Subramanyam Kasibhat

Anyone facing heat due to crash of Euro (89 Rs to 69Rs)? We are hit badly. Any suggestions of how to handle this for future?

Jyothi Reddy

Hi Mates,

Way back in 2014 (3rd quarter) I thought of launching my own start-up and so got a Business Plan prepared from some good BPlan writers. Although I paid decent money to get it prepared I never used it for the last 6 months (I think I may not use it for next 6 months too).

I created a template out of it, which may be useful for most of the people here in this group. Feel free to ping me and I am happy to share it with you all.

Ashok Subramanian

Team hope those who have register turn up. The cafe coffee day folks are as excited as I am.. :) details in the link. Or PM me.

Nanak Bhatia

Talking Futures is a start-up creating a career discovery portal. We will be having an alpha launch in February and are looking towards collecting feedback from our first run. Join us here as we create a world with insights into careers-

Amit Ansshu

How do you handle a key employee of your organization who has been there from the beginning , is good at his/her work , however shows no inclination or motivation to show up at work even when its urgent ? ( I know chucking them out is an option , but is there any other option ? )

Raunak Jain

We are an e-commerce startup (marketplace) selling wacky gizmos and gadgets@ We launched the site in jan’15.

All comments, feedbacks, suggestions, ideas, changes etc would be highly appreciated.

Eniya Ashwin

Are you looking for a professional but affordable logo designer, to turn your brand into something unique?

Eniya Ashwin

Are you looking for a professional but affordable logo designer, to turn your brand into something unique?

Akram Khan

Looking for Content writer and designer for Prospectus and Brochure for Education domain startup. e-mail:- +91-880044 8417.

Vini Katyal

Does anyone have samples of PPT they have created for their startups?

PS: Urgent.

Saddy Hussain

hello everyone
i am going to have a new startups in pune and mumbai.
i need some talented persons who have key skills in construction and architecture.i need a team of 10-15 persons.
interested persons can inbox me
thank you

Chandan Nallal

Hi All,

I have been using Mozilla Thunderbird application for a while for my official emails but it seems slightly dysfunctional now. Any other similar software you have found useful? MS Outlook has always been a problem somehow.


Rosh An

[SEO] what are the best practices to do SEO for my website in house. I have a content writer, web developer and designer to create any kind of content. Need advise on building backlinks and other techniques.

Srinivas Shiv

When you move in right direction , good things fall in place :-)

We have finalized really awesome fully furnished 2000 sqft air-conditioned plug and play office with 25 seats in Raja Rajeshwari nagar , close to one of the Bengaluru largest SEZ IT park Global Village .

We are ready to share 5-10 seats to any startup who want to set up office space here .

Location advantages :

Best locality with enough parks , recreation clubs (Best club, Country Club , The Club ) etc

Important for startups : Very affordable housing for employees (family and

Surrounded by top engineering like RVCE , PESIT , RNSIT and some other 10 engg colleges so easy to get best talents ( interns)

Global SEZ IT park where nearly 35-50k IT professionals work . We will pull the best talents for our startup :-)

Large population (customers) 10-20 lakhs within 5-10 kms majorly IT professionals thanks to IT zones surrounding

Office facilities :

Fully air-conditioned facility
Large presentation/ training room with projector
Separate Meeting room
Customized separate cubicles
Ample parking place (double road)

Akhil Gopalakrishnan

I am looking to sell my magento based ecommerce portal .
Features: 1) Multi-vendor support
2) Hosted on a semi-dedicated server.
3)128 bit SSL
4)Payment gateway integrated.
5)Trademarked logos
6)Seller Account in Snapdeal for the products.
A facebook page with 15000 likes, twitter, instagram pages will also be transfered. While buying if you require additional customizations, we can provide that too.
Reason for sale : Partner fallout.
I want the site to be in good hands. So if anyone is seriously pursuing ecommerce drop a message or comment your mail id for details.

Prabhakar Gupta

hello everyone
i was making a side project using twitter API. i wanted to know if i could get a domain name with the word ‘twitter’ in the URL. would i be facing any copyright or any other related legal issues?

Kunal Bagaria

Am I the only one who is being annoyed these plug and play office posts?

Abhinav Aggarwal

Is it legal to sell chocolates/chocolate products having liquor content near about 3% by weight ? Or do we need some permits ?

Chetan Murugesh

Hi… Chetan Murugesh
Im interested in developin service oriented app………i have two questions

1. What precaution needs to be taken in approaching a developer in case of he frisks the idea..i had a bad experience earlier.

2. For a service oriented e-commerce platform whar tax authority license/permission needs to be taken.



Vrushank Ved

Register your Business on India’s Vedson Marketplace

Free Listing of your products for selling

Click to Register

Steps how to Register your Business –

Rahul Bangalore

In order to encourage entrepreneurship,we are planning to open a creative working Space for Startups, Individuals,Ideasmiths at economical charges with flexible T&C’s at center of bangalore ie koramangala ,which is also a hub of startups.we have found the place that is very near to forum mall and in fact only 50m away from it at koramangala 5th block and thus is easily accessible to everyone.
We know the pain one goes through in initial stages of starting up n in order to reduce that pain as a budding entrepreneur, we ourselves are planning to start a creative working space for startups,individuals n ideasmiths ,we are planning to charge 3k/month/seat with flexible terms as this place would be meant for fostering entrepreneurship and not meant for making money as other co working spaces around us and it comes with with all basic amenities(plus full 30 day access,no hidden charges,most economical in the surrounding area n in comparison to other co working spaces ).Those who want to partner and collaborate on this can pm me for further details .Those who want to avail seats are also welcome to pre-book the seats according to your requirements.

Santosh Panda

Which solution/SDK will you recommend for Mobile in-app support & feedback?

Siddharth Srinivasan

Hello People,
Lets consider that I have an investor who is willing to invest almost everything in the startup. What do you recommend? Does it mean I will have to part with a stake in the company or should I show returns to him. How do you suggest I handle this?

Arya Choudhury

a very useful post for startups! Some of the tools mentioned in the post are insanely useful for growth hacking.

Abhishek Barari

Hi. I’m looking to transfer a domain name from one account to another. Any ideas how I can do it?

Harisankar PS

Hello there. I have a question regarding service/sales tax. If we have an IT company with office in Bangalore and cochin. Each working for different clients abroad. To which state should we pay the taxes to? Should we pay the tax to the state where our registered office is or do we pay tax to the state from which we delivered our software.

Vasant Somasundaran Pillai

Is there anyone in here who’s been thinking about a social meeting website ?? Yeah, I do know meetup, but something better than that ? Would you like to connect ?

Vaibhav Sisinty

How much do you guys think we should change a school for a complete school management software?

Do you think we should charge them per month or per year or per student or a one time fee with a small maintainance fee.

We are developing one, and it will be with many new features and one of its kind.

Mvs Srikanth

Hi guys,
I am working for a project on a travel related website. During the sign up process we need to get some documentation (contract) signed. Could we do it in a simple way to get this done electronically that is legally acceptable in India? This way we do not have to get the hotels to sign/scan and send the contracts to us.
Please post any useful pointers even though they are remotely relevant to the topic of interest.
Thanks in Advance!!

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