Hemant Agrawal

Is thr any ancient hindu text about business and entrepreneurship..

Vivekananda Vasipalli

My employee asking startup should give salary hike 20% for every 6 months? I can’t understand how to convince

Shantanu Biswas

Looking for a WordPress expert in Bangalore for website development. If interested, please message me on FB.

Chetan Lahoti

Harsha Mv .. anything wrong with my earlier post asking suggestion on name of online b2b portal. Just needed simple word for targets audience of factory producers n service providers.

Monami Bhattacharya

Hello folks. If you run a IT startup, I’m interested in learning about your current challenges with fringe services, like documentation and testing. How you’re addressing them now? Thanks!

Bijender Mehla

websites, domains, hosting and more… VISIT:- http://ITSLhost.in/

PROMOTIONAL OFFER (For India Only): Book/Transfer your Domain and get one year FREE Hosting and Email IDs….Submit your queries on our website.


Subrat Kar

Guys! We at Vidooly launching a chrome extension next week where you can add it to your browser & get the stats, performance of any YouTube video within your browser. As, this is our first hand on extension building, i want to learn few growth-hacks & marketing ideas to promote this extension & acquire new users organically. I am happy to listen ideas & tips from you guys who has done similar stuff before.
Thank you so much!

Kranthi P

Please suggest a good cloud platform for archiving old data on my website. Something that allows me to push data (scp /ssh) from my ubuntu cloud instance to the storage platform?

Chellakumaran Ramasamy

We are thinking to take the Android app we have developed to its consumer through OEM of mobile phones. Any idea what an OEM will charge for pre-loading an app?

Rahul Aswani

Hi all,
this is for #Entrepreneurs #mentors #investors

Is it a right thing to do to call your startup as

linked in for this
Whatsapp for that
Uber for that

I do get the point that its easy to relate to but

What i am trying to say is, ia it good to take someone elses support to pitch in your startup
I don’t like this personally

i feel one should be able to explain his startup without making a reference

What’s the communities view on this ?

Ankith Shetty


A platform that lets you write up UNEDITABLE posts in two parts. A visible part, and a secret, hidden part.
The visible part will be posted immediately to the public or private group.
The hidden part will be revealed to the followers of the post via notification, after some fixed days decided by the poster.

1. Create hype for events by delayed marketing.
Eg. A post like this by corporates:
Visible : 9.9.2014, wish we could say more.
Hidden : (revealed on 9.9.2014) Apple smart watch.

2. Create excitement around controversies and gossips.
Eg. A recent statement by Yograj Singh:
Visible : I’ll reveal why Yuvraj was dropped from WC team, after he retires.

3. Tease your friends or partner (in a privately visible post)
Eg. Guess where we are going on 24.8.2015

Pour your thoughts on this idea

Tanushree Jhajharia

Tvilko offers a one-of-a-kind service to corporates and retailers with the same being the first in India. We are looking for individuals interested in being part of a story, involved in the process of building something right from the scratch.

What we promise –
1. Loads of fun
2. Adrenaline rushing challenges (a new one everyday)
3. To be part of something new and build it up right from scratch
4. Someone who can evolve into our head of marketing

No prior experience or degrees required. Just the will to DO SOMETHING GREAT.

Arjit Raj

Hi, All.
I have started www.internfeel.com and involved in other good works too.
I wish to know what is the alternative for kickstarter in India?
I wish to leverage crowdfunding. Any help/links please.

Nikhil Kumar

Recos for free blogging platforms which people are using today with a custom domain Eg. blog.abcdef.com; Suggestions other than wordpress?

Need something which isnt very complicated and shouldn’t require too much of tech knowledge to manage it.


Chetan Khaitan

Is an MBA study really required to take your startup a long way. What are the problems which entrepreneurs normally come across while scaling up the business ??

Devesh Varshney

What are the few key differences between ruby on rails & php platform?

If you had build something like an Online Ordering website – what would you prefer and why? Thoughts?

Thanks in advance! :)

Praveen Pavithran


The pre-launch landing page of our Internet of Cars company is here www.yatis.in. Please take and I would appreciate if you would participate in the survey.

Mohit Mamoria

[Note: This is an experiment. If successful, I'd do it every week.]

Weekend’s coming. I want to spend this one helping people from this helpful community. I’ve always found help whenever I asked. Now, it’s my turn.

