Kunwar Pratap Singh

hi guys, i am going to start an company for quizzes basically. Can anyone suggest me some related name for a product and name for new company.

Arvind Nedumaran

Does anyone know anyone who know anyone who has been covered by magazines like TechInAsia, YourStory, etc? How do you go about reaching out to them?

Rashmi Padhy

Who is hiring? (January 2015)

Job related posts needs to added to this thread only.

Go to http://community.blrstartups.com/ and do a job post. It will automatically reflect in this thread, and in the website as well.

The website ensures search traffic, and this group post gives visibility in this group.

Any job posts, not done in the right structure will be deleted without notice. The OP will also be removed from the group as a warning. (they can join again and their request will be accepted.)

Murali Krishna

Hey Guys! We are expanding the Beta test for our app – Madzz beyond our Friends and Families! This is limited to Bangalore only and would love to get all your feedback. Also, this is open only till tomorrow. Please message me and I’ll send across the link. You can check out the app preview in the attached image.

Nikhil Asrani

My post removed as I enquired about a Media company??? Is it prohibited or someone said its a spam and was taken way to seriously????

Anand Gowda

About Us:
DiggDigital is an end to end Digital marketing and Creative Tech Agency founded in 2012 and located in Hubli, India.
The company is made up of young and Dynamic Strategists, Designers, Developers and Technologists who specializes in Digital Technology and Ecommerce. We create value and revenue growth with cutting edge Development, Marketing techniques and Innovation models to your business needs.
We specialize in
1. E-commerce
2. Web (Design, Development and Maintenance)
3. Digital Marketing
4. Software Development
a. ERP Systems (School Management, Office, Hotel etc.)
b. Web Applications
5. Web Hosting
We, DiggDigital are Professional Web Hosting providers in the brand name of ParkInHost. We Provide Offshore Hosting Service across the world. Our Offshore Data centres are in Frankfurt (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Moscow (Russia) and Manassas (USA).

For more Info visit our websites: www.diggdigital.com and www.parkinhost.com

Designation: Marketing Executive

Job Description: Ability to work alone, plan and implement marketing strategies to enhance client database. Marketing and sales of in house products and services. Ability to Establish and maintain a relationship with Key local Clients. To identify and plan opportunities to further expose the company services and maximize revenue opportunities.

Experience: 0-1 Year, Fresher’s can also apply

Location: Bangalore

Functional Area: Marketing, Sales, Advertising

Education: UG/PG – BBM, B.com, Any Graduate with Marketing Skills

Interested candidates forward their resumes to career@diggdigital.com

Savitha Sudarshan

I am running a caf, I am to expand to sell wine. Do you know what is the procedure for getting wine license ? what would be the cost?

Nikhil Kumar

Guys, posted this earlier too. However, didnt get much response. How does unicommerce, browntape, primaseller download order details from Flipkart/SnapDeal/Amazon. Is is thru screen scrapping? Not looking for anyone to develop this. Inputs are appreciated.


Vaibhav Sisinty

What could be the business model of http://www.dineout.co.in/

Recently got acquired by TimesCity. Was wondering what made the valuation hit 10 million $ !

Ravish Rana

Do startups look out for co-curricular activities for their employees in the form of group discussions, debates or politics related discussions?

Piyush Jain

Do you know any service similar as Unicommerce which is a multi vendor platform? Unicommerce is little expensive. Any inputs will be highly appreciated.


Aditya Prabhakara

I am part of many groups. But I need to get a notification instantly if any of those posts contain the word cake in them. Is there a way to do this?

Eswar Mugundu

i need database or script for astrology birth chart in tamil language ..

Troy Erstling

Curious to learn more about startups in the Finance sector in Bangalore. This could include anything related to money including Fintech, accounting/auditing services, or even payment gateways and electronic payment processing. I have been working in the same space, and it would be good to exchange ideas.

Priyasloka Arya

Hi Friends, we are looking for an inventory solution which can work with our EBAY store and e-commerce store. As products are posted in both sites , it is very difficult to track stock of the products manually. Any help?

Shubham Jain

About Samkhya Technologies

Samkhya Technologies, a 4- month old startup founded by IIT Kharagpur (2012-13) graduates, is aimed at transforming the decision making process in the mining & resources industry by enabling professionals to make faster and more responsive business decisions based on data analysis.

Samkhya Technologies is looking for a Technical cofounder for implementation and development for our current product as well future products.

Responsibilities & Requirements

As a Technical co-founder

Will be a part of the core team
You have to Build and manage the Tech. team
Will have a complete ownership of various features of the product which involves end-to-end design, architecture, execution and monitoring of the technology across varied platforms
Being part of the core team, you’ll be working on challenging problems every single day. Your opinion will count, and your ideas will translate into reality.

