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Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore | Scale Heights | Scale your Business with Scale heights

Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore | Scale Heights | Scale your Business with Scale heights

Srinivas Shiv

Hi Folks ,

Anyone interested for short talk on Food Startups in India for 15-20 mins, followed by discussions in an event organised by Startups for Startups :-)
Topics to be covered

Opportunities , Challenges , Technology / Innovations etc.

Travel Tourism Food StartUps (TTFS) conducting an event on April 5th Sunday from 10 AM to 1 PM .

Brainstorm and Networking event for the StartUps in Travel, Tourism and Food verticals .

About Us :

We are a group of entrepreneurs and a supportive community, always trying to help and learn from each other. We’re not just entrepreneurs, but designers, executives, software developers, hackers, students, business analysts and product managers, coming from one-person startups and large institutions.

Joyjeet Sarkar

Just an FYI for people building mobile Apps. Look at Its really awesome.

Subhendu Panigrahi

I want to setup a growth hacking community and have regular sessions on Wednesdays. I have been reading a lot and think that there could be sessions where we can learn from each other. We can share books, blogs and tips. What say Ankit Prakash Rashmi R Padhy Ravi Trivedi ? Have not thought about the exact format yet. Ideas please.

Kranthi P

Do you guys know of any phone payment gateway system? By phone I don’t mean app. Imagine a customer sees a product on a site. To order it, he calls up a phone number, ivr prompts him to enter the product code and then credit /debit card details followed by authentication. Is there any payment gateway that provides such a facility?

Nishant Sharma

Datta Dave of Tulsea Pictures, the producers of #SulemaniKeeda telling the importance of real #Entrepreneurship ,innovation and starting up from his real experience.

Datta Dave : Sharing the importance of real entrepreneurship, innovation and starting up.

Datta Dave : Sharing the importance of real entrepreneurship, innovation and starting up.

Mayank Pratap

How many people are using parse for their app, I want to know more about approx per month costing when you have 2000 active user daily

Pankaj Lal

As a Software Engineer, you will be solving some interesting and challenging problems that involve scaling the back-end, to writing intricate interfaces. It is a web-based platform that uses Python and Javascript (AngularJS) extensively. You should meet most of the following requirements:

- demonstrate world-class programming ability.

- have mastered at least one programming language.

- have familiarity with Python

- have a solid understanding of Javascript

- have a core understanding of fundamental computer science concepts

- experience designing APIs and web services is a plus

- understand performance tradeoffs.

- have built (and willing to show) something you are proud of.

Chaitrri Bashak

I have around 8 years of IT industry experience. Having a Full time Masters in Fine Arts, Visual Designing from FAU, USA.
Looking for a start up where I can add values with my knowledge and experience. Trying to move out from core Corp world. I am not from Engineering background, I came from a Business family and was in that since my teenage and had to take Bachelor in Business before I went for a Creative degree. If it sounds cool to you feel free to contact.
Linkedin :

Ajish Nair

I am Ajish Nair. As I come towards the end of my post graduation at College of Engg Pune (COEP), I am looking forward to challenging & innovative career opportunities at start-ups.
I have 2+ years of experience in software development with start-ups along with 1+ years of internship and part-time experience of boot-strapping start-ups.

I am looking out for opportunities where in I can showcase and evolve my skill-set and help the company with its
vision to take it to the next level. I would love to take up roles of responsibility. I look forward to opportunities where in I can challenge myself and utilize my capabilities to the best of my capacity

LinkedIn Profile :

Email :

Ajish Nair

Sujit Thakur

We have a project with a budget of around 40 Lakhs. We have around 10 lakhs with us and approaching investors for rest of the 30 Lakhs. One of them has agreed to invest around 15 lakhs. How can we issue shares to that person. How much percentage of share should be given to him. We are already two directors ( pvt. Ltd. Company). How to calculate the percentage of share? He is not going to contribute his time, only part of the project amount.

