Rebecca Warren Bextel

Hello Bangalore Entrepreneurs! Mountain Business Center LLC will be in Bangalore February 2016 meeting with entrepreneurs who wish to establish a business in the tax and business-friendly state of Wyoming, USA. We can help entrepreneurs register their business, apply for an employer identification number (EIN), individual tax ID number (ITIN), and open their Wyoming bank account for their U.S. business remotely. We have done this for clients all over the world and we are looking forward to eating our way through your beautiful city! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Wyoming LLC Services for International Clients - Mountain Business Center

Wyoming LLC Services for International Clients - Mountain Business Center

Wyoming LLC /US business for international clients: Click here for everything you need, including an EIN, ITIN, & bank account. CALL 1(307)739-3940
Rahul Kulkarni

Hey Guys, I’m a 16 yr old CEO of Hye Messenger which is my startup based on faster messaging services. We deliver messages more securely and faster than other messengers. Yet, our startup is in initial stage and I have seen wizards of silicon valley india in this group. I needed some advice on reaching the app to the people and make them join the platform.

Download and test the app.. or connect with us

Photos from Rahul Kulkarni's post

Photos from Rahul Kulkarni's post

Jayant Nath

Dear Business User,
Every organization small and big strives to be successful in their endeavor. Disciplined and process oriented efforts and actions are key to success. Also an entrepreneur, juggling among multiple tasks comes naturally to you, but as your business grows, this becomes more and more complex. Understanding the need of the hours for SMBs, we have conceptualized and developed a comprehensive cloud based business management application on a collaborative platform.

Collabrill is a Suite of Products that enables business to streamline the core functions. A Cloud based solution, it provides an easy-to-use collaborative platform for the enterprise to help them manage their end-to-end process, take away the pain points and focus on growth, efficiency and higher productivity. It requires zero setup and has default master data to get started immediately.Collabrill also has built-in analytics to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire organization.
Collabrill offers the following modules for your efficient business management operations.

 HR Employee Management, Leave, Expense, Training, Salary, Appraisal

 Sales Lead,Prospects, Opportunities Management

 Delivery Portfolio Management, Project Management, Timesheet

 Finance Invoice, Bills, P&L

 Recruitment Internal, Hiring with Staffing Agencies

 Collaboration Clients & Vendors

Whether you are a SMB or start-up with as minimum as 1 to 5 employees, Collabrill brings a maximum value added solutions by:

 Cap-ex Free , Pay as you go
 Cloud-based, No Deployment,
 Simple Sign-up and minimal setup
 Flexible with company growth
 Auto Backup & Software Update
 Data Security
 Environment Friendly
 Increased Collaboration
 Work From Anywhere
 Enables Competitiveness
 Analytics
 Mobile enabled
 Social Media
 Integration with other tools

Schedule a call or an online demo or free sign up to explore our services. We invite you to experience a well streamlined business operation for your highest growth, productivity and efficiency with Collabrill
For free Sign
For a Demo:Email at
Call at 9880022882
Or Visit Demo Page:

CollaBrill : End to end Business Management Solution, built for Collaboration

CollaBrill : End to end Business Management Solution, built for Collaboration

End to end Business Management Solution, built for Collaboration
Nimesh Mathur

Based on requests from many group members, we are starting a thread dedicated to co-founder hiring.

[a] If you’re looking for a co-founder, post it here as comments.
[b] Do NOT comment here for any non co-founder job post. PLEASE. respect time of fellow group members. The ones not adhering to rules will be banned.

Jayant Nath


I am introducing our venture called ZeroBench, a cloud based Collaboration Platform for Professional Services Organizations.ZeroBench allows organizations to collaborate and utilize skilled resources on bench in few simple steps

1. Create your account and add your team
2. Create your network
3. Publish your bench
4. View Partner Bench and collaborate on your requirements
OR Reach out to other companies with resources and collaborate.


Zero Bench : Collaboration Platform for Professionaol Services

Zero Bench : Collaboration Platform for Professionaol Services

End to end Business Management Solution, built for Collaboration
Smita Agarwal


I am planning to sell handloom sarees outside India through my e-commerce website, does anyone have experience about the taxes applicable or any other charges (custom, exercise duties) which has to be taken care.

Do I also need any license for selling outside India.

Any pointer/information will be helpful where I can get information which may differ for different countries.


Kaiesh Vohra

Hi folks!

I need your help on defining our price point.

If you have pricing methodology advice and don’t need the solution background, please skip directly to the price point target!

My startup has specialised in moving its product to large enterprises for the past couple of years, and has just finished packaging it up for smaller organisations to use as a self serve product.

We’re not quite sure how to determine the best price for these organisations.

The product enables companies to respond to inbound leads in under a minute. It’s designed to manage the lead handling process and so is pre-CRM.

We provide free landing pages, web widgets (open sourced), integrate with any online form, support missed call integration, provide detailed analytics on visitor to lead generation, integrate with CRMs, unbounce, Slack, etc…

We require the sales person to use our mobile app to manage their lead response time.

We’re targeting US$50/salesperson/month for the app, but don’t know how to properly validate this as globally appropriate before launch. We have a beta cohort, but they’ll always get special pricing as a result of being beta users, so it’s a theoretical question for them…

Any advice? Useful articles/guides or approaches you have used before?


Harsha Mv


Who is looking for Freelancer? (Oct 2014)

If you have a fixed work, or project to be done, post your requirement here as comments. Any other freelance related posts will be deleted.

