Tanya Singh

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Post your Web Design & Development, Mobile Apps and other Requirements, Get Hired

Post your Web Design & Development, Mobile Apps and other Requirements, Get Hired

Hire qualified web designers, developers, mobile app development companies, SEOs, Writers by posting your requirements at Adnify - A top IT & Business Development directory & outsourcing marketplace.
Anand Bhaskar

Looking to raise money for our boot strapped learning market place start up venture Planet Ganges. Well supported and led by experienced professionals with good industry experience and corporate contacts. If you can refer investors or want to invest… Reach out to me on 99020-92244.

Anthony Tongbram

Question on TDS for payments made for services to a foreign entity, including services like content,. Web design, and also Web hosting and registration. Are you paying the TDS every quarter? Do you also use the service of a CA for the certificate.

Abhijith Shashidhar

Jiffi is a location aware shopping companion that enables you to connect with your favourite brands on deals, offers,coupons & new arrivals.
We would like to make offline shopping experience exciting.
Skills Needed :
Coding = Life
Passionate about solving interesting problems and developing World changing products
Understanding of machine learning is an added advantage
Proficient with Java Script,Python and Django
Strong database skills
Understanding of high performance RESTful apis
Knowledge of Android development & SDK
Work involves
Design, build and evolve the product
Responsible for building & driving the engineering team
Work on bug fixing and improving application performance.
Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.
Work with and assist UI/UX and front-end development
Building & managing the android app

Harsha Mv


Who is looking for Freelancer? (Oct 2014)

If you have a fixed work, or project to be done, post your requirement here as comments. Any other freelance related posts will be deleted.

Aarti Kanodia

Hello! My travel startup, www.YourLocalCousin.com connects travelers who want customized travel advice with over 400 local experts from around the world. We are currently in free trial for the first city (given that we have an MVP) and have the following pricing strategy:

$9 – 15 minute conversation with a local
$15 – 30 minute conversation with a local
$8 – e-mail/text a local your questions

Should we be in free trial when we release our beta? Do you prefer a pricing model similar to Fiverr’s where everything is one flat price and the customer can choose premium add-ons?

Rahul Kulkarni

Hey Guys, I’m a 16 yr old CEO of Hye Messenger which is my startup based on faster messaging services. We deliver messages more securely and faster than other messengers. Yet, our startup is in initial stage and I have seen wizards of silicon valley india in this group. I needed some advice on reaching the app to the people and make them join the platform.

Download and test the app.. http://bit.ly/hyenvn or connect with us http://hyemessenger.tk

Photos from Rahul Kulkarni's post

Photos from Rahul Kulkarni's post

Aryan Tripathi

Can anybody throw some light on how services like spoonjoy, eatloapp and others were able to get the words out to the corporate employees in the tech parks and offices.

G.v. Sathish

Hi all,
Can anyone help us suggesting wholesale dealers or retailers to buy books from to resell it..?

Puneeth Kumar

Hi All,

We have skilled #iOS skilled candidates who can handle your app and take up challenge. Salary expectation also very less. Interested
companies please provide contact details & requirements in comments.

Will get in touch with you soon!!!

Mohammed Hyder

I wanted to know more about the popular payment gateways. Would appreciate it if someone would let me know about the procedure to partner up with them, the pros and cons, their terms and their conditions.
Also the difference between bank gateways and other payment gateway companies.

AkshAy RJ

SEO Expert, Developer, Content Writer, Digital Marketing Expert – NEEDED.
Contact : Akshay – 8123701162, Bangalore.

AkshAy RJ

Need to get in touch with a few digital marketing companies for my startup? Please help.
Contact: 8123701162 – Akshay

Prakash Roy

Anyone have NDA format for keeping concept or an idea confidential between partners.
Please kindly share to my email id prakash@iqthoughts.com…
See More

Sindhu Hegde

How is speedhost for hosting e commerce site..? We already have a website up n running on godaddy but the second year renewal charges are very high.. how easy is the transition..?

Sagarika Sadi

I am planning to sell paintings – traditional and madhubani paintings outside India through e-commerce website, does anyone have experience about this..
other formalities that are needed for selling paintings and any other information regarding the same will be helpful.

Sanober Mannan

Hey guys, wanted to know when and which is the next startup meet in Bangalore?tnx.

Kartik Singh

Hey guys. I’d like to thank the Bangalore community for encouraging us. I know funding is only the beginning but we hope to build value for our customers. We’d be happy to answer any questions you guys might have.

These Manipal Grads were making Rs 30L in third year of college, then they decided to start up

These Manipal Grads were making Rs 30L in third year of college, then they decided to start up

Not many product ideas travel the distance from college to an MVP. Bengaluru-based Jobspire has not only done that but has gone a step ahead and snapped up
Ghenchu Kola

Can you suggest a reliable vendor for Laptop rental?

Ashish Anand

Dear Users,

How can I create sub-domains for my domain pragmatically. I have a requirement where I need to give a sub-domain to each and every user who register on the go. How https://c9.io or https://proto.io is doing it?
Any leads, TIA :)

Vivek Menon

If any funded startup is looking to hire talent, in any field, please give me a ping. I might be able to help out.

Dheeraj Kumar N

Coworking Space / Shared Office Space In Wilson Garden

Looking to share my office space in Wilson Garden with like minded folks as most of the time I am out of town and there is lot of vacant space.
The office is situated in the commercial wing of the posh Wilson Manor apartments at Wilson Garden with a carpet area of 350 SqFt with all amenities like electricity, internet, dry pantry and toilet. We already have 3 vacant workstation available which can be used if needed.

Office Address :
11/A, Wilson Manor Apartment, 13th cross, Wilson Garden, Bangalore – 560027

Contact No. 8277220969 (Ravi)

Hari Prasad

we are into event management….any contacts….plz mesg…

Harsha Mv

Why do people write on Medium? Even when most of them have their own blogs? Whats the advantage?

Abhinav Arora

Analyzing the pipeline business model (the model followed by Uber, Airbnb or Quikr) for quite a significant while,
A few basic questions to seek your insights upon :
- How much scope is in it?
- Is the biggest challenge, customer/user acquisition?
- How smart is this model?

Nimesh Mathur

Based on requests from many group members, we are starting a thread dedicated to co-founder hiring.

[a] If you’re looking for a co-founder, post it here as comments.
[b] Do NOT comment here for any non co-founder job post. PLEASE. respect time of fellow group members. The ones not adhering to rules will be banned.

Anand Soundararajan

This concept was in my mind for a longer time.
I don’t know whether any same kind of website’s are already there.
This concept is to give a wholesome package of entertainment for the end customer at affordable cost. the whole day or month package.
I am not a techie or investor. I don’t know whether things will take shape.
I know most of the people in this group are CEO’s who want to take India forward.
Check out this attachment, willing to know your valuable comments.
Thank you all

Prateek Godika

I hope my question is relevant to this site. I ran a small e-commerce store directed at USA market. For me the main source of traffic has been Google Adwords. In july month, google suddenly suspended my account in the name suspicious billing activity. I couldnt figure out the reason, as the Adword account and the related card are both in my name. I tried contacting google for the same, but i seem to hit brick walls, as they only only respond with canned responses. I tried connecting 2-3 more adword accounts, even third party one’s, but it all lead to my accounts getting banned so far. So i think my current domain name is black listed in google adwords. I have been wondering if there was any way around it as google adwords is my main traffic source so far. Any suggestions are most welcomed

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