for every 6 months? I can’t understand how to convince

Grishma Saxena

Hi all
I am currently looking for startups in the field of restaurants and food industry to cover for our non-profit press blog – Ignite India Foundation (

If your startup is different and your journey can inspire youths, please drop us a mail on giving information about your startup and we’ll do a coverage on you!

PS: Our second phase right now will be focussed on food. We’ll take up more startups in phase three. Neverthless we can connect.

Nitin Gupta

Android Devs :-

There is some combination of digits for Android devices to go to device diagnostics.
I forgot that combination.

For ex. *111# for seeing balance.

Anyone knows about it, please help.


Kishore Kumar Mishra

Any experts or experienced logo designer here? Please ping me. I want to come up with the best logo concept today for my company. It’s a running company with ready taglines and clear vision. I had tried many of designs but still think that some thing can be more good. I will never mind to pay for your hard work.

Sourav Praharaj

I am a web developer and have
done so many projects.We are having team ,
our team members are also assosiated with
seo, logo designing, branding and also
providing domain and hosting ,but don’t know how to get the projects.We believe in services.Plz anybody help me..

Utsav Anand

Need suggestions from ur end
i am working on an idea where we can track the sales force of any company in real time and superiors can know where there sales force is plus more features would be there such as eta to reach a destination and etc
Do you think this kind of feature would be usefully to companies

Veena Ashiya Chindlur

Any recommendation on start up hub-co working spaces to meet people from tech with entrepreneurial bent of mind in bangalore ?

Thiru Kumaran

Hi friends,We have a good news for your aspiration. Want to become entrepreneur in Laundry Industry ???. #laundryproject associated with #MSME(Govt of India) to launch a india’s first & exclusive Industrial Laundry training program to create a pool of entrepreneurs. Limited seats only, To book your seat kindly call +91 9677656586 & 9994622111

Ankit Ankit

Is Payzippy a copy of Alipay?Are the Products/Services launched by Flipkart a copy of Alibaba/Amazon?Is there anything original which Flipkart did originally?

Subrat Kar

Guys! We at Vidooly launching a chrome extension next week where you can add it to your browser & get the stats, performance of any YouTube video within your browser. As, this is our first hand on extension building, i want to learn few growth-hacks & marketing ideas to promote this extension & acquire new users organically. I am happy to listen ideas & tips from you guys who has done similar stuff before.
Thank you so much!

Mohit Mamoria

[Note: This is an experiment. If successful, I'd do it every week.]

Weekend’s coming. I want to spend this one helping people from this helpful community. I’ve always found help whenever I asked. Now, it’s my turn.

How may I help you this weekend? :)

(Eg. Teach me something new about building APIs, Your insights about on-boarding new users, How to setup server architecture on AWS, Write a blog post for us, Review our product, etc anything)

Sajith Menon

Any person or firm who has the capability to develop a comprehensive travel and tourism portal with ecommerce and travel booking aggregation enabled, on ‘ BOLT( Build, Operate, Lease & Transfer ‘) basis? Also, someone who is creative and skilled in Word press to administer the portal. This is for with Only serious enquiries are welcome. Email us in

Kerala Guide | Kerala Tour Help | Kerala Tour Deals: Visit Kerala

Kerala Guide | Kerala Tour Help | Kerala Tour Deals: Visit Kerala

Top Kerala Info Guide for Tourist on Best Kerala Tour packages, Hotels in Kerala, Tourist Locations in Kerala, Homestays, Ayurvedic Centers, Kerala Beaches.
Monami Bhattacharya

Hello folks. If you run a IT startup, I’m interested in learning about your current challenges with fringe services, like documentation and testing. How you’re addressing them now? Thanks!

Hemang Shah

As a parallel to the ‘Seeking Freelancers’ thread[1], here’s a thread for freelancers / companies ‘Seeking Work’ (July ’14).

Freelancers, besides the service(s) you provide, mention your location and whether remote work is a possibility.


Rashmi Padhy

Who has Freelance work jobs required this month? (July 2014)

All: Please post all your freelance work/ services work in this thread only, as a comment.

Companies: Subscribe to this post from the top left corner, and you will get an alert when a new comment is added.

All other freelance job related posts will be deleted.

Archana Doshi

Archana’s Kitchen, a top online food content startup in India is looking to hire a Digital Content Manager. At Archana’s Kitchen, we publish healthy recipes, videos and other food articles, which are followed by millions of users around the world. You will be an early member of the startup and will work with a team that is a leader and has a courage to shape a healthy future.

Skills: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Blogging, SEO, Content Marketing, And Content Strategy
Experience: 2 to 5 Years

Read the complete details of this job at –

Rajan Dokania

What factors counts for a site to rank high on Google search.
Only people who have thorough knowledge about it comment. And please let me know all the factors. TIA :)

Hemant Agrawal

Is thr any ancient hindu text about business and entrepreneurship..

Basab Goswami

Just Posting an IDEA. Please comment…

E Commerce websites gives discount at different times. We are always not prepared for this. Suppose take an example of flight ticket. I am planning for vacation to Goa on the month of March 20th-22nd. Now I do not know if any airline will give discount at those dates. If I book ticket now then going forward if any discount is given in the coming one month I may end up paying more money.So I will partially book a ticket now(block a ticket paying the money I wish to) and the application will run through all this month and monitor flight ticket price. If it finds any discount less than the money I paid then application will reject the previous ticket and book the new one. The only condition being I SHOULD buy form that e eCommerce site only and willing to pay all the processing fees and the cancellation charges if I opt out from that site.

This IDEA can be applied to all eCommerce sites.

Anuj Kumar

Hi Friends ,
We have invented a new gadget to secure our phones from being hacked over unknown USB ports. This solution is for a Serious security risk trending by all major media’s around world past couple of months.

Please let know your suggestions and comments on this.

Ankith Shetty


A platform that lets you write up UNEDITABLE posts in two parts. A visible part, and a secret, hidden part.
The visible part will be posted immediately to the public or private group.
The hidden part will be revealed to the followers of the post via notification, after some fixed days decided by the poster.

1. Create hype for events by delayed marketing.
Eg. A post like this by corporates:
Visible : 9.9.2014, wish we could say more.
Hidden : (revealed on 9.9.2014) Apple smart watch.

2. Create excitement around controversies and gossips.
Eg. A recent statement by Yograj Singh:
Visible : I’ll reveal why Yuvraj was dropped from WC team, after he retires.

3. Tease your friends or partner (in a privately visible post)
Eg. Guess where we are going on 24.8.2015

Pour your thoughts on this idea

Roopesh Verma

Hi Guys
Pls advice some tool or application to document requirements efficiently which could be passed to developer or maintenance support team(offshore) without of much hassle to explain

Chetan Khaitan

Is an MBA study really required to take your startup a long way. What are the problems which entrepreneurs normally come across while scaling up the business ??

Nagender Kumar

Need tips how to collect data from consumers of grocery through internet?

Kranthi P

Please suggest a good cloud platform for archiving old data on my website. Something that allows me to push data (scp /ssh) from my ubuntu cloud instance to the storage platform?

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