Rahul Jain

Is there any way of sending mails to apartments where we have launched our product. This is one of our way of promoting our products other than events, bulletin board fliers.
Not getting exact way of sending mails, so needs expert ways of doing it or any other effective marketing tips.

Harsha Mv

Why do people write on Medium? Even when most of them have their own blogs? Whats the advantage?

Hari Prasad


I have some ideas on electronics hardware startup ! How I can realize those ideas? From where i can get financial support ?

Thanks in advance :)

Pratap Behera

We are a start-up operating in pre school education domain. Our school network has grown to double digit and we are present in Bangalore and North East India. We want to increase traffic to our website ( We are in search of a SEO/google adwords expert who can help us promote our brand electonically.

Please visit our FB page also. Please inbox me if anyone is interested.

Welcome to Kindergarden, a preschool with its safe and nurturing environment. This is a preschool that stimulates inquisitiveness, invites discussions, engages the senses and offers choices for children. Learning is made fun through developmentally appropriate practices, thus instilling in each chil...
San Tosh

Query: what is the legal liability for a independent car rental company like Ola/uber when drivers misbehave/misconduct.

I always wonder what legal/financial impact will uber/ola have when the attached drivers misbehave. Some scenarios include:
- driver comes to customer, but refuses to the trip upon hearing the destination
- driver takes the trip, but stops in between
- driver demands excess fare at destination (like our autowallahs)
- driver (well even customer can) misconducts with the passenger (to any degree – can be simple abusing to the case that happened in Delhi for example)

1. Does Ola/Uber just blacklist/remove the drivers from their services or is any legal action taken?

2. What are the best ways to ensure that the attached driver does not resort to above practices/behaviour when attached to your company?

Anand Soundararajan

This concept was in my mind for a longer time.
I don’t know whether any same kind of website’s are already there.
This concept is to give a wholesome package of entertainment for the end customer at affordable cost. the whole day or month package.
I am not a techie or investor. I don’t know whether things will take shape.
I know most of the people in this group are CEO’s who want to take India forward.
Check out this attachment, willing to know your valuable comments.
Thank you all

Vivek Goswami

There is need to disrupt market of high cost treatments/surgeries in India. Recently my Uncle had to go through Bypass surgery at Manipal hospital and cost was exorbitant. High cost surgeries and treatments come as huge burden on pockets. Disruption is needed in this market. Potential is 150 billion $ market in India only.

Rashmi Padhy

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi said this years ago. This is also true now. Bangalore Startups journey has been similar. :)

Prashanth Channakeshava

How about job portal addressing niche area!! Would that be hit or miss.
Or Is this market already overcrowded or there is always scope for improvement.If improvements are possible..what we would like to see?

Aarti Kanodia

Hello! My travel startup, connects travelers who want customized travel advice with over 400 local experts from around the world. We are currently in free trial for the first city (given that we have an MVP) and have the following pricing strategy:

$9 – 15 minute conversation with a local
$15 – 30 minute conversation with a local
$8 – e-mail/text a local your questions

Should we be in free trial when we release our beta? Do you prefer a pricing model similar to Fiverr’s where everything is one flat price and the customer can choose premium add-ons?

Aqueel Rizvi

Hi guys! 2 questions for you:
1. As a potential user of on app, do you mind if it is named in Hindi rather than English?
2. Do you think rural folk speaking your native language will be repulsed by an app named in Hindi? (please ignore this one if your native language is Hindi)

Karishma Rathaur

Hi, I’m trying to test the viability of an idea I have for a start-up. Please do me a favour and take this survey. And feel free to share any other suggestions/feedback you may have in comments below.

Also, if anyone can suggest any better (but inexpensive) methods of conducting this market research, I’d be grateful. Thanks! :)

Travel Survey by Carry My Bag

Travel Survey by Carry My Bag

We will pick up your luggage from your home/hotel in the departure city and transfer it to your home/hotel in your arrival city before you arrive, so that you can save time, avoid hassle, and make more flexible plans.
Basavaraj Kanthi

Looking for a programmer (preferably Java) as co-founder for an e-commerce business.

Vijay Kumar

hi every one, This is my first time in here. My name is vijay, i run a small startup (CreativeSure) which is based on Designing like logo design, Branding, market solution, Animation, UI/UX design etc. Basically End to End business Service and solution. i am in this field from last 3 years. If you have any in scope work, you can reach out to me at or 9591894823. Thanks.

Tanya Singh

Hello Everybody,
It’s an urgent requirement.
Some of mine clients are looking Indian IT company for Graphic designing project.
If you are belong from IT company and dealing in Graphic designing services contact us today at +919953598537 or through Skype- adnify.itservices.
Looking forward to hear you ASAP.

Malavika Velayanikal

Need a room or a desk for 5 people to work for 6 days in central Bangalore. Co-working spaces in this part of the city seem full. Any suggestions?

Malavika Velayanikal

Anish Mampetta from Kerala went to Carnegie Mellon and then build robots for surgery and missile guidance systems. Then he became a father and started building robocars. His Cannybots project shot past its Kickstarter crowdfunding target in just 2 hours yesterday.

These smart toy cars teach kids programming and robotics, and schools are snapping them up

These smart toy cars teach kids programming and robotics, and schools are snapping them up

Anish Mampetta used to build robotic missile-guidance systems for the military use. Then he became a father. Now he makes robocars for kids to learn tech through play.
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