Akash Mittal


This post is not related to software start up else it is related to a sport idea. I have created a new sport which will require around 11 meters radius, circular ground and it is played between 2 teams of 3 players each.

I have designed it using models, computer graphics and documented it properly. What should I do to physically implement it? Will crowdfunding help in such thing?


Sohaan Honavar

If i want to register a pvt Ltd company can anyone help me followings

1. What are documents i need ??
2. How do i obtain DIN & how long it takes to obtain one ??
3. Where can i search for other company names to avoid name collision ??
4. What is the name format for company e.g ABC Services pvt Ltd or ABC pvt LTD ??
5. How long it takes to complete the entire process ??
6. What are necessary taxes or other certificates we need to start a software buisness ??
7. Do we need to have a permanent office or can we give home address as registered company address ??
8. How do we decide authorized capital and can we change it later ??

Last but not least
9. What is total cost involved in registering a company ??

i have done my research but i want someone who’s been there done that to give me some more guidance


Pranav Manpuria

As an entrepreneur what is 1 service (website or app) and 1 product that you cannot live without?

Ajay Dwivedi

Indian companies moved to Singapore to avoid the Angel Tax. But the new budget provisions which state that if the Place Of Effective Management (for even a single day) is in India, that company would become tax resident in India.

So most probably any funds raised by them above their valuation would again be treated as income as per Indian laws. Also, since it is a foreign company, it would have to pay the highest tax rate of (40% Tax + 5% surcharge ~ 42%) on them.

Now what?

Farhan Khan

Hello Folks, I’m a Managing Partner of an asset disposal company. We have some major IT Companies as our clients. We are majorly into buying scrap assets from IT companies and also scrap complete buildings. We are planning to start an interiors business for offices with used furniture, like cubicles, chairs including used gensets, UPS’s etc.. at half the price of a new one. I want to know if there is separate registration we need to do for this or can we continue in the same name. Need your expert advice..

Thanks in advance.

Shantanu Sharma


You need to be 18 years to be a Director in a Pvt Company. But what is the minimum age for CEO, CFO, Manager, Secretary mentioned in ‘Form no. DIR-12′.

Do they enjoy similar powers as Directors?


Vivek Anand

Guys how many of you noticed change in definition of resident Indian company ? I have come across many Indian start ups having Singapore or Delaware registered entities but place of effective management being in India. With the new finance bill all those companies will be treated as resident Indian companies .

Rahul Bangalore

Is there any platform/forum for blacklisting concerned entities(can be freelancers, firms etc etc) which r not upto mark n going with them means wastage of time,energy n money ,so that it can help us save valuable resources in future as we all in startup/biz world have these kinds of experiences.so any existing solution or solution that can help.

Sakthi Ganesh

Hello friends,
I am going to start steel business in bangalore.
so I want tin number for my trading business.
how do get it? And what is the procedure?

Sandeep Srinivasa

I have been reading some of the articles posted by other founders (like http://anopenlettr.com/finance/2015/02/17/the-price-of-being-honest/) about the hardships of doing company book-keeping and compliance in India. I have faced a lot of it myself, especially when taking funding from angels outside India and ESPECIALLY when giving out sweat equity (of which we have found no good way to do in India)
It seems that the new norm is to open a US+India company with a Master Services Agreement between them and all the funding/equity happens in the US company.
Can I ask all the funded startups here about their feedback on this kind of a structure – is everyone going with this structure to escape the compliance angle in India ?

Ashok Subramanian

Coffee Conversations continue in April – this time on ‘Where is my angel?’

Gaurav Shende

Hello Everyone we have come up with a wonderful CSR model based on Swach Bharat Abhiyan.

An app Swachh Map. It is a crowd sourced tracking tool which aims to map all the garbage dumps, dirty sites across the country and track them with color coding on a Google Map (Red – Dirty site, Green- Clean site).

A user can tap the red button to report dirty site around and the green button when it gets clean.

Data will be sorted and compiled against zipcode, locality, city and state.
Will be shared across municipal bodies, local communities, NGOs, Corporate and individual volunteer around for site adoption, regular checks and cleanness drive.

Used to develop innovative waste management solution models, better utilization of resources, efficient garbage pickups.

We are highly excited about Swachh Map, any feedback or suggestion will be appreciated. Do take a min and visit our website : http://www.swachhmap.com for more information. Please write to us at info@swachhmap.com.

Note: You can download our app from google play store just search Swachh Map.


Subham Bapna

Planning to launch an eCommerce, can anyone tell me what are the things which are required to begin with, I mean : What sort of registrations to be done? What are some things which I should keep in mind before I begin with.