Snehasish Saha

One of my previous company colleague wants to start a company and he wants me to invest the whole amount for his startup.
And he told me that I will be his partner if I will invest in his startup. I am ready to invest the amount.
But before that I want to know what are the legal formalities I have to do so that no problem arise in future.

Kelvin Murphy

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Jyothi Nair

Looking for a CA for company accounts.. Marathahalli. Indiranagar. Whitefield areas.. Any help please, let me know at
TIA, Jyothi

Deepesh Mehta

Hello friends.
I have presented my business plan to a group of investors and they have liked our expansion idea and are ready to invest in the form of receiving shares.
At present it is a proprietor concern. Need to convert into a private limited company.
Please guide me what are the other condition i need to keep to ensure that it is equilibrium in nature between me and my investor.

Bikash Barai

CISO Platform is providing an opportunity to showcase the most innovative security startups to 200 CISOs from India. Selected startups to get a Table Top, elevator pitch etc..

Harsha Mv

Introducing Bangalore Startups on Slack! Connect Live with the fellow members!

You can talk about #design #dev #jobs #feedback #funding

We are testing how this works with only 100members! Its based on first come first serve and your Intro on why you deserve an access!

Apply Now!

Piyush Singh

How good is the idea to start a Zomato like business which will give reviews of various colleges by its students?

What are the kind of challenges that can come up?

Raji Borthakur

Hello folks,

Good Morning!

I have several years of experience in UX, Usability, Content Marketing for Web and Social.

I’m planning to do a free session for startups on the basics of UX (introducing the above and sharing best practices) towards the middle of April. If you would like to attend or you would like more information about the topics covered, please write to me at


Harsha Mv


Who is looking for Freelancer? (Oct 2014)

If you have a fixed work, or project to be done, post your requirement here as comments. Any other freelance related posts will be deleted.

Shashank Kumar

I wanted to thank Bangalore Startups community for helping our startup Razorpay in multiple ways (getting initial clients, legal issues, hiring, etc.).
We just got featured on Techcrunch and hacker news. And we couldn’t have come this far without all the support especially getting our first few sign-ups who were willing to put up with beta version.
Thanks Rashmi Padhy for building this amazing community.

Pranav Manpuria

Is there any website or app or service where I can make a timeline with milestones and the dates to reach them by and me and my team can view this and see how many days till the next milestone and so on?

Rashmi Padhy

How about having our own mobile app?

We have got apis which can push to our group or the connect group. We get a lot of content and value already.

Lets brainstorm on the idea, features and anything else that can be done.

Lastly, we would need volunteers to help build the app. My vote is for a hybrid app, ionic or something, however, I am open for thoughts.

Sujit Thakur

Which cloud hosting service provider would you suggest for an ecommerce with lots of data to upload and hugr number of hits daily.

Srinivas Shiv

How many of you want to be Weekend Entrepreneurs here.

Im sure many of us who worked 10-15 years in IT are saturated with their same boring work and looking for some additional earning , also make your weekend more fun ( make new friends, explore the new business etc)

What is it ?

You can work part time during weekends as Advisor , Product Managers , Domain experts , Finance experts to help in strategy , building technology solutions etc

What you get ?

You can work as Freelancer , Co-Founder , Share Holder etc.

Travel,Tourism & Food are hot sectors which we are investing and expanding.

Rashmi Padhy

Who has Freelance work jobs required this month? (July 2014)

All: Please post all your freelance work/ services work in this thread only, as a comment.

Companies: Subscribe to this post from the top left corner, and you will get an alert when a new comment is added.

All other freelance job related posts will be deleted.

Hemang Shah

As a parallel to the ‘Seeking Freelancers’ thread[1], here’s a thread for freelancers / companies ‘Seeking Work’ (July ’14).

Freelancers, besides the service(s) you provide, mention your location and whether remote work is a possibility.


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