Desired skills and experience

Capability to design a scalable and speedy tech architecture
Can manage front-end and back-end platforms of a web application
Good hold on SQL and database concept
Proven ability to learn new technologies and frameworks and leveraging them to develop new applications.
Demonstrable knowledge of web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, etc. with proven ability and experience in technologies like PHP, JAVA or Python
Prior experience in developing a web application with the help of Ruby or Python web framework
Preferably have experience in developing a business intelligence tool or data visualization using D3.JS
If you are the one who could challenge yourself every single day & can perfom under pressure. If you have the passion to create something awesome and a belief that you can make a difference in the world , If you can live & breath this start up every single moment , then this position is surely for you.

Ram Narayanan

Can you please help us with your inputs about Online donations and #crowdfunding? [and be sure to ask me to return the favour sometime :) ] We have made a smooth form to make it easy for you. Thanks. And yes, please leave comments if you want to add more. https://karmacrowd.typeform.com/to/WDs44Z

Santosh Panda

Possible to share your Feedback before we roll out for all?

We are Beta launching new design Event page->Checkout

https://in.explara.com/beta/chennai (NEW)
https://in.explara.com/e/chennai (OLD)

Here are comparison of design between new vs. old
1. In new, 1 call to action button to buy vs. in old there were several distraction buttons

2. In new we have 1 page checkout vs. 3 page checkout flow in old

3. Apply discount code is now just 1 button /link in new vs. there used to be several discount link for each ticket types in old

4. In new, the checkout page has a minimal 1 button click to proceed vs. several buttons placed poorly in old design

& Overall UI experiences.

We will be also offering the checkout full page (with payment) in single widget.
Also discount code links & button widgets to show inline page and take payment on your page directly.

Thanks for sharing feedback.

Vini Katyal

Does anyone have samples of PPT they have created for their startups?

PS: Urgent.

Amit Misra

Don’t Want To Do Promotion, But Wants to Bring A Really Disappointing Investment Scenario In India !!!!

One of my friends joined the startup bandwagon 2 years back with a real innovative idea. He pursued his dream with lots of lust and focus, Selected for Startup Chile, the product was great enough for Chile Government to offer $500,000 to stay back in the country and develop the product further. But his love to the country and bigger market thought brought him back to India, THINKING, india is a country where investors really appraise a true innovation. Two years done the line, he is still struggling to raise its first round of funding…..A standard reply from all investors ‘You validate the market first !!!! Thank god, WhatsApp and Facebook are not the products from India… Now he has hit Indiegogo to fuel his product development and needs your support… Pls see what ever the best you could do for him ONLY if you are convinced with his product and innovation. #giveashoutoutpls

Suresh R

What is the best and cheap way to hire programmers for a startup? We can’t spend much money in hiring portals as we being a startup so was wondering what are the models that worked best for entrepreneurs who were in my shoes earlier.

Santosh Panda

I hope this is useful for startups!

We did a case study : As only 20% of websites have schema markup across the globe! Here is a review of few top websites (#Flipkart, #Zomato #GoIbibo #MakeMyTrip #Explara) in India to analyse.


Punit Gupta

Anyone has experience with Tikona? Is it good / reliable? Do you get the speed any close to what they promise?

Nachiketh Rao

We are a hardware startup based out of Bangalore called Chipster. We were one among the 10 startups that won the Anthahprerana award for 2014 for our product idea. We are currently looking to get a product designer/Industrial designer on board with us who can work with us towards coming up with a sleek looking design for a consumer electronic product. So if your profile matches the requirement we have, please share your story so far and we can take it forward from there. You can drop in your profile and porfolio of work done to jobs@chipster.in

Muzaffar Hussain

I am looking for Business Developer who is active in Education Industry and have good relation with Top Management and able to Pitch for us on Fees sharing structure . I am looking for New client for solar Business focus on B2B segment Focus area Industrial and commercial clients Interested Professionals Feel free to ping me

Mohsin Latheef

#Cleanweb Bangalore Meetup TechHub Bangalore on Friday 30 Jan, 6 PM. Be there!

Rahul Singh

Couple of my friends and I have been working on an Android app that deals with location services and has a one-to-one chatting feature.
As of now we have a working prototype of our app ready but the chatting feature is not that great. We were using quickblox, but finally scrapped it. We would like you to help us out with the chat feature of the app.

Do let me know if you have any queries.
You can contact me at

Shivani Bhagi

Dear all, which payment gateway is best at the moment? I’m looking to integrate a payment gateway to my site largely for the Indian customers. (Will have products for international customers later). I asked this question last year and wondered

Mathew Maniyamkott

Can entrepreneurs who are interested to be featured in the Indian Express please send an email to mathew.maniamkot@gmail.com describing your startup along with a brief bio of the founders.

Note: Please include your phone number.

Thanks in advance.

Jayanand Sagar

Well we are coming up with a product on donations for Non-Profits and NGO’s.

If anyone had donated to NonProfits/NGO’s Could you please help in validating with https://karmacrowd.typeform.com/to/WDs44Z

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