Additionally : Will it be fine if I go with a domain without SSL Encryption?

P.S : I’m going to be based on OpenCart, so what would be some good payment gateways which I should use?

Arvind Nedumaran

Hey guys! I’m looking for some feedback here!

I just put up a new landing page for Mailage at http://mailage.co. What do you guys think? Any suggestions/comments?

Kshitiz Agarwal

For my campaign nrollin.com/applyOnline.html, my google ads are the attached images. But I am not getting enough clicks. I just wanted to know whether my ads are relevant or not as per the landing page experience. Can anyone help me in that?

Rajesh Ranjan

Interesting stuff! How is this startup Magic making so much news? Techcrunch has already covered it a few times, within 2 days they received 17000 texts. Also it’s not a very unique idea or technology. Startups like Taskrabbit and postmates already exist. And then I saw their website, absolutely no UI design, nothing.
Looking for some expert views on this!

Rahul Aswani

All legal experts in Copyright and Patent Filing please clear my doubt

Patent filing process takes its own course of time till then can getting a copyright help me in protecting an Application/Software Feature/piece of code

Sunny Luthra

How can FB group search be improved? I mean what extra filters do we need?

Jasveer Singh

Today ET news! Can somebody explain new tax on aggregator companies? Aggregator companies liable to pay only on commission or entire amount which they collect form customers Eg: stayzilla charge 1500/rooms (inclusive of tax) from customers and take 20% commission form Guest house/ hotels owners. so how much they are liable to pay tax

Sanjay Singh Bisht

Hi friends . One of my friend want to start a finance company on small scale (FD /RD type work). As i read i knew about NBFC,Chit fund company and Mutual finance known as nidhi company.To start NBFC required 2 crore bank deposit that he can’t afford .I asked many people for chit fund company and nidhi company registration .Could not be satisfied, got different view from different people .If anyone know about this please let me know the whole procedure registering chit fund or nidhi and suggest witch will be the best , how much will be the estimated cost and required time, where to go for registration ..??? Thanks in Advance you can drop me mail my mail id is san.btt@gmail.com

YD Nathan

Got a small question
In an e-commerce business that thrives on a buyer and seller community (like OLX/quickr) the seller does not need to have any TAN because he’s not a merchant – while even traditional marketplaces like snapdeal / fk / ola require the seller to be registered as a dealer/merchant.
In other words, if some goods need to be sold by A to B, via X, if X needs to collect the money from B and transfer it to A on a periodic basis(keeping a small cut to himself), It looks like A has to be registered as a dealer. However if B directly contacts A and pays him directly, A need not be a dealer.
I’ve also noticed that TAN is required to sell stuff apart from fabric and books(will post the link for the same).

So question is, Is there any list that defines all the categories that need the seller to be registered (TAN) – I mean if a home-maker who is interested in making small lamps / handmade home decor items wants to sell stuff on one of these marketplaces, it is not easy to do so (first get a TAN and so on).. How are marketplaces solving this ?

Vijith Quadros

With a slow and steady uprising in home made gourmet food, any start-up/s dealing with this particular sector of home made gourmet food of any sorts ?

Sandeep Anirudhan

Retrofitting existing vehicles to electric! Thats real change in the now! Who’s game to exploring a project like this in India? Lets brainstorm and collaborate! #RetrofitElectric

Troy Erstling

Interested in connecting with companies in the medical industry. Have been researching opportunities in the space and want to speak with others who have experience working in this field.

Sudip Dutta

We got feedback from this group regrading our earlier site. Based on that we went back to the drawing board and started from a clean slate and came out with our new site with added features. Would love to get your constructive feedback on our new site www.relatas.com

Dhananjai Kumar

Do real estate portals like common floor sells their customer database? or is there any other way to get it. This is for a survey. Any inputs please.

Harsha Mv


Who is looking for Freelancer? (Oct 2014)

If you have a fixed work, or project to be done, post your requirement here as comments. Any other freelance related posts will be deleted.

Shobhit Mathur

Email migration pangs!!! Have you, or known anyone, who have migrated their domain and email contents from outlook.com to GMail such that the email ids remain the same? That is name@mydomain.in should move from being hosted on Outlook.com to Gmail.com …

Setting up the email domain in gmail and setting MX is straight forward. But we also need to find a way to migrate the data (old emails till the date of migration, contacts etc) to the new gmail account. In Google’s account settings, its not letting allowing us to proceed with the import because the email ID’s are the same.


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