How may I help you this weekend? :)

(Eg. Teach me something new about building APIs, Your insights about on-boarding new users, How to setup server architecture on AWS, Write a blog post for us, Review our product, etc anything)

Punit Gupta

Need few recommendations on CRM software. Been using Zoho so far and its pretty good. But has limit of 3 users in the free version. We dont mind paying but I guess we need to make good decision on which one to go with.

There is a startup clinchpad, which seems quite good. Their pricing is lower than Zoho but getting no idea as to how stable they are.


Lakshya Ayhskal

A small question:

Say I want to collect fund for my future venture through bootstrapping and manage to collect 1 Cr from friends and relatives. Is there a chance or compulsion by law to produce source of funding? will those collected funds be taxable if taken for business??

How to bootstrap in India without breaching the law?

Rashmi Padhy

Members –

At the start of the new year, request you to help us keep this board clean. It is our attempt to make it useful to a large majority of the users, and not just a few people. Hence, we have brought some structure, and will get some more in the coming months.

Here are the things which we are arranging in a structured fashion. Direct posts on these will be deleted, and the member may be removed from the group as a warning.

Job Posts, Co-founder search, Freelance Hire or requirement, Talent available, Interns opportunity, and Put me in Touch(PMIT). There are separate thread dedicated for these. Please find the link to the posts below.

Promotion of services, training, events, products or startups is still not allowed. Such posts will be deleted and members removed from group. We will bring in a structured post for this very soon.

This is a super awesome community – lets keep it that way, together.

1. Start-up job openings (all roles minus co-founders):
Go to http://community.blrstartups.com/ and do a job post. It will automatically reflect in this thread, and in the website as well

2. Co-Founder hiring:
Use www.facebook.com/groups/blrstartups/permalink/850034418352031/
3. Startups with Freelance Work Available:
Use www.facebook.com/groups/blrstartups/permalink/824735700881903/
4. Freelancers Seeking Work:
Use www.facebook.com/groups/blrstartups/permalink/784285428260264/
5. Talent Available this month:
Use www.facebook.com/groups/blrstartups/permalink/844718102216996/
6. Posts not following the guidelines/rules will be deleted.
7. Promotion of services/product is not allowed.

The purpose of the group is to give/take product/service feedback, encourage fellow entrepreneurs and start-up ecosystem, and help in their growth. While critiquing is fine, getting personal, ridiculing or abusive is a strict no. Be polite. PLEASE.

Any question or concerns to admins, can be shared at: www.facebook.com/groups/blrstartups/permalink/813303712025102/

Jyothi Reddy

Hi Mates,

Way back in 2014 (3rd quarter) I thought of launching my own start-up and so got a Business Plan prepared from some good BPlan writers. Although I paid decent money to get it prepared I never used it for the last 6 months (I think I may not use it for next 6 months too).

I created a template out of it, which may be useful for most of the people here in this group. Feel free to ping me and I am happy to share it with you all.

Arihant Agarwal

iPhone gets even better. This is how you can turn your iPhone / iPod into a 3D Camera..:) #latest #gadget #in #india

Amit Misra

Anyone here from Bangalore who has OnePlus One and is willing to try just launched (not yet selling) much awaited Xiaomi Mi4…….you must be an aggressive consumer of Mobile apps, internet and, of course, @Dazeinfo. ;-)
Got few Mi4 for this.

Veena Ashiya Chindlur

Any recommendation on start up hub-co working spaces to meet people from tech with entrepreneurial bent of mind in bangalore ?

Gaurang Kanvinde

Sam Altman on Starting Up – Make sure you know your co-founders very well!



in this link i can see that each post is automatically categorized based on content on this post, please let me know, what algorithm is used for that (and if possible, please share any open source categorizing algorithm with me , ) i need this for my project, i have tweets and fb posts , i have to categorize them

Thanks in advance

Bangalore Startups | An open group for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Bangalore Startups | An open group for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Rashmi Padhy

Is the quality of the group now better?

The number of posts have gone down, and more serious discussion is happening now. What do you think?

Nilesh Trivedi Soumitra Paul Subramanyam Kasibhat Subhendu Panigrahi

Bhuvan Thaker

Sometimes people bash business ideas simply out of habit. One can recognise this when the basher isn’t able to clearly articulate reasons behind bashing. Tip – Ignore them, because they are themselves not aware what they are doing. #startup #IoT #entrepreneurs

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